CCS: Special night set for special guests

George "Clay" Mitchell
Danny Southerland (93) and Stan Anderson (23A) race for the lead in the Grand National feature race on Aug. 22 at Crawford County Speedway. Southerland has won 11 feature races this season.

Another night of racing is set for tonight as Crawford County Speedway presents the Safety and Healthcare Appreciation night.

At intermission, CCS will host a driver autograph session allowing fans to meet and take photos with their favorite drivers.

Next week on Sunday, Sept. 6, CCS is hosting the Workman’s 30 with added money in all classes. The winners of the A Modified and B Modified classes will also have a chance to win a Big Boy recliner. Double points will also be awarded in the Grand National, B Modified, Pure Stock, Front Wheel Drive, and Mini Stock classes.

CCS will host a practice on Saturday, Sept. 5, from 6-9 p.m.

Grand National

There’s no stopping Danny Southerland as he picked up his 11th victory and his seven consecutive feature race win.

Chris Vaughn returned and took second while Stan Anderson had his highest finish this year as he placed third. Ron Grover was fourth and Thurman Blanton also returned after a five-week absence and captured fifth.

A Modified

In his 2020 debut, Dalton McKenzie, driving Paul Krammer’s No. 911, became the 11th feature race winner in the A Modified class.

John Montgomery matched his highest finish as he placed second with his ninth Top 5.

Carl McDade, who is one of three repeat winners in the A Modified class, was third and Josh Asher had his highest finish of the season as he landed his first Top 5 to come in fourth.

Dylan Coughran returned after a five-week abscence to land in fifth.

Mini Stock

Gary Clark won his first feature in just his second start this season. Jack Bieker returned to the Top 3 to place second. Bieker won back on July 11 but had just one Top 5 finish in his next four races.

Jeremy Boyster was third for the second consecutive week while Travis Boyster and Edward Boyster were fourth and fifth respectively.

Pure Stock

Wes Bourne won his first race of the season with just his third start. Glenn Nordin, who has three wins and seven Top 3s, was second and Andy Good placed third.

After finishing third in as many weeks, Ronnie Lingo secured fourth. Dylan Reynolds was fifth.

B Modified

Shannon Weese earned his second win in three weeks and his sixth Top 3.

Jeremy LaCoe was second and Neil Johnston picked up third. Johnny Gregory nabbed fourth and Jeff Vaughn rounded out the Top 5.

Chad Warren won the B Feature and placed sixth in the main event.

Front Wheel Drive

Ricky Hunter won his third race in four starts. Mark Small seized second and Aaron Dyer was third. Taylor Stokes and Wilson Hale placed fourth and fifth respectively.

Crawford County Speedway

Race Results, Aug. 22

Grand National — 1, Danny Southerland; 2, Chris Vaughn; 3, Stan Anderson; 4, Ron Grover; 5, Thurman Blanton; 6, Marshall Penson; 7, Landon Price; 8, Ted Ridenour; 9, Cory Clark; 10, Matt Bolton; 11, Zack Bryson; 12, Randall Jones; 13, Charles Bentley.

A Modified — 1, Dalton McKenzie; 2, John Montgomery; 3, Carl McDade; 4, Josh Asher; 5, Dylan Coughran; 6, Randy Henson; 7, Clifton Drummond; 8, Noah Newell; 9, Travis Jewell; 10, Jason Foster; DNF - Jake Davis.

B Modified — 1, Shannon Weese; 2, Jeremy LaCoe; 3, Neil Johnson; 4, Johnny Gregory; 5, Jeff Vaughn; 6, Shay Hardin; 7, JR Owens; 8, Brandon Hunter; 9, Kevin Langston; 10, Jared Ricketts; 11, Robert Leamons; 12, Thomas Leonard; 13, Christopher Daniels.

Mini Stock — 1, Gary Clark; 2, Jack Bieker; 3, Jeremy Boyster; 4, Travis Boyster; 5, Edward Boyster; 6, Stan Lewis; 7, Kelton Price; 8, Jenny Reynolds; 9, Carl Everett; 10, Chris Davis; 11, Chris Brock; 12, Jimmy Belt; 13, Willard Taylor, Jr; 14, Brett Webb.

Pure Stock — 1, Wes Bourne; 2, Glen Nordin; 3, Andy Good; 4, Ronnie Lingo; 5, Dylan Reynolds; 6, Chad Warren; 7, Wes Mackey; 8, Shawn Haines; 9, Colby Perkins; 10, Tyler Garner; 11, Jesse Garner; 12, Blake Burrows; 13, Trevor Thomas; 14, Conner Reed; 15, Brent Willaryd; 16, Dylan Murray.

Pure Stock (B Feature) — 1, Chad Warren; 2, Dylan Murray; 3, Wes Mackey; 4, Shawn Haines; 5, Billy Beller; 6, Dawson Oliver; 7, Floyd Bias; 8, Kendra Sanderson; 9, Richard Taylor; 10, Cameron Porter; 11, Robert Wiley; 12, Mary Stokes.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Ricky Hunter; 2, Mark Small; 3, Aaron Dyer; 4, Taylor Stokes; 5, Wilson Hale; 6, Alex Garrett; 7, Lisa Wallace; 8, Ken Knuckles; 9, Brandon Garner.