Van Buren defeated Springdale as the Lady Pointers swept the Lady Bulldogs on Tuesday.

The Pointers won seven of the nine sanctioned matches as Van Buren won 24 of the 26 matches played.

Braydon Montgomery defeated Corey Stewart, 8-3, the No. 4 player in the state. Stewart had entered Tuesday’s match undefeated.

Houston Anderson, Kyle Porter, Brett Dunn and Houston Holderfield each posted singles wins.

Anderson took his match to a 9-7 finish.

"Houston (Anderson) was kind of slow getting this one going, but he didn’t give up," said coach Brandy Mosby. "He just hung in there and kept plugging away point after point. It may not have been a pretty one, but he got the job done."

The Pointers took two of the doubles wins. Dunn and Holderfield had to rally and won in the tie breaker, 9-8 (7-4). They were down 7-3 before they rallied back.

"It wasn’t pretty at all, but they pulled it out and got the win," said Mosby. "It wasn’t smooth, but they found a way to win it. That’s what matters."

The Lady Pointers faced a young and inexperienced Springdale crew.

"Our girls had to adjust to Springdale," said Mosby. "Springdale’s strokes were slower and less powerful than what we’ve seen so far this season."

Freshman Allison Lemley, playing in the No. 3 singles match, had to battle to the 9-8 (9-7) tiebreaker for the win.

"It was another not-so-pretty-but-persistence-prevailed match. Allison did what it took to get the win," Mosby said.

Brittney Yeamons, Karlee Hart, MaKayla Trentham, Prisilla Grande and Jaden Talley.

"Jaden was really well-matched (against Aislinn Paintajo). They were moving each other all over the court. They had a good match," added Mosby.

Rogers halts Van Buren

The Mounties and the Lady Mounties defeated Van Buren 7-2 during the varsity tennis match on Thursday.

"Maybe we do better when it hotter, because this wasn’t one of our better days as a whole," said Mosby. "There are always good things, though. We did have these as well."

Braydon Montgomery and Andy Turner won the No. 1 and No. 2 men’s singles respectively. Montgomery topped Will Fusillo 6-1, 7-5. While Turner won 6-3, 6-4.

"Braydon did great on his first set, and then he just lost focus on his second one. He manage to pull it out and the the win, but it wasn’t a pretty one," Mosby said. "Andy played an awesom match and threw his heart and soul into this one. He never let up on any point.

"Andy has worked so hard this summer and I’m really proud of him. He has become a great senior leader in everything he does on and off the court. He does whatever it takes to get the job done on teh court and he never says he can’t do it."

Karlee Hart rallied in her second set to win the No. 2 women’s singles and Katja Wiederkehr also won her match as the only wins for the Lady Pointers.

"Karlee did an excellent job keeping her composure on the court. It was very nerve-wracking as a coach to just sit and watch when you want to run out there and referee, said Mosby. "Karlee stood up for herself and I’m proud of her.

"Katja played so well in her match. She and her opponent really got along and had a good time playing against each other. It was a fun match to watch."


Top six singles, top three doubles count as varsity match

Top 2 singles, doubles play best of 3 sets. The rest were 8-game pro-sets.

Men’s Match

Rogers won 7-2


1. Braydon Montgomery (VB) def. Fusillo, 6-1, 75

2. Andy Turner (VB) def. Alex Lewis, 6-3, 6-4

3.McGill (RHS) def. Houston Anderson, 8-2

4. Zheng (RHS) def. Kyle Porter, 8-6

5. Moore (RHS) def. Brett Dunn, 8-4

6. Matthews (RHS) def. Houston Holderfield, 8-6

7. Brooks (RHS) def. B.Bell, 8-0

8. Brennen (RHS) def. J.Bell, 8-1


1. Zheng-McGill (RHS) def. H.Anderson-Porter, 6-2, 6-1

2. Ayson-Brennen (RHS) def. Dunn-Holderfield, 6-2, 3-6, 10-5

3. Moore-Brooks (RHS) def. Dusha-N.Anderson, 8-5

4. Matthews-Wright (RHS) def. J.Bell-B.Bell, 8-0

Women’s Match

Rogers won 7-2


1. Long (RHS) def. Brittney Yeamons, 6-1, 6-1

2. Karlee Hart (VB) def. Shreya Majagi, 0-6, 6-1, 10-5

3. Krantz (RHS) def. Lemley, 8-4

4. Samuels (RHS) def. MaKayla Trentham, 8-2

5. McKinney (RHS) def. Prisilla Grande, 8-2

6. Katja Wiederkehr (VB) def. Martin, 9-8 (7-3)


1. Krantz-McKinney (RHS) def. Trentham-Lemley, 7-6 (7-4), 6-3 2. Montoya-Majagi (RHS) def. Grande-Wiederkehr, 6-1, 6-2

3. Long-Samuels (RHS) def. Talley-Hart, 8-5

4. Smith-Rester (RHS) def. Lauren Suggs-Rachel Patel, 8-2


Top six singles, top three doubles count as varsity match

Men’s Match

Van Buren won 7-2


1. Braydon Montgomery (VB) def. Stewart, 8-3

2. Jose Herrera (SHS) def. Andy Turner, 8-5

3. Houston Anderson (VB) def. Lopez, 9-7

4. Kyle Porter (VB) def. J.Anderson, 8-2

5. Brett Dunn (VB) def. Glaser, 8-6

6. Houston Holderfield (VB) def. George, 8-1

7. Nick Anderson (VB) def. Smith, 6-0

8. Matt Dusha (VB) def. Anthony, 6-3


1. Stewart-Herrera (SHS) def. H.Anderson-Porter, 8-4

2. Dunn-Holderfield (VB) def. J.Anderson-Lopez, 9-8

3. Turner-Montgomery (VB) def. Glaser-George, 8-0

4. N.Anderson-Dusha (VB) def. Chue-Guiterrez, 6-3

5. B.Bell-J.Bell (VB) def. Cartu-Fogg, 6-3

Total Men’s Score: 11-2

Women’s Match

Van Buren won 9-0


1. Yeamons (VB) def. Ruiz, 8-2

2. Hart (VB) def. Vondrie, 8-2

3. Lemley (VB) def. Townsend, 9-8 (9-7)

4. Trentham (VB) def. C.Perez, 8-6

5. Grande (VB) def. Scroggins, 8-1

6. Talley (VB) def. Paintajo, 8-4

7. Wiederkehr (VB) def. G.Perez, 6-4

8. Suggs (VB) def. Vannaonh, 6-0


1. Trentham-Lemley (VB) def. Ruiz-Townsend, 8-3

2. Grande-Wiederkehr (VB) def. C.Perez-Vondrie, 8-0

3. Yeamons-Hart (VB) def. Pantoja-Scroggins, 8-1

4. Talley-Mejia (VB) def. Ray-Patrick, 6-2

5. Suggs-Patel (VB) def. Hull-Hennington, 6-2

Total Women’s Scores: 13-0