Van Buren swept Alma during Thursday’s non-conference tennis match at the city courts.

"It was another hot one for sure," said Van Buren coach Brandy Mosby. "The kids had some long and hot match days this week, and they would be ready for a break Labor Day weekend."

In the men’s singles, Van Buren gave up just eight sets in seven matches. Van Buren and Alma had six men’s doubles matches and the Pointers surrendered 14 sets.

The Lady Pointers gave up four sets in eight singles matches, but the doubles were more closely contested.

MaKayla Trentham and Allison Lemley held off Kyle Johnson and Renee Fletcher 9-7 in the women’s No. 1 doubles match. Jaden Talley and Rachel Patel defeated Karen Morris and Sydney Ferguson 9-7 in the No. 4 doubles match.

Braydon Montgomery, Andy Turner and Ty Dunn each won their third consecutive match. Kyle Porter and Dylan Killough each won their respective second match in three starts.

Brittney Yeamons won her second consecutive start, while Karlee Hart took her third straight match.

Van Buren vs. Alma, Aug. 29

Men’s Match


1. Braydon Montgomery (VB) def. Zack Wofford, 8-1

2. Andy Turner (VB) def. Lane Inge, 8-2

3. Ty Dunn (VB) def. Steven Fisher, 8-0

4. Kyle Porter (VB) def. Shane Siler, 8-0

5. Dylan Killough (VB) def. Parker Work, 8-1

6. Houston Holderfield (VB) def. Cole Balkman, 8-0

7. Matt Dusha (VB) def. Parker Work, default

8. Jay Bell (VB) def. Carter Wolfe, 8-4


1. Brett Dunn-Ty Dunn (VB) def. Adam Wilbanks-Mason Wight, 8-3

2. Houston Anderson-Kyle Porter (VB) def. Will Montgomery-Drake Huffaker, 8-3

3. Braydon Montgomery-Andy Turner (VB) def. Zach Wofford-Lane Inge, 8-3

4. Killough-Holderfield (VB) def. Shane Siler-Blake Kuykendoll, 8-5

5. Matt Dusha-Nick Anderson (VB) def. Colton Battles-Parker Work, 8-0

6. Jay Bell-Bryan Bell (VB) def. Cole Balkman-Clayton McMurray, 8-0

Women’s Match


1. Brittney Yeamons (VB) def. Kylie Johnson, default

2. Karlee Hart (VB) def. Cadi Morrison, 8-3

3. MaKayla Trentham (VB) def. Renee Fletcher, default

4. Prisilla Grande (VB) def. Kolbie Hatley, 8-0

5. Allison Lemley (VB) def. Emily Dean, 8-1

6. Jaden Talley (VB) def. Andrea Griffin, 6-0

7. Katja Widerkehr (VB) def. Karen Morris, default

8. Lauren Suggs (VB) def. Sydney Ferguson, 8-0


1. Trentham-Lemley (VB) def. Johnson-Fletcher, 9-7

2. Grande-Wiederkehr (VB) def. Morrison-Hatley, 8-3

3. Yeamons-Hart (VB) def. Dean-Griffin, 8-1

4. Talley-Patel (VB) def. Morris-Ferguson, 9-7