Van Buren opened the tennis season last week in Greenwood with a split.

The Pointers won seven of the nine top matches, while the Lady Pointers won just four matches.

"I was very pleased with the matches," said Van Buren coach Brandy Mosby. "It was a very hot day and several players struggled with the heat."

Braydon Montgomery defeated Grady McCain 8-4 in the Men’s No. 1 match as Van Buren won the top four singles matches.

Andy Turner, Ty Dunn and Kyle Porter each posted wins.

Van Buren won two of the doubles matches as Brett Dunn and Ty Dunn topped Andrew Anderson and Paxton Evans 8-3. Porter and Dylan Killough won their match 8-5.

The Pointers won a total of 10 of the 14 matches played, but only the top six singles and top three doubles were considered toward the team score.

Karlee Hart won the women’s No. 1 match, 9-7.

Mosby said it was a grueling match for both ladies as many of the points went to deuce.

Prisilla Grande, Katja Widerkehr and Jaden Talley each won their singles matches.

The Lady Pointers lost each of their top three doubles matches, but Grande and Wiederkehr battled to a tie breaker in their 9-8 (7-3) loss.

Rachel Patel and Lauren Suggs did win their doubles match for Van Buren after being down 0-3 to battle back and win 8-6.

The Lady Pointers won eight of the 13 matches overall.

Men’s Singles

Braydon Montgomery (VB) def. Grady McCain, 8-4

Andy Turner (VB) def. T Ray France, 8-2

Ty Dunn (VB) def. Thomas Moore, 8-6

Kyle Porter (VB) def. Austin Pearcy, 8-3

Josh Rankin (GWD) def. Brett Dunn, 8-4

Dylan Killough (VB) def. Paxton Evans, (default)

Bryan Bell (VB) def. Walker Bedell, 8-6

Matt Dusha (VB) def. Michael McCutcheon, 8-5

Nick Anderson (VB) def. Brock Burnett, 8-4

Bexter Basacoy (GWD) def. Jay Bell, 8-6

Men’s Doubles

Brett Dunn-Ty Dunn (VB) def. Anderson-Evans, 8-3

Porter-Killough (VB) def. Pearcy-Moore, 8-5

Rankin-France (GWD) def. Anderson-Dusha, 8-2

Basacoy-Burnett (GWD) def. Bell-Bell, 8-6

Women’s Singles

Karlee Hart (VB) def. Rachel Martin, 9-7

Maria Geoly (GWD) def. MaKayla Trentham, 8-5

Prisilla Grande (VB) def. Lexie France, 8-5

Avery Melton (GWD) def. Allison Lemley, 8-4

Katja Wiederkehr (VB) def. Kristen Keene, 8-3

Jaden Talley (VB) def. Ragan Moore, 8-5

Rachel Patel (VB) def. Hailey Rice, 8-4

Angie Mejia (VB) def. Darian Wilson, 8-2

Lauren Suggs (VB) def. Laura Scherff, 8-5

Women’s Doubles

Geoly-Hickey (GWD) def. Trentham-Lemley, 8-6

France-Melton (GWD) def. Grande-Wiederkehr, 9-8 (7-3)

Wilson-Rice (GWD) def. Talley-Majia, 8-6

Patel-Suggs (VB) def. Scherff-Keene, 8-6