Van Buren defeated Northside Monday, but had a setback to Bentonville on Thursday during the tennis matches this week.

The Pointers swept Northside in both the men’s and women’s matches, while Bentonville took both matches.

"Even though we didn’t win, our kids played awesome," said Van Buren coach Brandy Mosby. "We faced some really tough situations, not just tough players.

"Our kids always impress me when it comes to their integrity and they did it again in every match they played this week."

Braydon Montgomery dropped the men’s No. 1 singles match in a 2½-hour marathon. Montgomery dropped the first set, but won the second in a tie breaker and fell in the third set.

"This was an awesome match, and the points were so long. Both boys were exhausted," Mosby said. "Braydon and Andy (Turner) didn’t get a lot of time to rest from their singles, and Braydon was exhausted."

Montgomery and Turner began their doubles match down 1-6, but came back to win 9-8 (7-3) in the tiebreaker.

"It was one of the most exciting matches we have had at Van Buren in quite some time," said the coach. "The crowd was all over this one, and these kids played every point like it was the championship point."

The Pointers won three of the nine designated matches. Brett Dunn and Houston Holderfield each won their singles matches. Mosby was pleased with how the men’s doubles team played regardless of the final outcome.

Houston Anderson and Kyle Porter dropped their match 0-6, 1-6, while Dunn and Holderfield also dropped their match.

"Houston and Kyle was actually a really good one and the score does not reflect how good a match it was," Mosby said. "Both were playing the net really well and their games were really close. We missed a chance to close out a several deuce points."

The Lady Pointers won just two sanctioned matches as Karlee Hart won 6-4, 6-1 and freshman Allison Lemley defeated her opponent, 9-8 (7-4) in the tiebreaker.

"Karlee was moving her opponent all over the court," said Mosby. "Karlee handled herself the whole time and ignored her opponent’s attempt to rattle her, and just played the game. This might have been her best match this year.

"Allison could have easily lost her cool during this match, but she didn’t. She called out a linejudge for the tiebreaker set and won. I was so proud of both Allison and Karlee. Allison displayed maturity and played through adversity."


Andy Turner, Dunn and Killough each won their singles match, while the Pointers took two of the doubles matches.

Turner and Dunn won their matches 8-2, 8-1 respectively while Killough clinched his match with an 8-5 win.

"Andy was all business and just took care of it when he stepped onto the court," said Mosby. "Dylan had to to win this match to have a team win for us. His opponent was distracting, but Dylan never got frustrated and won.

"Brett played well and he did a great job and worked well with Houston (Holderfield) for the first time today."

Dunn and Holderfield teamed up in the men’s No. 2 doubles to win 8-0. Killough and Nick Turner also won their doubles match. The coach said that the duo "were on fire and did a great job communicating on the court."

Hart, MaKayla Trentham, Prisilla Grande and Lemley each won a singles match while Grande and Katja Wiederkehr took the sole doubles match for the Lady Pointers.

Grande was down 0-3 after playing a long doubles match, but came back for the 8-6 win. Mosby said that Grande displayed mental toughness during the match.

Grande and Wiederkehr also had to battle back from a 1-5 deficit to win 8-6 in the doubles match.

"They worked hard to get back in this match," said Mosby. "It may not have been pretty, but they fought tooth and nail to pull it off. I love it when these kids just don’t give up."

Rachel Patel dropped her match in a close tiebreaker, but the coach was pleased her effort.

"This was a big match for Rachel since she was coming off being sick for the last couple of days," Mosby said. "I was very impressed with how well she played this match. She showed a lot of mental toughness as well. Rachel has really improved this past year."

Bentonville at Van Buren



Bentonville won 6-3.


1. Miller (BHS) def. Montgomery, 7-5, 6-7 (7-9), 10-7.

2. Neal (BHS) def. Turner, 6-1, 6-2.

3. Chronister (BHS) def. H.Anderson, 8-2.

4. Keith (BHS) def. Porter, 8-0.

5. Dunn (VB) def. Sylvester, 8-6.

6. Holderfield (VB) def. Terry, 8-1.

7. McKlowski (BHS) def. B.Bell, 8-3.

8. Belanos (BHS) def. J.Bell, 8-1.


1. Morse-Hargrove (BHS) def. H.Anderson-Porter, 6-0, 6-1.

2. Neal-Chronister (BHS) def. Dunn-Holderfield, 6-3, 6-2.

3. Montgomery-Turner (VB) def. Keith-Chikkala, 9-8 (7-3)

4. Terry-Gerards (BHS) def. N.Anderson-Dusha, 9-7.

Total Men’s score: 4-12


Bentonville won 7-2.


1. Nettle (BHS) def. Yeamons, 6-0, 6-1.

2. Hart (VB) def. Gean, 6-4, 6-1.

3. Baker (BHS) def. Trentham, 8-0.

4. Shah (BHS) def. Grande, 8-0

5. Lemley (VB) def. Daniel, 9-8 (7-4)

6. Holland (BHS) def. Talley, 8-2.

7. Wiederkehr (VB) def. Stine, 8-2

8. Bondermolen (BHS) def. Mejia, 8-5


1. Baker-Shah (BHS) def. Trentham-Lemley, 6-3, 6-0.

2. Dinsmore-Tabler (BHS) def. Grande-Wiederkehr, 6-0, 6-0.

3. Kilker-Faber (BHS) def. Hart-Talley, 8-5.

4. Pate-Suggs (VB) def. Larson-Nakka, 8-5.

Total Women’s score: 4-8

Northside at Van Buren



Van Buren won 5-4


1. Chastian (NHS) def. Montgomery, 8-6.

2. A.Turner (VB) def. M.Turner, 8-2.

3. Hardle (NHS) def. H.Anderson, 8-5.

4. Rjsombath (NHS) def. Porter, 8-6.

5. Dunn (VB) def. Kiss, 8-1.

6. Killough (VB) def. Mosier, 8-5.

7. Holderfield (VB) def. Keenon, 8-2.

8. Parvu (NHS) def. N.Anderson, 8-2.


1. Chastain-M.Turner (NHS) def. H.Anderson-Porter, 8-4.

2. Dunn-Holderfield (VB) def. Parvu-Newman, 8-0.

3. Killough-N.Anderson (VB) def. Farrell-Ladd, 8-5.

4. Hardle-Kiss (NHS) def. J.Bell-B.Bell, 8-1.

Total Men’s score: 6-6


Van Buren won 5-4


1. Drolshagen (NHS) def. Yeamons, 8-3.

2. Hart (VB) def. Hugg, 8-1.

3. Trentham (VB) def. Kiss, 8-0 (default)

4. Grande (VB) def. Linam, 8-6.

5. Lemley (VB) def. Sturgill, 8-4.

6. Wewers (NHS) def. Patel, 9-8 (9-7).

7. Suggs (VB) def. Burdick, 8-4.


1. Drolshagen-Kiss (NHS) def. Trentham-Lemley, 8-2.

2. Grande-Wiederkehr (VB) def. Sturgill-Linam, 8-6.

3. Wewers-Burdick (NHS) def. Talley-Mejia, 8-4.