Van Buren hosted a 30-match marathon against Fayetteville that lasted until 9 p.m. on a hot Tuesday afternoon as the Lady Pointers won their first team match.

"The kids played very hard and handled the heat very well," said Van Buren coach Brandy Mosby.

Brittney Yeamons and Karlee Hart struggled in their first singles set, but powered back to win their respective match as the Lady Pointers won 6-3.

Yeamons defeated Cameron Churchill (2-6, 6-1, 10-0) to win the No. 1 women’s single match. Hart won her match (3-6, 6-4, 11-9).

"Brittney couldn’t get a handle on Cameron in the first set, but Brittney slowed the game down a little and began to hit the ball deep. This frustrated Cameron. Brittney made a major comeback, and Cameron was a heavy hitter," said Mosby.

Hart’s match lasted nearly two hours as the sophomore was able to rally back for the win.

"Karlee had a lot of trouble with this heavy one-handed backhand hitter," Mosby said. "[Mary] was tough. I have never seen a girl hit a one-handed backhand as strong as Mary and it would have thrown anyone. Karlee is still one of the smallest girls on the team, but she has worked so hard this past year in the weight room and on the court. It paid off."

Prisilla Grande, Allison Lemley and Jaden Talley each posted wins for Van Buren.

Mosby said that Lemley, a freshman, played well against Fayetteville’s junior.

"Karlee, Allison and Jaden were the last three girls on the court and they knew we had to win at least two of the three matches to win," Mosby said. "All three pulled through and got us the win."

The Lady Pointers won two of the doubles matches. MaKayla Trentham and Lemley won their match. Yeamons and Hart won the No. 3 doubles set. Grande and Katja Wiederkehr fell in the No. 2 doubles.

"MaKayla and Allison had a marathon match. It would have made your neck tired just watching it. It was a good one, though," said Mosby. "Nothing was going our way in Prisilla’s and Katja’s match. They just both had a bad day."

In the men’s matches, Van Buren won the top three singles matches and one doubles match. Braydon Montgomery, Andy Turner and Ty Dunn each won the match.

"Braydon was really on cue in his match against a really good Fayetteville player," said Mosby. "Andy played a great match. The points were long and the first set lasted as long as some of the other matches."

Montgomery and Turner don’t often join forces in doubles, but the duo won their doubles match as did Houston Anderson and Kyle Porter for Van Buren.

The Top 6 singles and Top 3 doubles were counted for the team win or loss. The No. 1 and 2 seeds for doubles and singles played a 2/3 sets with a third set tie-breaker. The No. 3 doubles and the No. 3-8 singles played an eight-game pro-set. The rest of the matches were all a single six-game set.

Women’s Match

Van Buren won 6-3


1. Brittney Yeamons (VB) def. Churchill, 2-6, 6-1, 10-8

2. Karlee Hart (VB) def. Kate, 3-6, 6-4, 11-9

3. Daniella Allen (FHS) def. MaKayla Trentham, 8-3

4. Sara Smith (FHS) def. Prisilla Grande, 8-6

5. Allison Lemley (VB) def. Mallery, 8-5

6. Jaden Talley (VB) def. Scalise, 8-2

7. Katja Wiederkeher (VB) def. Mason, 7-6 (7-4)

8. Rachel Patel (VB) def. Thibado, 6-4

9. Angie Majia (VB) def. Corbell, 7-5

10. Lauren Suggs (VB) def. Thomas, 6-2


1. MaKayla Trentham-Allison Lemley def. Churchill-Kate, 6-4, 3-6, 10-5

2. Allen-Richart (FHS) def. Prisilla Grande-Katja Wiederkehr, 6-2,6-1

3. Yeamons-Hart (VB) def. Nefbzer-Trumbil, 8-1

4. Jaden Talley-Angie-Majia (VB) def. Mason-Corbell, 7-5

5. Lauren Suggs-Rachel Patel (VB) def. Thibado-Scalise, 7-5

Total Girls team sccore: 13-3

Men’s Match

Fayetteville won 4-5


1. Braydon Montgomery (VB) def. Kamath, 6-3, 6-4

2. Andy Turner (VB) def. Smardo, 6-7 (6-8), 6-2

3. Ty Dunn (VB) def. McCombs, 8-4

4. Cannon Kern (FHS) def. Kyle Porter, 8-4

5. Mallioux (FHS) def. Brett Dunn, 8-5

6. Taylor (FHS) def. Dylan Killough, 8-5

7. Nick Anderson (VB) def. Byrd, 6-3

8. Corbell (FHS) def. Houston Holderfield, 6-2

9. Armstrong (FHS) def. Bryan Bell, 6-0


1. Kamath-Smardo (FHS) def. Brett Dunn-Ty Dunn, 6-1, 6-1

2. Houston Anderson-Kyle Porter (VB) def. Taylor-McCombs, 2-6, 7-5, 10-3

3. Braydon Montgomery-Andy Turner (VB) def. Byrd-Corbell, 8-0

4. Stuckey-Kinsey (FHS) def. Dylan Killough-Nick Anderson, 6-2

5. Lee-Houston (FHS) def. Houston Holderfield-Matt Dusha, 6-2

6. Kern-Armstrong (FHS) def. Jay Bell-Bryan Bell, 6-2

Total Boys Team Score: 6-9