Billy Wheeler grabbed his second straight win and his fourth overall in the Grand National class on Saturday at Crawford County Speedway.

Wheeler held off a charge by Jamison English, who began the feature event in sixth, but placed second overall.

It was English’s 10th consecutive Top 2 finish. He has only placed second in five races, as Wheeler won four of those races.

Matt Bolton was third while Ronnie Lingo and Thurman Blanton rounded out the Top 5.

CCS hosts another round of racing on Saturday, June 18, and the first Mechanics races of the season.

Mini Stock

Johnathan Ferrari made his way from his fourth-place finish in the first heat race to pick up his third win of the season. Ferrari had back-to-back second place finishes in the feature races.

J.P. Gregory had won the heat race and placed second. James Boyster was third and Mike Davis took fourth. Daniel Willis had his third consecutive fifth-place finish.


Jason Foster won his third feature race in four starts and his seventh overall in the combined class. Jason Foster has participated in 10 of the 11 races with nine Top 3 finishes.

Dalton McKenzie, who won last week, was runner-up and Andrew Smoot took third. Paul Kramer was fourth and Jesse Leamons nabbed fifth.

Street Stock

Duane Rose won his first race in 11 starts after he placed seventh last week. Rose won his heat race and went on to win the feature.

Marshall Penson was second and Remington Watson, who came off back-to-back wins, finished third. James Adams clinched fourth and Caleb Odom took fifth.

Front Wheel Drive

Chris Perkins won his first feature race of the season after a five-week absence. Josh Jones was second and Jerry Jones made his debut to take third.

Dakota Stogsdill nabbed fourth and Shannon Howell grabbed fifth.

Lead Sled

Mike Davis won his second feature of the season after he finished 12th back on May 29. Skip Meeks was second and newcomer Swade Formen took third and Tony Williams was fourth.

Crawford County Speedway

Racing Results for June 11, 2016

Feature Races

Modified — 1, Jason Foster; 2, Dalton McKenzie; 3, Andrew Smoot; 4, Paul Kramer; 5, Jesse Leamons; 6, Charles Shavalier; 7, Travis Jewell; 8, Brandon Bondo; 9, Angel Edens; 10, Dylan Coughran; 11, Devin Foster.

Mini Stock — 1, Johnathan Ferrari; 2, J.P. Gregory; 3, James Boyster; 4, Mike Davis; 5, Daniel Willis; 6, Travis Boyster; 7, Erwin Davis; 8, David Smoke; 9, Gary Clark; 10, Axel Carter; 11, Stan Lewis.

Grand National Feature — 1, Billy Wheeler; 2, Jamison English; 3, Matt Bolton; 4, Ronnie Lingo; 5, Thurman Blanton; 6, Gaylord Ace.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Chris Perkins; 2, Josh Jones; 3, Jerry Jones; 4, Dakota Stogsdill; 5, Shannon Howell; 6, Susan Payne; 7, Jim Northern.

Street Stock — 1, Duane Rose; 2, Marshall Penson; 3, Remington Watson; 4, James Adams; 5, Caleb Odom; 6, Rick Craig; 7, Chris Hopkins; 8, J.P. Harris; 9, Cody Sanderson; 10, Clinton Drummond.

Lead Sled — 1, Mike Davis; 2, Skip Meeks; 3, Swade Foreman; 4, Tony Williams.

Heat Races

Modified (First Heat) — 1, Charles Shavalier; 2, Travis Jewell; 3, Dylan Coughran; 4, Brandon Bondo; 5, Angel Edens; 6, Devin Foster. (Second Heat) — 1, Jason Foster; 2, Paul Kramer; 3, Andrew Smoot; 4, Dalton McKenzie; 5, Jesse Leamons.

Mini Stock (First Heat) — 1, J.P. Gregory; 2, James Boyster; 3, Erwin Davis; 4, Johnathan Ferrari; 5, Gary Clark; 6, Travis Boyster. (Second Heat) — 1, Mike Davis; 2. Axel Carter; 3, Daniel Willis; 4, David Smoke; 5, Stan Lewis.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Chris Perkins; 2, Josh Jones; 3, Shannon Howell; 4, Dakota Stogsdill; 5, Jerry Jones; 6, Jim Northern; 7, Susan Payne.

Grand National — 1, Billy Wheeler; 2, Matt Bolton; 3, Ronnie Lingo; 4, Gaylord Ace; 5, Thurman Blanton; 6, Jamison English.

Street Stock (First Heat) — 1, Duane Rose; 2, Marshall Penson; 3, J.P. Harris; 4, Cody Sanderson; 5, Clinton Drummond. (Second Heat) — 1, James Adams; 2, Chris Hopkins; 3, Rick Craig; 4, Caleb Odom; 5, Remington Watson.

Lead Sled — 1, Skip Meeks; 2, Mike Davis; 3, Tony Williams; 4, Swade Foreman.