After two weeks of delays Crawford County Speedway was back in action Saturday night.

It was a clean slate of winners as each class was won by a new driver this season.

Randall Irvin won his first race this season in the Grand National race while Clifton Drummond had his third consecutive Top 5 finish. Duane Rose, Dwain Rigsby and Shawn Blair finished out the rest of the Top 5.

Rusty Lemonier also won his first race this season edging out Bobby Hawkins, Dean Hughes, Edward Boyster and Joe Wilson, who had his third Top 5 finish this season.

Cody Smith took first in his debut in the Front Wheel Drive class on Saturday. Ron Smith ran his first race as well and finished second. Daniel Altes, Matt Hobbs and Daniel Willis were the rest of the Top 5 in the FWD event.

Jason Foster finished first ahead of Shannon Weese in the Modified class. Weese had finished second in the last two races after winning the 2013 season opener. David Snow had his highest finish this season taking third followed by David Snow and Victor Pinkerton.

Dalton McKenzie won the E Modified class after finishing third and second in the previous two races. Chuck Smith continued to inch up and placed second after he was third on March 16. Adam Hardin and Lon Ellenburg were third and fourth in their 2013 debut. Shawn Pinkerton rounded out the Top 5.

Chris Perkins won the Street Stock. Perkins had finished either eighth or ninth in his first two races. The Street Stock had six new drivers with David Stogsdill earning the highest finish, second, in front of Zane Hunter, Marshall Penson and Mallory Pinkerton.

Cody Collingsworth, who finished first back on March 16, was sixth. Jesse Garner who had placed either first or second in his first two races dropped back to 13th.

Jennifer Robertson won the first Powder Puff running.

Crawford County Speedway

April 6 Results

Grand National — 1, Randall Irvin; 2, Clifton Drummond; 3, Duane Rose; 4, Dwain Rigsby; 5, Shawn Blair; 6, Bobby Jones; 7, Jerry Harris; 8, Chris Coughran; 9, Brad McMahon; 10, Roger Carter; 11, John Garner; 12, George Rudy; 13, James Drummond; 14, Remington Watson.

Mini Stock — 1, Rusty Lemonier; 2, Bobby Hawkins; 3, Dean Hughes; 4, Edward Boyster; 5, Kurley Joe Wilson; 6, John Ferrari; 7, Scott Boyster; 8, Willie Wood; 9, John Wesley; 10, Charles Parker.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Cody Smith; 2, Ron Phillips; 3, Daniel Ates; 4, Matt Hobbs; 5, Daniel Willis; 6, Jonathan Roberts; 7, Chris Beard.

Modified — 1, Jason Foster; 2, Shannon Weese; 3. 88 Sam Osman; 4, David Snow; 5, Victor Pinkerton; 6, Caleb Smith; 7, Dakota Essman.

360 E Modified — 1, Dalton McKenzie; 2, Chuck Smith; 3, Adam Hardin; 4, Lon Ellenburg; 5, Shawn Pinkerton; 6, Cory Southerland; 7, Remington Watson; 8, Brent Robertson; 9, Delman Burris.

Street Stock — 1, Chris Perkins; 2, David Stogsdill; 3, Zane Hunter; 4, Marshall Penson; 5, Mallory Pinkerton; 6, Cody Collingsworth; 7, Justin Allen; 8, Shelby Ellison; 9, Teddy Wallace;

10, Jaylen Brewton; 11,5 Ronnie Lingo; 12, Randall Jones; 13, Jesse Garner; 14, Robert Wiley; 15, William Lamproe

Late Model — Remington Watson

Powder Puff — 1, Jennifer Robertson; 2, Hughes; 3, Sandy Reynolds; 4, Aberial Boyster.