Chris Lewis won his third straight feature event as racing resumed at Crawford County Speedway on Saturday following a two-week break because of the wet weather.

The track has missed five races out of 12 scheduled events this season. It has only raced back-to-back weekends on April 25 and May 2. As of Monday morning, there’s a 60 percent chance of scattered thunderstorms on May 23.

Lewis finished ahead of Dalton McKenzie, who had the heat race win. It was McKenzie’s highest finish this season. Kyle Ledford returned and was third.

Robbie Hines was runner-up last week but dropped to fourth followed by Mike Hines.

Chris Tuck was the only other repeat winner on Saturday as the four other feature races had first-time winners.

Front Wheel Drive

Tuck won his second race in three outings.

Corey Howell was runner up for the second straight race and Shannon Howell took third.

Chelsie Jones and Susan Payne were fourth and fifth respectively.

Tuck also had the heat-race win.

Mini Stock

Johnathan Ferrari earned his first win after five consecutive Top 4 finishes this season. He had back-to-back runner-ups before he grabbed his first win.

Axel Carter was runner up followed by the May 2 winner, Rusty Lemonier. Johnny Greggory and Bobby Mulkey rounded out the Top 5.

The heat race winner, Chris Tuck was 12th. Ferrari had the other heat race win.

E Modified

Lon Ellenburg won his first feature race as he finished ahead of Adam Hardin and Ramon Sambrano.

Jimmy Wiley, who had the heat race win, was fourth and Kevin Weaver took fifth.

Ellenburg had the other heat race win.

Grand National

Thurman Blanton grabbed his first feature win for 2015. Ronnie Lingo was runner-up and Rudy George picked up back-to-back third place finishes.

Brent Robertson, who was runner-up last week, was fourth and Damon Short took fifth.

Chris Dollarhide grabbed sixth had a heat-race win and Blanton had the other heat-race victory.

Street Stock

Gary Parmenter nabbed a heat race and feature race win. It was Parmenter’s first feature win after he finished seventh in the last outing.

Clifton Drummond, who won back on May 2, was runner up and Caleb Odom took third.

Jaylen Brewton picked up his third fourth-place finish and Devin Foster was fifth. Both Parmenter and Drummond had heat race wins.

Crawford County Speedway

May 16 Results

USRA Modified — 1, Chris Lewis; 2, Dalton McKenzie; 3, Kyle Ledford; 4, Robby Hines; 5, Mike Hines; 6, Steve Lewallen; 7, Remington Watson.

Mini Stock — 1, Jonathan Ferrari; 2, Axel Carter; 3, Rusty Lemonier; 4, Johnny Gregory; 5, Bobby Mulkey; 6, Remington Watson; 7, Stan Lewis; 8, Carl Tuck; 9, Matt Reynolds; 10, Mike Davis; 11, Irvin Davis; 12, Chris Tuck.

360 E Modified — 1, Lon Ellenburg; 2, Adam Hardin; 3, Raymon Sambrano; 4, Jimmy Wiley; 5, Kevin Weaver; 6, Jeff Vaughn; 7, Shawn Pinkerton; 8, Andrew Smoot; 9, Gene Powell; 10, Justin Crow.

Grand National — 1, Thurman Blanton; 2, Ronnie Lingo; 3, George Rudy; 4, Brent Robertson; 5, Damon Short; 6, Chris Dollardhide; 7, Jerry Harris; 8, Jamison English; 9, J.J. Harvey; 10, Gene Powell; 11, Charles Shavalier; 12, Eckie Harrison; 13, R.J. Knox.

Street Stock — 1, Gary Parmenter; 2, Clifton Drummond; 3, Caleb Odom; 4, Jaylen Brewton; 5, Devin Foster; 6, Duane Rose; 7, Lucas Yutterman; 8, Remington Watson; 9, Parker Dunn; 10, Robert Wiley.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Chris Tuck; 2, Corey Howell; 3, Shannon Howell; 4, Chelsie Jones; 5, Susan Payne; 6, James Parker.