Jesse Garner won his fourth feature race on Saturday at Crawford County Speedway.

360 E Modified

Dalton McKenzie won his first feature race in his first outing at CCS since May 17. McKenzie had six finishes this season and placed as high as second (April 26).

Last week’s winner, Roy Long, was second. Long has won seven times this season, making him the winningest driver in the E Modified class. Shawn Pinkerton has four wins this season.

Van Buren’s Chuck Smith was third and Pinkerton placed fourth. Adam Hardin of Clarksville grabbed fifth.

Grand National

Grant Davis had five starts at the beginning of the season, but hasn’t competed in a feature race since April 26. However, Davis won his first event on Saturday at CCS. Prior to his win, Davis’s highest finish was fifth (April 12).

Jacob Lebetter nabbed second in his second outing this season. Ledbetter won his first race back on June 21. Thurman Blanton returned to CCS after missing the past five feature races and seized third.

Jerry Harris clinched fifth and Clifton Drummon was fifth. Last week’s winner, Jamison English, finished 13th. English has six wins this season.

Street Stock

Jesse Garner took his fourth win of the season in Saturday’s feature race. Garner’s last win was back on May 31 and he’s only completed three feature races at CCS since that time.

Mallory Pinkerton earned her highest finish of the season as she took second. Pinkerton has finished as high as third (April 5), but was 15th and 12th in the past two races.

Mulberry’s Duane Rose, who has four wins this season, nabbed third and Darrell Lingo finished fourth. Eli Dodd was fifth. Rose and Garner are both tied with the most wins this season (four each).

Will Lamproe has one win this season, but hasn’t missed finishing a feature race all season (21 starts).

Mini Stock

Stan Lewis won his second feature race in four starts on Saturday. Lewis has only two wins this season, but both have came in the last five weeks.

Tony Ferrari was back at CCS and was runner up, finishing ahead of Edward Boyster. Alma’s Teddy Parker was fourth after winning last week. Parker has the most wins this season in the Mini Stock class with eight.

Travis Boyster grabbed fifth.

A Modified

After back-to-back third-place finishes, Randy Payne picked up his sixth win of the season. Last week’s winner, Kyle Davis, was second and Victor Pinkerton of Cedarville was third.

Ronnie Duncan made his 2014 feature debut to place fourth.

Front Wheel Drive

Mountainburg’s Brian White won his first race since May as he took the top spot in his seventh feature event on Saturday. Corey Howell, who won last week, clinched second. Howell has three wins this season and 10 Top 3 finishes.

Scott Bridges was third in his FWD feature debut this season. Shannon Howell took fourth and Christ Beard was fifth.

Crawford County Speedway

Aug. 2 Results

360 E Modified — 1, Dalton McKenzie; 2, Roy Long; 3, Chuck Smith; 4, Shawn Pinkerton; 5, Adam Hardin; 6, Randall Hardbarger; 7, Andrew Smoot; 8, Casey Wilson; 9, Caleb Smith; 10, Raymond Sambrano.

Grand National — 1, Grant Davis; 2, Jacob Ledbetter; 3, Thurman Blanton; 4, Jerry Harris; 5, Clifton Drummond; 6, George Rudy; 7, Roy Long; 8, Brent Robertson; 9, Joey Dunn; 10, Roger Carter; 11, Billy Wheeler; 12, Mike McMahon; 13, Jamison English; 14, John Garner; 15, Remington Watson, DNS.

Street Stock — 1, Jesse Garner; 2, Mallory Pinkerton; 3, Duane Rose; 4, Darrell Lingo; 5, Eli Dodd; 6, Clifton Lingo; 7, Gene Gore; 8, Taylor Parker; 9, Remington Watson; 10, Will Lamproe; 11, Dan Holcher; 12, Ronnie Lingo; 13, Chase Donberger; 14, Logan Rose; 15, Clinton Drummond.

Mini Stock — 1, Stan Lewis; 2, Tony Ferrari; 3, Edward Boyster; 4, Teddy Parker; 5, Travis Boyster; 6, Clifton Drummond; 7, Barbara Johnson; 8, John West; 9, Axel Carter; 10, Johnny Gregory; 11, Charlie Jones, DQ.

Modified — 1, Randy Payne; 2, Kyle Davis; 3, Victor Pinkerton; 4, Ronnie Duncan.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Brian White; 2, Corey Howell; 3, Scott Bridges; 4, Shannon Howell; 5, Chris Beard; 6, Bobby Jones; 7, Randy Payne; 8, Susan Payne; 9, Josh Jones; 10, Aaron Dyer; 11, James Poe, DQ.

Back To School Bicycle Races

At Crawford County Speedway

Bicycle Race Winners

Ages 6 -Under — 1, Jayden Carter; 2, Luke Stogsdill; 3, Brianna Turner.

Ages 7-9 — 1, Austin Smith; 2, Hunter Moody; 3, John Shepard.

Ages 10-12 — 1, Craig McDowell; 2, Jeremy Boyster; 3, Brody Weeden.

Ages 13-up — 1, Dillion Murray; 2, Dakota Stogsdill; 3, Autumn Murray.

Thanks to all Sponsors: Raymon Sambrano, Gerald Graham at Fabrication Specialist in Van Buren. Girls’ bikes - Breanna Turner and Lauren Chrisman. Boys bikes - Jesse Boyster and Ferril Davis

Bicycle Trophies sponsored by Academics 1st Daycare in Alma