Susan Payne won the Powder Puff event at Crawford County Speedway on Saturday.

This week, CSS hosts the Kids Back to School Bicyle Races with four categories at intermission on Aug. 2.

All racing begins at 7:30 p.m.

A Modified

Kyle Davis won his first A Modified this season in his fourth outing. Hank Long was runner-up for the third time this year and Randy Payne took third for second consecutive week. Payne has 11 Top 3 finishes this season with five wins.

Victor Pinkerton placed fourth for the second straight week and has finished fourth in five out of his last seven races.

Gene Nicholas was fifth and last week’s winner, John Shoptaw, grabbed seventh.

360 E Modified

Roy Long nabbed his seventh win of the season as he finished ahead of an 11-car field.

Randall Hardbarger, who was third last week, seized second. Caleb Smith, Jimmy Nicholas and Eddie Wade rounded out the Top 5.

Shawn Pinkerton won last week and was sixth on Saturday.

Street Stock

Ronnie Lingo won his second race at CCS.

Alma’s Remington Watson took second and it was his fourth runner-up finish this season. Jennifer Robertson was third and Cedarville’s Will Lamproe clinched fourth.

Cody Collingsworth finished fifth. Mulberry’s Duane Rose, who won last week, was sixth.

Grand National

Jamison English picked up his sixth win in the Grand National class. Brent Robertson, Jerry Harris and Cedarville’s Roger Carter placed second, third and fourth respectively.

Randy Eakin was fifth. Last week’s winner, Roy Long, was ninth.

Mini Stock

Alma’s Teddy Parker took his eighth win in the Mini Stock class. Parker has either placed first or second 15 times this season, but has yet to grab back-to-back wins.

Edward Boyster, who won last week, was second and Stan Lewis had consecutive third-place finishes. Mulberry’s Brandon Pomroy was fourth and Alma’s Barbara Johnson placed fifth.

Front Wheel Drive

Corey Howell nabbed his third win in six weeks in the FWD event. Chris Beard was second and Shannon Howell seized third. Susan Payne clinched fourth.

Randy Payne was fifth.


Super Stock

Tony Anglin nabbed his first win back on June 28 and came back a month later to win the A Feature event.

Anglin finished in front of 24 other drivers, including 11 newcomers to the track this season. Dylan Davllin took second after he was third in the second B Feature race.

Ray Phipps, who was fifth in the second B Feature, was third and Jeremy Huffman was fourth. Barry Daniels grabbed fifth.

Harry Palmer has two feature wins this season, won the first B Feature event and was 21st in the A Feature. Jeremy Russell won the second B feature, but was disqualified in the main event.

Pure Stock

Van Buren’s Marshall Penson was back on the victory lap after he grabbed his 10th win this season. Penson had won three of the last five races.

Jim Richesin, also of Van Buren, was runner-up and Alma’s Jesse Garner was third. Junior Thornburg nabbed fourth and Alma’s Jalon Brewton, who was runner-up last week, finished fifth.

Economy/360 Modified

Mulberry’s Anthony Reeves won won his second race this season after a two-week absence. Reeves won back on June 14 and has placed in the Top 4 in his other three races.

Zane Hunter, who has won the last three races, was runner up and Van Buren’s Dalton McKenzie grabbed his fourth third-place finish. Delman Burris clinched fourth and Jeff Brady was fifth.

Mini Stock

Mulberry’s Chris Tuck won his first TSS Mini Stock race. Van Buren’s Charles Jones took second and Kurly Jo Wilson was third for the second straight week. John Gregory placed fourth and Tony Ferrari was fifth.

USRA B Modified

Jay Rierson won his first USRA B Modified in his fifth start of the season. Prior to his win, Rierson’s highest finish was third place back on July 12.

Todd Broyles grabbed second and Chris Hawkins, who won last week, finished third. Ryan Adams took fourth and Rudy’s Lonny Flanagan placed fifth.

Factory Stock

Shannon Cox won his first feature race at TSS. Cox had three runner-up finishes this season.

Travis Vaughn was runner-up for the second straight week and Darren Scott clinched third. Wendell Vaughn and Van Buren’s Justin Johnson were fourth and fifth respectively.

USRA Modified

George Martin finally made his way back to the victory lap after 15 consecutive starts without a win. Martin won back on the season opener, March 22, and was runner up twice over the next 15 weeks.

Jeremy Vaughn was runner up for the second straight week and three-time winner Randy Henson of Alma was third. Alma’s Lonnie Robins clinched fourth and Brent Holman, who won last week, was fifth.

Front Wheel Drive

Two-time winner, James Poe, grabbed his third win of the season. Cody smith finished second and Joshua Jones, who was runner-up last week, was third.

Nathan Rusher clinched fourth and Elmer Rusher placed fifth. Chris Perkins, who has four wins (Poe has the other three) including last week, was 10th.


Race Results for July 26

A Modified — 1, Kyle Davis; 2, Hank Long; 3, Randy Payne; 4, Victor Pinkerton; 5, Gene Nicholas; 6, Jaymie McGarrah; 7, John Shoptaw.

360 E Modified — 1, Roy Long; 2, Randall Hardbarger; 3, Caleb Smith; 4, Jimmy Nicholas; 5, Eddie Wade Jr.; 6, Shawn Pinkerton; 7, Adam Hardin; 8, Casey Willson; 9, Ramon Sambrano; 10, Andrew Smoot; 11, Mike Hines.

Street Stock — 1, Ronnie Lingo; 2, Remington Watson; 3, Jennifer Rudy-Robertson; 4, Will Lamproe; 5, Cody Collingsworth; 6, H Duane Rose; 7, Chase Donbarger; 8, Darrell Lingo; 9, Jesse Garner; 10, Mary Margaret Green; 11, Clifton Lingo; 12, Mallory Pinkerton; 13, Jim Odom; 14, Matt Ulrich; 15, Caleb Odom.

Grand National — 1, Jamison English; 2, Brent Robertson; 3, Jerry Harris; 4, Roger Carter; 5, Randy Eakin; 6, Jody Wolfe; 7, Devin Foster; 8, Matt Bolton; 9, Roy Long; 10, Remington Watson.

Mini Stock — 1, Teddy Parker; 2, Edward Boyster; 3, Stan Lewis; 4, Brandon Pomroy; 5, Barbara Johnson; 6, John West.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Corey Howell; 2, Chris Beard; 3, Shannon Howell; 4. Susan Payne; 5, Randy Payne; 6, Dakota Williams.

Powder Puff — 1, Susan Henson Payne; 2, Angela Sweet; 3, Jody Payne; 4, Jayme McGarrah; 5, Kim James; 6, Jennifer Robertson; 7, Jenny Farrar; 8, Kim Barrett; 9, Mary Green.


Race Results for July 26

Pure Stock — 1, Marshall Penson; 2, Jim Richesin; 3, Jesse Garner; 4, Junior Thornburg; 5, Jalon Brewton; 6, Daniel Tarkington; 7, Troy Brooks; 8, Parker Dunn; 9, Gene Gore; 10, Cody Collingsworth; 11, Lowell Steward; 12, Susan Stand; 13, Susan Stand; 14, Fred Ross; 15, Jack Kirby, DQ.

Economy/360 Modified — 1, Anthony Reeves; 2, Zane Hunter; 3, Dalton McKenzie; 4, Delman Burris; 5, Jeff Brady; 6, Dawson Graham; 7, Jimmy Wiley.

Mini Stock — 1, Christopher Tuck; 2, Charles Jones; 3, Kurly Jo; 4, John Gregory; 5, Tony Ferrari.

USRA B Modified — 1, Jay Rierson; 2, Todd Broyles; 3, Chris Hawkins; 4, Ryan Adams; 5, Lonny Flanagan; 6, Dawson Graham; 7, Chris Lewis; 8, Lester Weese; 9, Alan Goforth; 10, Shawn Gallawary; 11, Jeremy Smith; 12, Jeff Brady; 13, Steve Butler; 14, Greg Woodcock, DNS.

Factory Stock — 1, Shannon Cox; 2, Travis Vaugh; 3, Darren Scott; 4, Wendell Vaughn; 5, Justin Johnson; 6, Jay Anderson; 7, Chris Patterson; 8, Gene Gore; 9, Jerome Heinrich; 10, Troy Brooks; 11, Michael Foreman; 12, Jerrod Adams; 13, Caleb Speers; 14, Kyle McAllister, DQ; 15, Jack Kirby, DQ.

USRA Modified — 1, George Martin; 2, Jeremy Vaughn; 3, Randy Henson; 4, Lonnie Robins; 5, Brent Holman; 6, Chris Lewis; 7, Shannon Weese; 8, Brian Williams; 9, Martin Hemphill; 10, Bryce Clark; 11, Lance Robins; 12, Steve Holzkamper, DNS.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, James Poe; 2, Cody Smith; 3, Joshua Jones; 4, Nathan Rusher; 5, Elmer Rusher; 6, Scott Bridges; 7, Chelsie Jones; 8, Jerry Jones; 9, Brian Parmenter; 10, Chris Perkins.

Super Stock A Feature — 1, Tony Anglin; 2, Dylan Davlin; 3, Ray Phipps; 4, Jeremy Huffman; 5, Barry Daniels; 6, Robert Southerland; 7, Cole Farmer; 8, Mikey Bell; 9, Kent Bright; 10, Jeff Mecalf; 11, Jason Pennington; 12, Aaron Carr; 13, Kreg Dobson; 14, Wyatt Hill; 15, Scotter Scruggs; 16, Dale Richardson; 17, Johnn Mitchell; 18, Chuck Knight; 19, Dan Leatherman; 20, TJ Moore; 21, Harry Palmer; 22, Neil Johnson; 23, Robert Knowles; 24, Jeremy Russell.