Bradley Eversole has been busy over the past three years.

While he may just be focusing on baseball when he attends Arkansas Tech he suspects he’ll just be just as busy.

"We’ll be practicing nearly seven days a week," said Eversole. "I think if I just get to focus on one sport, it might help me maximize my potential with that sport."

Eversole signed an NCAA Division II letter of intent to play baseball for Arkansas Tech during a ceremony Tuesday morning at Clair Bates Arena.

Eversole was the starting quarterback for the Pointers and will start for the basketball team.

"I thought about just concentrating on one sport, but we had some really good talent coming back for the football team and there’s some good talent on the basketball team," said Eversole. "I’m not going to quit now."

Eversole said he like the atmosphere at Arkansas Tech, where he plans to pursue an Engineering degree.

"This is a great opportunity for Bradley," said Van Buren baseball coach David Loyd. "Hopefully, he’ll have a great winter playing basketball and finish up his senior year with a good baseball season."

The last three-sport athlete to sign from Van Buren was Tyler Spoon with the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. Spoon was selected as a freshman All-American this past season.

"I think this shows that someone can be three-sport athlete and be successful," said Van Buren head basketball coach and athletic director, Randy Loyd. "Hopefully, this will encourage other students to participate in three sports."