This is the Monkey with more musings from the jungle.

George handed this off to the Monkey because he’s a bit distraught with the news that Ben Affleck is going to play Batman.

He handled the news the same way Luke learned Darth Vader was Luke’s father. This Monkey seriously thought that George was going to start crying at some point.

"Just write something about schedules," George said as he curled up under his desk.

(Editor’s Note: I did not curl up under my desk, I dropped a pen and just got down to retrieve it.)

He curled up under his desk.

This Monkey could care less what hairless ape plays another hairless ape on a movie screen. Unless it’s Helena Boham Carter, she’s lovely.

(Editor’s Note: It took me three weeks to convince the Monkey that she wasn’t a real ape.)

Football and basketball schedules for the Razorbacks came out in the past week and some of the humans are not happy because the Hogs aren’t going to play the LSU Kitties the day after Turkey Stuffing Fest.

The Monkey heard the wailing that the Razorbacks lost a good rivalry with LSU.

It’s not a good rivalry if you’ve lost 20 of the 58 games. This Monkey suspects that the rivalry only exists in the minds of Razorback fans. You have six wins, of which four were rather spectacular, since 1992 and that constitutes as a rivalry?

A true rivalry only happens because both teams trade wins and losses on a fairly consistent basis.

That hasn’t happened with LSU and Arkansas. Good games, perhaps, but nostalgia is a poor excuse to keep ordering the same meal.

Speaking of changes.

Van Buren will be looking for a new first game next season, and Alma could be a conference foe for more than one cycle.

Would it make a difference if Alma was played in Week 3 or Week 10, or in the middle of the season?

The intensity will probably increase or decrease for the humans depending upon the stakes, like pride or a playoff implication.

However, for the players, whether it’s college or high school, it’s just another game. The good players and the good coaches understand that all emotion must be left on the field. Once the game is played, it’s over and they move on to the next.

The real reason why the Kitties are playing the Aggies?


It’ll be a larger television market (Texas). So, when it comes right down to it, the humans are really more interested in revenue rather than to reminiscent four spectacular games.