James Poe won two races on Saturday at Crawford County Speedway.

The Front Wheel Drive had the first race rained out last week, so CCS made up that race with Poe winning at the start of Saturday’s event.

Poe then came back and won the second FWD race that night. Aaron Dyer took second. Josh Jones was second in the first race and was third in the second.

Dakota Poe was fourth and Randy Payne was fifth for both races.

In the first race, Bobby Jones was third and Cameron Mott took fourth.

Jesse Sims, who finished sixth last week, won Saturday’s running of the Grand National class at CCS.

Jerrod Adams placed second in his first time out this season. Brad McMahon, who was ninth last week, was third followed by Duane Rose and Clifton Drummond.

Chris Tuck, who was runner up last week, took first in the Mini Stock event. Rusty Lemonier was runner up and Joe Wilson was third for the second straight week. Bobby Hawkins was fourth and Bobby Mulkey was fifth.

Randy Payne became the first repeat winner as he won his second straight E Modified class event. Dalton McKenzie, who was third last week, finished second. Chuck Smith, Caleb Smith and Doug Jones rounded out the Top 5. The E Modified featured eight new drivers for Week 2. Payne had 10 wins last season.

Cody Collingsworth, who earned the 2012 Hard Luck honor last season, won his first race for the 2013 season in the Street Stock class.

Jesse Garner, last week’s winner, took second while Scott Bridges was third. Robert Wiley debuted this season in fourth and Justin Allen, who was seventh last week, finished fifth.

Eddie Martin won his first outing this season in the Modified class on Saturday. Shannon Weese, who placed first last week, was second. Jason Foster clinched third and he was followed by Hank Long and Sam Osman.

Brandon Hunter won the first outing of the Late Model class followed by Brandon Mitchell and Remington and Watson.

Crawford County Speedway

March 16 Race Results

Street Stock — 1, Cody Collingsworth; 2, Jesse Garner; 3, Scott Bridges; 4, Robert Wiley; 5, Justin Allen; 6, Jaylen Brewton; 7, Tyler Chambers; 8, Chris Perkins; 9, Marshall Penson; 10, Zane Hunter; 11, Mary Green; 12, Caleb Speers; 13, Eddie Rich

Grand National — 1, Jess Sims; 2, Jerrod Adams; 3, Brad McMahon; 4, Duane Rose; 5, Clifton Drummond; 6, George Rudy; 7, Bryan McKenzie; 8, John Garner; 9, Roy Long; 10, Shawn Blair; 11, Kyle Davis; 12, Randall Irvin; 13, Danny Southerland; 14, Remington Watson.

Modified — 1, Eddie Martin; 2, Shannon Weese; 3, Jason Foster; 4, Hank Long; 5, Sam Osman; 6, Jay Rierson; 7, Victor Pinkerton; 8, Cody Jones.

E Modified — 1. 21P Randy Payne; 2. 8 Dalton McKenzie; 3. 55 Chuck Smith; 4. 55X Caleb Smith; 5, Doug Jones; 6, Jimmy Nicholas; 7, Shawn Pinkerton; 8, Davis Stafford; 9, Barry Cox; 10, Paul Whitworth; 11, Cory Southerland; 12, Delman Burris.

Late Model — 1, Brandon Hunter; 2, Brandon Mitchell; 3, Remington Watson.

Mini Stock — 1, Chris Tuck; 2, Rusty Lemonier; 3, Kurly Joe Wilson; 4, Bobby Hawkins; 5, Bobby Mulkey; 6, Remington Watson; 7, Jerry Ellison; 8, Lucas Yutterman; 9, Tom Paulson; 10, Jim Colburn; 11, John Ferrari.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, James Poe; 2, Aaron Dyer; 3, Josh Jones; 4, Dakota Poe; 5, Randy Payne; 6, Cameron Mott; 7, Daniel Altes; 8, Daniel Willis; 9, Bobby Jones; 10, Chelsie Jones; 11, Chris Beard; 12, Jimmy Hamilton.

Front Wheel Drive (make-up race) — 1, James Poe; 2, Josh Jones; 3, Bobby Jones; 4, Cameron Mott; 5, Randy Payne; 6, Dakota Poe; 7, Chris Beard; 8, Harley McNatt; 9, Matt Hobbs; 10, Chelsie Jones.