The first running of the Mechanics races had 15 drivers divided into three groups on Saturday at Crawford County Speedway.

David Stogsdill, Corbin Lamproe and Bobby Wofford each won a race. The next round of Mechanics Races will be on July 9.

This week, CCS is hosting the second running of the Powder Puff races this weekend. Brittany Henson won the first round with Megan Collingsworth placing second.

Grand National

The Top 2 finishers for the Grand National feature race remained unchanged for the third consecutive week.

Billy Wheeler won his third straight feature event while Jamison English was second for the third week in a row. Wheeler has won five feature races this season to match English for the most wins in the Grand National class.

Wheeler won the second heat races while English was second in the same event. Chad Lankford one the other heat race, but finished eighth in the feature.

Michael Southerland was third in his second start in the feature race while Victor Pinkerton was fourth.

Clifton Drummond grabbed fifth.

Front Wheel Drive

Dakota Stogsdill’s winless streak came to an end on Saturday as the stalwart driver won his first race of the season after 10 starts.

Stogsdill had three consecutive runner-up finishes in May, but hasn’t placed out of the Top 5 this season. He was runner up to Corey Howell in the heat race andHowell took second in the fetaure event. Howell has five wins in nine starts this season.

Josh Jones placed third and Tommy Langley was fourth. Shannon Howell grabbed his second straight fifth-place finish.

Mini Stock

Johnny Gregory won his first feature race of the season in a field of 11 cars.

Jason Belt returned after a five-week absence and placed second while J.P. Gregory was third.

Scott Boyster nabbed fourth and Edward Boyster finished fifth.

Johnny Gregory won the first heat race and J.P. Gregory won the second heat.


Jason Foster won his seventh feature and his fourth in five starts.

Shannon Weese matched his highest finish of the season as he took second and Corey Southerland was third.

Eric Waterbury made his first Modified feature appearance and placed fourth while Les Weese returned to CCS and nabbed fifth.

Lead Sled

Mike Davis won his second straight feature and his third overall this season. John Garner was second and Drake Stogsdill placed third.

Crawford County Speedway

June 18, 2016

Feature Race Results

Modified — 1, Jason Foster; 2, Shannon Weese; 3, Cory Southerland; 4, Eric Waterbury; 5, Les Weese; 6, Dylan Coughran; 7, Robert Leamon; 8, Tom Paulson; 9, Devin Foster; 10, Brandon Force; 11, Andrew Smoot; 12, Angel Edens; 13, Aaron Moss; 14, Paul Kramer; 15, Randall Hardbarger; 16, Nick Christie; 17, Wade Barnes; 18, Travis Jewell; 19, Jesse Leamons; 20, Camden Perry.

Mechanics Race (First) — 1, David Stogsdill; 2, David Still; 3, Chris Payne; 4, John Ferrari; 5, David Smoke; 6, Corey Howell. (Second) — 1, Corbin Lamproe; 2, Josh Jones; 3, Chance Asher; 4, Chris Beard; 5, Mikey Turner; 6, Dylan Murray. (Third) — 1, Bobby Wofford; 2, David Jones; 3, Rodney Edens.

Mini Stock — 1, Johnny Gregory; 2, Jason Belt; 3, J.P. Gregory; 4, Scott Boyster; 5, Edward Boyster; 6, James Boyster; 7, Mike Davis; 8, Travis Boyster; 9, Daniel Willis; 10, Johnathan Ferrari; 11, Stan Lewis.

Grand National — 1, Billy Wheeler; 2, Jamison English; 3, Michael Southerland; 4, Victor Pinkerton; 5, Clifton Drummond; 6, Ronnie Lingo; 7, Matt Bolton; 8, Chad Lankford; 9, Bobby Prewett.

Street Stock — 1, Clinton Drummond; 2, Remington Watson; 3, Gary Prewett; 4, Duane Rose; 5, Will Lamproe; 6, Rick Craig; 7, Tyler Drummond; 8, Bobby Murray; 9, Landon Price; 10, Chris Hopkins.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Corey Howell; 2, Dakota Stogsdill; 3, Josh Jones; 4, Shannon Howell; 5, Tommy Langley; 6, Susan Payne; 7, Calvin Foster.

Lead Sled — 1, Mike Davis; 2, John Garner; 3, Drake Stogsdill.

Heat Race Results

Modified (First Heat) — 1, Shannon Weese; 2, Camden Perry; 3, Cory Southerland; 4, Randall Hardbarger; 5, Travis Jewell; 6, Jesse Leamons. (Second Heat) — 1, Andrew Smoot; 2, Les Weese; 3, Jason Foster; 4, Wade Barnes; 5, Paul Kramer; 6, Robert Leamons. (Third Heat) — 1, Aaron Moss; 2, Nick Christie; 3, Tom Paulson; 4, Brandon Force; 5, Eric Waterbury; 6, Dylan Coughran; 7, Angel Edens; 8, Devin Foster.

Street Stock (First Heat) — 1, Remington Watson; 2, Bobby Murray; 3, Duane Rose; 4, Tyler Drummond; 5, Gary Prewett. (Second Heat) — 1, Clinton Drummond; 2, Rick Craig; 3, Will Lamproe; 4, Landon Price; 5, Chris Hopkins.

Mini Stock (First Heat) —1. Johnny Gregory; 2, Johnathan Ferrari; 3, Scott Boyster; 4, Stan Lewis; 5, Mike Davis; 6, Travis Boyster. (Second Heat) — 1, J.P. Gregory; 2, Jason Belt; 3, Edward Boyster; 4, Travis Boyster; 5, Daniel Willis.

Grand National (First Heat) — 1, Chad Lankford; 2, Clifton Drummond; 3, Ronnie Lingo; 4, Victor Pinkerton; 5, Michael Southerland. (Second Heat) — 1, Billy Wheeler; 2, Jamison English; 3, Bobby Prewett; 4, Matt Bolton.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Dakota Stogsdill; 2, Corey Howell; 3, Josh Jones; 4, Tommy Langley; 5, Shannon Howell; 6, Susan Payne; 7, Calvin Foster.