FAYETTEVILLE — After a dismissal from two college football teams, running back Michael Dyer is hoping the third time is a charm and that it may come at Arkansas.

According to USA Today, the Most Valuable Player in the 2011 BCS National Championship would be interested in walking on with the Razorbacks even if other schools offered a scholarship.

"If Arkansas said I could walk on, I’d go walk on at Arkansas," Dyer told the USA Today.

The Little Rock native graduated with an associate’s degree last month from Arkansas Baptist College, making him immediately eligible this fall. He has two years of eligibility remaining.

Dyer rushed for 1,000 yards in consecutive seasons at Auburn. Fitz Hill, a former Arkansas assistant coach and the president at Arkansas Baptist College said it would be a "low-risk, high-reward opportunity" for Arkansas and told the USA Today he was "baffled" more schools were not interested in Dyer enrolling.

"Everybody you talk to thinks he’s an ex-felon. He’s not an ex-anything," Hill said.

"I have the utmost belief in him as an individual. I can vouch for him, based on what he’s done at Arkansas Baptist College. Given the right environment, I think Michael is going to flourish."

Dyer was granted a conditional release from Auburn in January 2012. He had been suspended from the Chick-Fil-A Bowl for failing a drug test.

In March 2011, Dyer testified in court that four former Auburn teammates used his .45 pistol in a robbery in. He said the gun, which was legally purchased, was taken without permission, however.

Dyer was kicked off the Arkansas State football team prior to the 2012 season after details involving a traffic stop came to light. He was cited for driving 96 in a 70 mph zone. A state trooper confiscated a handgun, although it was purchased legally and was not loaded.

Dyer told the USA Today he is ready to clear his name and play the game he loves the right way, however.

"The name ‘Michael Dyer,’ when people bring it up, it’s not good," Dyer said. "I want to change that, and I have the opportunity to. I came here (to Arkansas Baptist) to do what I was supposed to do: go to school, get my grades right, get myself together. I’ll admit to being in the wrong. I’ll admit to making mistakes. I’m willing to go through the process of fixing them. … I want to go back to the (college) process and do it again, the way I’m supposed to.

"I’m only gonna go to school, make good grades and play football. I don’t bring anything with me. No registered gun, and I’m not gonna waste your time smoking marijuana. I want to put a jersey on, sweat and play football. I want to show people the true Michael Dyer."