ALMA — Audrey Hampton is relatively new to running track, but she has the opportunity to keep going even though her season had ended.

The Alma senior won the 100-meter and got a personal best as she finished in 13.6 seconds at the Greenbrier meet back on March 5. It was the only track meet for both Alma squads this season.

“The competition in track is like no other and it pushes me all the time,” Hampton said. “Getting over a bad race isn’t always easy but sometimes I just have to sit there and give myself a little pep talk.”

Alma was set for the Elkins meet on March 19, but Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson suspended schools that week for the state and eventually, athletics were suspended for the duration of the spring semester.

Hampton is planning to attend UCA to study pre-pharmacy and join the Division I track team.

“Audrey is the kind of athlete every coach loves,” said Alma coach Kathy Jones. “She’s a really hard worker. She’s an amazing teammate, always encouraging and supporting her friends. She is a leader on our team — leading by example — always putting in the extra work.

“Although I’m sad her high school career is over, but I’m really excited she gets to continue track at UCA.”

Hampton got involved with track with help from her father, who was also in track.

“It’s something we enjoy doing together,” said Hampton. “He shows me so many new things and always helps to better myself. Talking with my parents helps get my nerves out before a meet.”

Hampton enjoyed competing in the UA Randal Tyson Track Center and has aspirations of competing at the Olympics.

While Hampton and the rest of the Lady Airedales didn’t get a chance to complete their season, the senior believed in her teammates with their “teamwork and passion for competition.”

Her advice for those returning next season for Alma’s track & field teams: “Work as hard in practice as you you in an event or game.”

Fun Questions with Aubrey Hampton

Biggest or weirdest fear? June bugs

Superpower? Talk to animals

If you could have any kind of pet what would you want? Giraffe

What would you be rather doing instead of being quarantined at home? Track meets!!

Biggest pet peeve? When my parents and I are watching a Netflix series, and they watch an episode without me

Do you have any annoying habits? I’m not sure about that one, the answer would differ with who I asked.

Who is your inspiration? My Grammy, she’s the strongest person I know, she has beat stage 4 ovarian cancer 4 times now.

What is the first thing you’ll do when this crisis or mess is all over? Go into an actual restaurant and sit down and eat.

Because there is free time… have you gotten caught up on any television shows or reading? What have you been watching or reading? I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix recently and I’ve been catching up on The Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy.