CEDARVILLE — Katie McBroom had always been the quickest in her class.   She was speeding past teammates and opponents playing basketball in the fifth grade. Folks told her to try out for track.   McBroom and some of her friends were going to try out for the track team in the seventh grade. She was the only one at the tryout.   “I beat everyone at the first meet (for seventh graders) and I was the only girl competing for Cedarville,” McBroom said. “I got the high point and they moved me up to the junior high squad.”   As an eighth grader, McBroom was part of the 2017 squad to win the 3A Region 1 West Conference title. She won the triple jump and placed in the 800-, 200-, 400-, and the pole vault. In 2018, she joined Katelynn Oden and Chloe Morrow to be named to the 3A West 1 All-Conference team after competing at the state meet. McBroom was sixth in the triple jump and set a personal best at that time with 32 feet, 10.5 inches.   In 2019, McBroom and Morrow tied for the high-point honor with 36 points each and with just four Lady Pirates competing at the event, the team finished second overall. At that event, McBroom placed in six events. She won the 400, was second in the triple jump, third in both the long jump and the 200, sixth in the 100, and eighth in the 800.   “If I don’t do well at the triple jump, I get mad myself and kind of take it out on my running,” said McBroom. “If I do well in one event I tell myself I can do better in the next event. I have a real competitive streak and I do my best when I’m running against faster girls.”   McBroom and the rest of the Cedarville athletes competed for the first time at the state indoor meet in Fayetteville. She was sixth in the 400.   “I never practiced in that kind of facility before. I have my place where I like to start when I’m in the 200 and the 400 and it was different indoors,” McBroom said. “I liked it inside there was no wind, but I would rather be outside.”   At the District meet that season, both McBroom and Morrow combined for 83 points as Cedarville finished third overall. McBroom had 35 points and placed in six events. She won the 400 and was second in the triple jump (33-2.25).   “Katie has been running for me since the seventh grade,” said Cedarville coach Jarrod Remer. “It has been extremely fun to watch her develop and improve over the years. She’s a fantastic jumper but is also extremely tough and competitive. She’s good at a myriad of events as well. She runs a 1:04 in the 400 and will turn around and run the 800 and 200 back to back.”   She considers the 400-meter run and the triple jump her staples.   McBroom also competes on the basketball and has done well this past season. She had 12 points in the season finale at the district tournament.   “I think I’m better at track than basketball,” said McBroom. “I just spend so much time in basketball with practicing and I can’t get out to track until that season is done.”   Her track season was cut short due to the global pandemic of COVID-19 as Gov. Asa Hutchinson closed down the schools a week before Spring Break. School closures will continue to at least April 17. While McBroom is a junior and will have another high school season, she feels there’s still a loss for her this year.   “I get better every year and the possibility of losing my junior year prevents me from getting better for my senior year,” McBroom said. “I’m gonna try out for track in college. Track is just a part of me, and I think I’m good at it. If I get a scholarship, I would like that.”   Fun Questions with Katie McBroom   Biggest fear? Honestly? Injuring myself. I’ve always had that fear. And not being the best I can be, knowing I didn’t put my all. I push myself harder.   Superpower? Reading people‘s minds could be cool, flying or running fast.   What pet would you love to have? A baby elephant. If someone could come up with miniature elephants.   What would you be doing now instead of being stuck at home? Be on the track or at a track meet.   Biggest pet peeve? When others don‘t try their best, while everyone is working hard and especially when it impacts everyone else.   Most annoying habit? At a meet? If I get so mad I can‘t talk to anyone and just take it out on everyone. Especially in the triple jump. This last meet didn’t jump very well and I started saying what I‘m thinking. In a few minutes, I’ll be fine. Same thing in basketball if I‘m doing bad. I know it’s something I need to work on.   What is the first thing you’ll do when this is over? Still running and practicing. Basketball practice. Go to school for a bit.   Catching up on any reading or binge watching? Actually, I’ve really been so distracted I haven‘t been caught up on my school work. I’ve been in the house for four straight days I had to get out and enjoy the weather while it was nice. I hope to get it done during Spring Break. I really like math. It’s easier for me to understand. I can learn the concepts pretty easily.