Jordan Deuley is excited.

The Van Buren senior is making his mark on the Pointer eSports team and is already making plans for his future.

“I watched the pros play and when it was announced at our school, I thought it was crazy,” said Deuley. There’s a lot of potential for scholarships. I’ve started to talk to colleges to be playing for them and I’ve had a lot of good offers.”

Deuley is one of three guys comprising of the Van Buren Rocket League squad, The Three Rocketeers along with Joseph Calderon and Ruehle.

Dueley doesn’t use a game console controller and uses his own keyboard to maneuver around the field.

“He’s good,” said coach Brian Dodson. “And really good about communicating and working with his teammates and other players on the team.”

Dodson joined Wes Yandell to help coach the eSports team this season.

“This is really exciting. It’s just beginning,” said Dodson. “Who knows what this will be like in the next five years.”

Van Buren has 40 players comprising of different teams playing Smite, League of Legends and Rocket League. There are talks the games offered may be expanded and it would only increase the interest in playing.

The team is also planning a Fortnite Tournament in the spring to help raise money to pay for fees and supplies.

Deuley’s first game was Unreal Tournament when he was five or six.

“I really don’t remember much, I just remember my dad had this game, and I started playing it,” Dueley said. “My parents were supportive when I told them about the team, especially when I told them about the scholarships involved in college. Their support made me more optimistic about my chances to get a scholarship and make me want to get better.”

The senior is focused on Rocket League, a game pitting a team three players against another team in a soccer-like contest, but using cars performing aerobatics to “kick” the oversized ball into the net. He has played other games but keeps coming back to Rocket League.

He has logged in 2,377 hours playing the game.

Players can employ a number of different strategies and The Three Rocketeers have a more aggressive style.

Deuley is planning to go into computer programming at the college level and is already taking classes at UAFS.

“I really enjoy Rocket League. I like the competitive aspects of the game,” Deuley said. “It makes me want to get better and improve and do what I can to help my teammates.

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