In the Powder Puff races, Misty Hunter won the first race, and Jenny Reynolds took first in the second feature race at Crawford County Speedway on July 20.

Hunter had placed sixth and seven in her previous two races while Reynolds won back on April 12.

Another round of racing is set for today with the Flip Flop 20s for the Pure Stocks.

CCS will host two Pure Stock races with the order flipping after the first race.

Regular point races for the other classes.

B Modified

JR Owen won his first race in his fourth start at CCS. Owens highest finish was when he placed second back on May 26.

Last week’s winner, Shannon Weese, was second. Logan Ellis returned to CCS in his second start and finished third. Ellis participated in the season-opener and was second in that race.

Eric Waterbury, who placed 11th in his first feature start of 2019 last week, clinched his first Top 5 finish as he took fifth. Chris Tuck rounded out the Top 5 as he placed fifth.

Cecil Hayes had three consecutive finishes in the Top 3 but nabbed sixth last weekend.

Ellis won the B Feature followed by Brando Bondo and James Romine.

Pure Stock

Glen Nordin picked up his first win and his first Top 5 finish in just his third start of the season. Nordin had finished 13th and 10th in his previous races.

James Poe remained the only Pure Stock driver not to miss a race this season. He joins a small crew of drivers who have perfect attendance so far in 2019. Other drivers include Johnny Gregory (B Mods), Billy Wheeler (Grand National), and Jeremy LaCoe (Grand National).

Jerry Ellison also broached the Top 3 for the first time this season as he placed third in his second feature start. Jesse Garner nabbed his fourth straight Top 5 finish as he secured fourth. Joshua Vaughn, who has four wins this season, collected fifth.

Mini Stock

Jerry Higgins collected his fifth win this year and his third in the past seven starts.

Travis Boyster was runner-up for the second straight week and ha four Top 3 finishes in the past six races. Last week’s winner, Dean Hughes, was third while Stan Lewis took fourth.

In his second start of the year and his first since May 17, James Boyster placed fifth.

Front Wheel Drive

Colby Perkins was first and captured his second win of the season and his first since June 8. Last week’s winner, Chris Perkins, was second and Jackie Mosby nabbed third. Jimmy Hamilton and Brandon Garner rounded out the Top 5 as they placed fourth and fifth respectively.

Grand National

Billy Wheeler keeps on turning.

Wheeler collected his unprecedented 10th win this season and his fifth consecutive. Wheeler has won 10 of his 12 starts.

LaCoe was second and now has eight Top 3 finishes. Thurman Blanton took third and Justin McDade captured fourth. Cody Collingsworth was fifth.

A Modified

Dalton McKenzie seized his fourth win of the year and his third in five starts as he beat out Carl McDade, the winner from last week, who placed second.

Jason Foster was third for the second week in a row and John Montgomery clinched fourth. Jesse Leamons finished fifth.

Crawford County Speedway

Race Results, July 20

Powder Puff

First Race — 1, Misty Hunter; 2, Tonya Lewis; 3, Tina Wheeler; 4, Abigal Langston; 5, Megan collingsworth.

Second Race — 1, Jenny Reynolds; 2, Jordan Wilburn; 3, Shantea Wallace; 4, Deanise Lewis; 5, Sherri Van Meter.

B Modified — 1, JR Owens; 2, Shannon Weese; 3, Logan Ellis; 4, Eric Waterbury; 5, Chris Tuck; 6, Cecil Hayes; 7, Tim Edens; 8, Devin Barker; 9, Brando Bondo; 10, Matthew Canfield; 11, Jared Rickett; 12, Caleb Barker; 13, James Romine; 14, Johnny Gregory; 15, Jaylen Brewton; 16, Shay Hardin.

Pure Stock — 1, Glen Nordin; 2, James Poe; 3, Jerry Ellison; 4, Jesse Garner; 5, Josh Vaughn; 6, Andy Good; 7, Rick Raseberry; 8, Tyler Garner; 9, Chad Warren; 10, Mark Dixon; 11, Robert Wiley; 12, Jason Lewis; 13, Rusty Collins; 14, Sambo Parmenter.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Colby Perkins; 2, Chris Perkins; 3, Jackie Mosby; 4, Jimmy Hamilton; 5, Brandon Garner; 6, Chris Beard; 7, Chris Davis; 8, Aaron Dyer; 9, Lisa Wallace; 10, Jessica Hunter; 11, Wilson Hale.

Mini Stock — 1, Jerry Higgins; 2, Travis Boyster; 3, Dean Hughes; 4, Stan Lewis; 5, James Boyster; 6, Landon Lewallen; 7, Melvin Taylor; 8, Daniel Willis; 9, Dancan Thomas; 10, Thomas Sanders.

A Modified — 1, Dalton McKenzie; 2, Carl McDade; 3, Jason Foster; 4, John Montgomery; 5, Jesse Leamons; 6, Barry Cox; 7, Fred Ramsey; 8, Justin Mills; 9, Randy Henson.

Grand National — 1, Billy Wheeler; 2, Jeremy LaCoe; 3, Thurman Blanton Jr.; 4, Justin McDade; 5, Cody Collingsworth.


B Modified — 1, Logan Ellis; 2, Brando Bondo; 3, James Romine; 4, Shay Hardin; 5, Justin Blankenship; 6, Kevin Langston; 7, Keith Kingston; 8, David Bradley; 9, Gene Powell.