Crawford County Speedway hosted the first round of Mechanics Races on April 27.

Rick Craig and J.P. Gregory each won separate events.

Another round of racing is set for Saturday at the dirt track north of Van Buren.

B Modified

Charlie Brummett won his feature debut of the 16-car field.

Chuck Smith, who won back on April 12, was second and Johnny Gregory keeps climbing up the list. Gregory began the season in ninth and has finished in fifth, fourth, and third during the last three races.

Andy Hooten seized fourth and Tim Edens was fifth for the second consecutive week.

Pure Stock

Landon Price won his first race of the season against a field of 15 other cars.

Robert Wiley earned his highest finish of the season as he took second. Last week’s winner James Poe was third for his fourth straight Top 3 finish.

Robert Leamons clinched fourth and Rick Raseberry was fifth.

Pure Stock B

Clint Woolbright won the B Feature race and finished 16th in the A Feature.

Austin Mackey, who was second in the B Feature, placed the highest in the A Feature as he took sixth.

Tyler Garner and Jesse Garner earned third and fourth.

Mini Stock

Michael Denton clinched his first win of the season in just his second start after he placed second last week.

Jerry Higgins, who has two wins, earned his fourth consecutive Top 3 finish while Stan Lewis returned and placed third.

Travis Boyster was fourth and has placed fourth in three races this year. Thomas Sanders was fifth for the second week in a row.

Grand National

Billy Wheeler earned his third straight feature win and became the first driver of the season to accomplish the feat at CCS.

Thurman Blanton was runner up for his second Top 3 finish and JJ Harvey returned to the track and placed third.

Jerry Harris was fourth and Remington Watson made his 2019 debut to nab fifth.

Front Wheel Drive

Cody Bailey won his second race in three starts and picked up his fourth straight Top 3 finish.

Last week’s winner, Allen Fairchild placed second and Colby Perkins nabbed his first Top 3 finish of the season as he took third.

Chris Perkins was fourth and Chris Tuck rounded out the Top 5.

ASRS Modified

Jason Foster secured his first win and third consecutive Top 3 finish. John Montgomery clinched second while Dalton McKenzie was third.

Alex Roofner was fourth in his first feature at CCS and last week’s winner, Aaron Moss, placed fifth.

Crawford County Speedway

Race Results for April 27

B Modified — 1, Charlie Brummett; 2, Chuck Smith; 3, Johnny Gregory; 4, Andy Hooten; 5, Tim Edens; 6, Shay Hardin; 7, David Bradley; 8, Justin Blankenship; 9, Matthew Canfield; 10, Jacob Smith; 11, Virgil Smith; 12, Ken Evans; 13, Cecil Hays; 14, Jaylen Brewton; 15. Gaylord Ace; 16, Josh Asher.

Pure Stock

A Feature — 1, Landon Price; 2, Robert Wiley; 3, James Poe; 4, Robert Leamons; 5, Rick Raseberry; 6, Austin Mackey; 7, Allen Skelton; 8, Chad Warren; 9, Tyler Watkins; 10, Justin Swaffar; 11, Cody Mackey; 12, Jeff Whittenburg; 13, Tyler Garner; 14, Juan Diaz; 15, Jessie Garner; 16, Clint Woolbright.

B Feature — 1, Clint Woolbright; 2, Austin Mackey; 3, Tyler Garner; 4, Jessie Garner; 5, Joshua Vaughn; 6, Jason Lewis; 7, Parker York; 8, David Speer.

ASRS Modified — 1, Jason Foster; 2, John Montgomery; 3, Dalton Mckenzie; 4, Alex Roofner; 5, Aaron Moss; 6, Chad Mallett; 7, Drew Palmer.

Grand National — 1, Billy Wheeler; 2, Thurman Blanton Jr.; 3, JJ Harvey; 4, Jerry Harris; 5, Remington Watson; 6, Jeremy LaCoe.

Mini Stock — 1, Michael Denton; 2, Jerry Higgins; 3, Stan Lewis; 4, Travis Boyster; 5, Thomas Sanders; 6, Daniel Willis; 7, Jessica Robinson; 8, Jordan Layne Wilburn; 9, Landon Lewallen; 10, Erwin Davis; 11, Carol Davis; 12, Bobby Mulkey; 13, Mike Davis

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Cody Bailey; 2, Allen Fairchild; 3, Colby Perkins; 4, Chris Perkins; 5, Chris Tuck; 6, Derek Wright; 7, Daniel Willis; 8, Brandon Garner; 9, Tommy Langley; 10, Mark Jones; 11, Jessica Hunter; 12, Michael Hopson.

Mechanics Races

First Race — 1, Rick Craig; 2, Willie Woods; 3, Jessie Leamons; 4, Charles Bentley; 5, Jack Bieker; 6, David Jones; 7, Dave Boyster; 8, James Boyster; 9, Wes Mackey.

Second Race — 1, J.P. Gregory; 2, David Blankenship; 3, Randy Russell; 4, Jarrett Rickets; 5, Rodney Edens; 6, Unknown; 7, Chris Smith.