Mickey Burrell was the $1,500 winner of the final running of the All-Star Modified class on Sept. 28 at Crawford County Speedway.

The race was delayed a week because of the weather. Burrell beat out a field of 21 other cars, the largest for the night.

Jesse Leamons was second followed by Drake Finley, Casey Finley and Kylt Thompson.

Springdale’s Jason Foster ended up as the A Modified point champion with 894 points and four wins. The A Modified class had eight different winners this season, the most for any class at CCS.


The deadline is Nov. 30 for the awards banquet, which will be held on Dec. 8 at the Grand Avenue Baptist Church Event Hall in Fort Smith. The is $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

The event will be catered by Catfish Hole. Everyone is welcomed to attend, but drivers must be present to receive any award.

B Modified

Zane Hunter doesn’t make it out very often to CCS, but when he does, he tries to make it count as he picked up his fourth win in just eight starts.

Logan Ellis, who had his first win back on Sept. 15, was second and Tye Hollingsworth wrapped up his season with his highest finish, as he took third.

Shannon Weese, the most prolific B Modified winner this season with seven wins, was fourth and Caden Ellis rounded out the Top 5.

Ethan Hunter won the B Feature followed by Trace Ashley and Eric Waterbury. Each advanced to the main feature race. Waterbury had the highest finish as he took eighth. Ashley was 12th and Ethan Hunter placed 14th.

Weese was the high-point winner this season with 1,084 points. Waterbury was second (897) and Johnny Gregory was third (800).

Grand National

Billy Wheeler picked up his fifth consecutive win at CCS and is the only one of two drivers to claim more than four straight wins.

Wheeler had just nine starts this season, but has won his last five.

Mulberry’s Carl McDade was second and Randy Russell placed third. Thurman Blanton was fourth while Van Buren’s Ronnie Lingo nabbed fifth.

Blanton finished first in he point race with 932 with McDade close behind with 882. Jeremy Lacoe was third (737).

Pure Stock

Landon Price won his fifth straight and his 11th overall in the season finale at CCS. Price, along with Grand National driver Billy Wheeler are the only two drivers to win five consecutive races this season. Price finished with 1,144 points to secure his first-place standing.

Price has also won seven of his last eight races.

Rudy’s Cody Collingsworth was second and Mark Dixon matched his highest finish of the season as he placed third. Rick Craig picked up fourth. Justin Johnson was fifth in his debut. Craig was second in the points race (895) while Jesse Garner was third (804).

Mini Stock

While Michael Denton didn’t get five consecutive wins this season, he did reach a milestone the other drivers didn’t: 13 wins.

Denton finished 2018 at CCS as its most prolific driver as he took home his 13th win of the season. Out of his 25 races this season, Denton didn’t place first or second three times. He also finished with the most amount appoints among all the drivers with 1,198.

Chris Tuck was second in his fifth feature race of the season, while Jerry Higgins was third.

Travis Boyster was fourth and Stan Lewis secured fifth. Boyster was second in the point race (1,060) and Lewis was third (762).

Front Wheel Drive

Aaron Dyer also picked up his 11th win of the season as he claimed back-to-back victories for the third time this season.

Dyer won back-to-back races on March 17-24 and on April 14-21. He also won the point championship for the FWD with 1,162.

Colby Perkins matched his highest finish of the season as he placed second. Perkins was second on June 23 and July 14.

Tyler Garner, who has three wins this season was third and was followed by James Brown and Jackie Mosby.

Crawford County Speedway

Race Results, Sept. 29

All-Star Modified — 1, Mickey Burrell; 2, Jessie Leamons; 3, Drake Finley; 4, Casey Finley; 5, Kylt Thompson; 6, Randy Henson; 7, Dalton McKenzie; 8, Ryan Rasberry; 9, James Drummond; 10, John Montgomery; 11, Caden Menasco; 12, Paul Kramer; 13, Barry Cox; 14, David Canfield; 15, Kyle Schmidt; 16, Caden Ellis; 17, Steven McGloughlin; 18, Jason Foster; 19, Clifton Drummond; 20, Dakota Essman; 21, Randall Griffin; 22, Corey Southerland.

B Modified — 1, Zane Hunter; 2, Logan Ellis; 3, Tye Hollisworth; 4, Shannon Weese; 5, Caden Ellis; 6, Tyler Chambers; 7, Johnny Gregory; 8, Eric Waterbury; 9, Tony Ferrari; 10, Jaylen Brewton; 11, Drake Long; 12, Trace Ashley; 13, Cecil Hays; 14, Ethan Hunter; 15, Roy Long; 16, Tim Edens.

Grand National — 1, Billy Wheeler; 2, Carl McDade; 3, Randy Russell; 4, Thurman Blanton; 5, Ronnie Lingo; 6, Jeremy Lacoe; 7, Jerry Harris; 8, Nick Hardbarger; 9, Austin Edens; 10, Derek Fairchild; 11, Steve Riddle.

Pure Stock — 1, Landon Price; 2, Cody Collinsworth; 3, Mark Dixion; 4, Rick Craig; 5, Justin Johnson; 6, Ryan Williams; 7, Rick Rasberry; 8, Frank Jackson; 9, Clifton Lingo; 10, Austin Mackey; 11, Sam Speer; 12, Rusty Collins; 13, Wes Mackey; 14, Jeremy Hunter; 15, Jessie Garner; 16, Sambo Parmenter; 17, Brandon Barrett; 18, Gracie Williams; 19, Justin Swaffer; 20, Josh Vaughn; 21, Robert Smith.

Mini Stock — 1, Michael Denton; 2, Chris Tuck; 3, Jerry Higgins; 4, Travis Boyster; 5, Stan Lewis; 6, Scott Boyster; 7, Jeremie Boyster; 8, Brett Webb; 9, Edward Boyster.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Aaron Dyer; 2, Colby Perkins; 3, Tyler Garner; 4, James Brown; 5, Jackie Mosby; 6, Codie Bailey; 7, Richard Bolesl; 8, Tommy Langley; 9, Dakota Blankenship; 10, Denise Cotton; 11, Lisa Wallace; 12, Shawn Burcham; 13, Ricky Hunter; 14, Kyle Cotton; 15, James Perkinson; 16, Corey Howell; 17, Allen Fairchild; 18, Daniel Willis.

B Feature

B Modified — 1, Ethan Hunter; 2, Trace Ashley; 3, Eric Waterbury; 4, Cecil Hays; 5, David Bradley; 6, Jackie Winkler II; 7, Robert Page; 8, Matthew Canfield; 9, Gordon Smith; 10, Racin Smith; 11, Gaylord Ace; 12, Beau Nelson; 13, James Romine; 14, Shae Hardin.