Crawford County Speedway will host special Labor Day races with all-star Late Models, all-star Modified, and double points for all classes with races on Sunday, Sept. 2 starting at 7:30 p.m.

No races will be held on Saturday, but drivers can practice from 6-9 p.m.

Makayla Eagle won her second Powder Puff in her fifth start. Denise Cotton was second and Breanna Vaughn placed third.

Grand National

Billy Wheeler won his first feature in just his fifth start of the season. Wheeler has placed second in three other races, including last week.

Robert Knowles was second in his feature debut and Dallas Bourland, who has eight Top 3 finishes, took home third. Randy Russell picked up fourth while Duane Rose was fifth for the second consecutive week.

Short won the B feautre with Bourland taking second. Jerry Harris, who finished 11th in the A Feature, was third.

B Modified

Shannon Weese secured his sixth feature win of the season ahead of 15 other drivers.

Weese has won three of his last five races, but has placed in the Top 3 more than 10 times this season. Dean Green seized third in his feature debut.

Tim Edens took fourth and Jaylen Brewton earned his highes finish of the year as he captured fifth.

Johnny Gregory won the B Feature race followed by Casey Wilson and Tony Ferrari.

Pure Stock

Landon Price collected his seven win of the season as Rick Edgerton debuted to place runner-up.

Josh Vaughn, who has one win this year, was third and James Poe had his highest finish of the season as he took fourth. Wesley Bourne earned fifth.

A Modified

Mountainburg Jason Foster won his fourth feature race overall this season and his first since July 14.

Cedarville’s Dalton McKenzie was second in his second running in 2018 while last week’s winner, Randy Henson took third.

Ryan Taylor was fourth in his first feature race this year and Roger Chism rounded out the Top 5.

Mini Stock

The Boyster Clan dominated the series as it claimed the Top 4 feature race spots.

James Boyster won his first race of the season while Travis Boyster earned his highest finish as he took second.

Jeremie Boyster was third and Edward Boyster was fourth.

Brett Webb picked up fifth.

Front Wheel Drive

Aaron Dyer nabbed his ninth win of the season.

Tyler Garner was second as he picked up his eighth Top 3 finish this year. Corey Howell, last week’s winner, was third and Coby Perkins placed fourth.

Richard Bowles rounded up the Top 5 with his highest finish of the season.

Crawford County Speedway

Aug. 25 Racing Results

Grand National — 1, Billy Wheeler; 2, Robert Knowles; 3, Danny Southerland; 4, Randy Russell; 5, Duane Rose; 6, Jamison English; 7, Austin Edens; 8, Danny Evans; 9, Robert Southerland; 10, Jeremy LaCoe; 11, Jerry Harris; 12, Justin McDade; 13, Carl McDade; 14, Dallas Bourland; 15, Damon Short; 16, Jay Anderson.

Grand National (B Feature) — 1, Damon Short; 2, Dallas Bourland; 3, Jerry Harris; 4, Jay Anderson; 5, Marshall Penson; 6, Tandy Sullivan; 7, Shawn Blair; 8, Victor Pinkerton; 9, Thurman Blanton; 10, Steve Riddle; 11, Sam Burrows.

B Modified — 1, Shannon Weese; 2, Cody King; 3, Dean Green; 4, Tim Edens; 5, Jaylen Brewton; 6, Beau Nelson; 7, Rodney Cantrell; 8, Josh Asher; 9, Johnny Gregory; 10, Jeff Vaughn; 11, Dustin Leatherman; 12, Casey Wilson; 13, Jackie Wrinkler; 14, Ethan Hunter; 15, Steve Butlerl; 16, Tony Ferrari

B Modified (B Feature) — 1, Johnny Gregory; 2, Casey Wilson; 3, Tony Ferrari; 4, Jackie Winkler II; 5, Gordon Smith; 6, Shae Hardin; 7, Brad Murdock; 8, Kenny Hulse; 9. , Gaylord Ace.

Pure Stock — 1, Landon Price; 2, Rick Edgerton; 3, Josh Vaughn; 4, James Poe; 5, Wesley Bourne; 6, Bill Bales; 7, Rick Craig; 8, James Parker; 9, Sam Speer; 10, Mark Dixon; 11, Rusty Collins; 12, Kailen Herod; 13, David Speer; 14, Wes Mackey; 15, Jr. Grimm; 16, Jeremy Hunter; 17, Jesse Garner.

A Modified — 1, Jason Foster; 2, Dalton McKenzie; 3, Randy Henson; 4, Ryan Taylor; 5, Roger Chism; 6, Kayden Manasco; 7, John Montgomery; 8, Josh Vaughn; 9, Jessie Leamons; 10, Victor Pinkerton; 11, David Cantrell; 12, Paul Kramer; 13, Steve Workman.

Mini Stock — 1, James Boyster; 2, Travis Boyster; 3, Jeremie Boyster; 4, Edward Boyster; 5, Brett Webb; 6, Stan Lewis; 7, Michael Denton.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Aaron Dyer; 2, Tyler Garner; 3, Corey Howell; 4, Colby Perkins; 5, Richard Bowles; 6, James Brown; 7, Chris Perkins; 8, Dakota Blankenship; 9, Shawn Burcham; 10, Rickey Hunter; 11, Jim Taylor; 12, Denise Cotton; 13, Shannon Howell; 14, Joseph Boblett; 15, Jackie Mosby; 16, Kyle Cotton; 17, Lisa Wallace.

Powder Puff — 1, Makayla Eagle; 2, Denise Cotton; 3, Breanna Vaughn.