Wesley Bourne won both of the inagural Flip Flp Twin Twenties at Crawford County Speedway on Aug. 18.

Bourne had five previous feature race finishes in the Pure Stock class this season. He won his opening race (E) and followed up with a pair of second-place finishes and taking 14th in two races.

Now, he won two races in the same night.

In the first race, Chad Warren picked up his highest finish of the season as he took second. Rick Raspberry was third and Rusty Collins took home fourth.

Willie Wood rounded out the Top 5.

In the second race, Bobby Prewett nabbed second and Josh Vaughn placed third. Rasberry was fourth and Rick Craig picked up fifth.

Jesse Garner, last week’s winner, secured 17th and sixth. The winningest driver in the Pure Stock class, Landon Price, seized 12th and 18th in the respective races.

Grand National

Mulberry’s Carl McDade won his ninth race this year and his first since July 14.

McDade was on the fast track to reach nine wins by clinching the top spot eight out of 13 races. However, he dropped to second and had back-to-back 12th-place finishes before he took seventh last week.

Billy Wheeler was second and has picked up runner-up three times in four starts this season. Jeremy Lacoe was third and Roy Long made his 2018 debut in the Grand National class to place fourth.

Duane Rose secured fifth after he placed fourth last week.

B Modified

Drake Long picked up his second consecutive win in the feature race. Long has won three races this season out of six finishes.

Shannon Weese, who has five wins, was second and Van Buren’s Eric Waterbury placed third.

Roy Long made his second run at CCS and was fourth. Tom Paulson also had his first feature race since July 3 and was fifth.

Johnny Gregory, who hasn’t missed a race this season, was sixth. Gregory’s highest finish this season was third back on July 28.

A Modified

Randy Henson picked up his third win in his fifth start this season.

Van Buren’s Dylan Coughran took second and Ryan Rasberry, who had two races in the B Modified class, was third. John Montgomery, who won last week, captured fourth and John Montgomery captured fifth.

Mini Stock

Michael Denton became the first driver to reach 10 wins this season at CCS. Denton has won three of his last four races.

Jerry Higgins, who won on Aug. 11, was second and Bobby Mulkey collected third.

James Boyster enarned fourth his just his second start this season. James Parker rounded out the Top Five.

Front Wheel Drive

Corey Howell won his second race in his seventh feature race start.

Allen Fairchild, who has five wins this year, was second and Tyler Garner secured third.

Last week’s winner, Aaron Dyer was fourth. Dyer has eight wins this season. Coby Perkins seized fifth.

Crawford County Speedway

Race Results, Aug. 18, 2018

Flip Flop Twin Twenties

Pure Stock 20, First Race — 1, Wesley Bourne; 2, Chad Warren; 3, Rick Rasberry; 4, Rusty Collins; 5, Willie Wood; 6, Randy Reeves; 7, David Speer; 8, Mark Dixon; 9, Alex Moore; 10, Robert Wiley; 11, Bobby Prewett; 12, Landon Price; 13, Josh Vaughn; 14, Rick Craig; 15, Kailen Herod; 16, Wes Mackey; 17, Jesse Garner; 18, Cody Collingsworth; 19, Justin Swaffer.

Pure Stock 20, Second Race — 1, Wesley Bourne; 2, Bobby Prewett; 3, Josh Vaughn; 4, Rick Rasberry; 5, Rick Craig; 6, Jesse Garner; 7, Alex Moore; 8, Rusty Collins; 9, Kailen Herod; 10, David Speer; 11, Chad Warren; 12, Mark Dixon; 13, Randy Reeves; 14, Willie Wood; 15, Justin Swaffer; 16, Cody Collinsworth; 17, Wes Mackey; 18, Landon Price; 19, Robert Wiley.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Corey Howell; 2, Allen Fairchild; 3, Tyler Garner; 4, Aaron Dyer; 5, Colby Perkins; 6, Shawn Burcham; 7, Kyle Cotton; 8, Jim Taylor; 9, Jessica Hunter; 10, Dakota Blankenship; 11, Denise Cotton; 12, Ricky Hunter; 13, Jackie Mosby; 14, Richard Bowles; 15, Alex Garrett.

Grand National — 1, Carl McDade; 2, Billy Wheeler; 3, Jeremy Lacoe; 4, Roy Long; 5, Duane Rose; 6, Tyler Drummond; 7, Thurman Blanton; 8, Johnny Mitchell; 9, Danny Southerland; 10, Nick Hardbarger; 11, Nick Smith; 12, JJ Harvey.

B Modified — 1, Drake Long; 2, Shannon Weese; 3, Eric Waterbury; 4, Roy Long; 5, Tom Paulson; 6, Johnny Gregory; 7, James Romine; 8, Jeff Vaughn; 9, David Bradley; 10, Tim Edens; 11, Jacob Smith.

A Modified — 1, Randy Henson; 2, Dylan Coughran; 3, Ryan Rasberry; 4, John Montgomery; 5, Jessie Leamons; 6, Clifton Drummond; 7, Paul Kramer; 8, Aaron Moss.

Mini Stock — 1, Michael Denton; 2, Jerry Higgins; 3, Bobby Mulkey; 4, James Boyster; 5, James Parker; 6, Travis Boyster; 7, Stan Lewis; 8, Tiffany Davis; 9, Jeremie Boyster.