Results from the May 12 races at CCS

Crawford County Speedway is hosting a nickle bash and candy toss for the kids at intermission as well as the first Mechanics Race of the season on Saturday.

B Modified

Shannon Weese picked up his second win of the season back on May 12. Weese has five Top 5 finishes this season and has placed either first or second in four of the those races.

Tim Edens earned his highest finish in the B Modified class as he placed second. Dalton McKenzie made his 2018 B Modified feature debut to take third. Caden and Logan Ellis placed fourth and fifth respectively.

Grand National

Carl McDade nabbed his third win in four starts in the feature race.

Austin Edens was second and Danny Southerland placed third.

Thurman Blanton, who is the only driver n the Grand National class to not miss a race this season was fourth. Danny Evans placed fifth.

A Modified

Jason Foster earned his first win of the season after his sixth start. Foster has five Top 3 finishes this season.

Van Buren’s Paul Kramer was second in as many weeks and Jesse Leamons, who has two wins this season, was third.

Joshua Vaughn wrapped up the field with his fourth-place finish.

Front Wheel Drive

Allen Fairchild won his second race in three starts in the FWD feature.

Aaron Dyer, who has five wins this season, was runnerup and Tyler Garner placed third. Codie Baliey was fourth. James Brown made his feature debut and finished fifth.

Pure Stock

Landon Price won his first Pure Stock feature race of the season after he finished runner-up in the last two races.

Travis Vaughn was second and Rick Craig took third.

Dylan Murray placed fourth while David Speer was fifth.

Mini Stock

Michael Denton was back on the victory lap for his fifth win of the season after he placed second last week. Last week’s winner, Chris Tuck of Van Buren was second and Alma’s Daniel Willis placed third.

Travis Boyster and Stan Lewis was fifth.

Crawford County Speedway

May 12 Results

B Modified — 1, Shannon Weese; 2, Tim Edens; 3, Dalton Mckenzie; 4, Caden Ellis; 5, Logan Ellis; 6, Tony Ferrari; 7, Robert Leamons; 8, Johnny Gregory; 9, Kenny Hulse; 10, Gaylord Ace; 11, David Bradley; 12, Eric Waterbury; 13, Jaylen Brewton.

Grand National — 1, Carl McDade; 2, Austin Edens; 3, Danny Southerland; 4, Thurman Blanton Jr.; 5, Danny Evans; 6, Clifton Drummond; 7, Jeremy LaCoe; 8, Duane Rose; 9, Remington Watson; 10, Clint Woolbright.

Pure Stock — 1, Landon Price; 2, Travis Vaughn; 3, Rick Craig; 4, Dylan Murray; 5, David Speer; 6, Jessie Garner; 7, Cody Collingsworth; 8, Rusty Collins; 9, Derek Fairchild; 10, Chase Barrett.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Allen Fairchild; 2, Aaron Dyer; 3, Tyler Garner; 4, Codie Bailey; 5, James Brown; 6, Chris Perkins; 7, Chris Beard; 8, Chelsie Jones; 9, Ashley Preston.

Mini Stock — 1, Michael Denton; 2, Chris Tuck; 3, Daniel Willis; 4, Travis Boyster; 5, Stan Lewis; 6, Jeremie Boyster.

A Modified — 1, Jason Foster; 2, Paul Kramer; 3, Jesse Leamons; 4, Joshua Vaughn.