Crawford County Speedway began its 2018 season on March 17 with the All-Star Modified Racing Series and the return of the Southern Outlaw Late Models.

CCS will host the first Powder Puff race of the season on Saturday in addition to all other classes. The races begin at 7:30 p.m.

“I want to give a big thanks to all the drivers, pit crew, and all who came out and support our pre-race events and for such a great response during the first race of the season,” said Peggy Watson. “Carl McDade Construction made us a great racing surface. Remington (Watson), Mikey Turner, Billy Don, Eddie Watson, Kailen Herod, Greg Preston, Josey Wertz and others came in the off-season to help make CCS a better facility. I also came up with some other stuff for them to do. I also got a big assist from Gary, Sabrina, Laura, and Megan with their help in the press box and other facilities.”

Casey Findley was the big $2,000 winner as he took first and beat out a field of 18 other drivers to win the All-Star Modified Racing Series opener at CCS.

Drake Findley was second and Kyle Davis placed third. Dalton McKenzie, who was one of the Hard Charger award winners from this past season, finished fourth followed by Jason Hayley.

Southern Outlaw

Brandon Hunter won his first outing of the 2018 season as he placed first in the late model series. Rob Powell nabbed second while Zach Oliver was third. Donnie Pate and Jake Davis rounded out the Top 5.

“Thanks to Fred Edwards, Jr., with the All-Star Racing Series for bringing a great Modified show on March 17. It was so good to have the Southern Outlaw Late Models return after sitting out last season,” said Watson. “Thanks to our local guys for jumping in and racing with some of the fastest cars around. It was awesome racing in all the classes.”

B Modified

The class saw 10 new drivers in the opening race, but Zane Hunter returned to clinch the win. Shannon Weese was second while JR Owens took third. Jeff Metcalf placed fourth. Robert Leamons, who finished fourth in the B Modified class last season, was fifth. Leamons also earned the sportsmanship and the perfect attendance award.

Grand National

Ray Phipps won the $1,000 prize as he captured first in the Grand National feature race.

Danny Womack finished second while Darrin McSperrit earned third. Darrin Rigsby and Chuck Smith took fourth and fifth respectively.

Front Wheel Drive

Aaron Dyer won the first feature of the season while Corey Howell, who finished seventh overall last season, was runner-up. Allen Fairchild collected third while Chelsie Jones and Susan Payne placed fourth and fifth respectively.

Mini Stock

Jim Higgins snagged first in the feature race while Michael Denton, who finished sixth overall last season, was second. Hard charger Travis Boyster was third and Brett Webb took fourth.

James Parker wrapped up the feature race by placing fifth.

Pure Stock

Travis Vaughn beat J.P. Harris to win the Pure Stock feature. Tyler Drummond picked up third and Wes Mackey finished fourth. David Stogsdill rounded out the Top 5 with his fifth-place finish.

Crawford County Speedway

Feature Race Results

March 17, 2018

All-Star Modified Racing Series — 1, Casey Findley; 2, Drake Findley; 3, Kyle Davis; 4, Dalton Mckenzie; 5, Jason Hayley; 6, Fausten Wilhite; 7, James Drummond; 8, Dan Morris; 9, Steve Carter; 10, John Montgomery; 11, Jason Foster; 12, Andy Morris; 13, Victor Pinkerton; 14, Madison Holloway; 15, Justin Mills; 16, Kayden Menasco; 17, Jessie Leamons; 18, Robbie Gates; 19, Adam Harris.

Southern Outlaw Late Models — 1, Brandon Hunter; 2, Rob Powell; 3, Zach Oliver; 4, Donnie Pate; 5, Jake Davis; 6, Scott Freeman; 7, Johnny Wise; 8, Billy Wheeler; 9, Hank Long; 10, Edward Hoyer III; 11, Jeff Deloney; 12, Daniel Jesson; 13, Doug Bramlett; 14, Matt Cardinias; 16, Bobby Blankenship.

B Modified — 1, Zane Hunter; 2, Shannon Weese; 3, Jr. Owens; 4, Jeff Metcalf; 5, Robert Leamons; 6, Brittany Henson; 7, Justin Mcdade; 8, Tim Edens; 9, Johnny Gregory; 10, Tom Paulson; 11, Jaylen Brewton; 12, Bobby Murray; 13, Ethan Hunter; 14, Beau Nelson; 15, Gaylord Ace; 16, Eric Waterbury, DNS; 17, Stephan Palmer, DNS; 18, Camden Perry.

Grand National — 1, Ray Phipps; 2, Danny Womack; 3, Darrin McSperrit; 4, Darrin Rigsby; 5, Chuck Smith; 6, Thurman Blanton Jr.; 7, Gerry Vaughn; 8, H Duane Rose; 9, George Rudy; 10, Clint Woolbright; 11, Austin Edens; 12, Brian Parker; 13, Carl McDade; 14, Jack Kirby; 15, Robert Southerland; 16, Jess Sims; 17, Matt Bolton; 18, Clinton Drummond; 19, Danny Evans, DNS; 20, Dalton Garrison.

Pure Stock — 1, Travis Vaughn; 2, J.P. Harris; 3, Tyler Drummond; 4, Wes Mackey; 5, David Stogsdill; 6, Landon Price; 7, Jennifer Rudy-Robertson; 8, James Poe; 9, Rick Craig; 10, Jessie Garner; 11, Cody Collinsworth; 12, Erwin Davis; 13, Mike Davis; 14, Mark Dixion; 15, Juan Diaz; 16, Robert Smith; 19, Roger Carter.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Aaron Dyer; 2, Corey Howell; 3, Allen Fairchild; 4, Chelsie Jones; 5, Susan Payne; 6, Billy Dyer; 7, Jacob Cravens; 8, Trevor Wheeler; 9, Matt Hobbs, DNS.

Mini Stock — 1, Jim Higgins; 2, Michael Denton; 3, Travis Boyster; 4, Brett Webb; 5, James Parker; 6, Chris Payne; 7, Jeremie Boyster; 8, Daniel Willis; 9, Chris Tuck.