The latest results from Crawford County Speedway.

Crawford County Speedway will host a regular night of racing on Saturday. The Terry Brown Memorial Races will be held on Aug. 19 and another round of Powder Puff races is slated for Aug. 26.

Front Wheel Drive

Rudy’s Harley McNatt won his first race of the season and his first in 17 starts at CCS.

Chris Perkins, also of Rudy, was runner-up. Last week’s winner, Chris Tuck placed third followed by Cory Howell and Lee Clark.

A Modified

Cedarville’s Dalton McKenzie won his third race of the season and his second in the last four starts on Aug. 4.

Brandon Hunter of Alma was runner-up and Myles Newman, also of Alma, was third.

Robert Powers made his 2017 A Modified feature debut to take fourth and Zane Hunter returned to CCS to grab fifth.

The A Modified class hasn’t had a back-to-back winner since Van Buren’s Shannon Weese won on June 10 and 17. There have been four different winners over the next six races with McKenzie and Brandon Hunter winning two each.

B Modified

Dustin Leatherman picked up his first win since April 8 as he beat out 16 competitors in the special topless race.

The 20-lap feature had six new drivers on Aug. 4. Bobby Hawkins was the highest finisher among the new drivers as he finished 10th.

Steve Mullenburg was runner up and Chuck Smith placed third.

Lynn Combs finished fourth. Van Buren’s Eric Waterbury was fifth.

Caden Ellis, who had back-to-back wins, dropped to sixth.

Grand National

Eddie Martin became the first driver to win four straight at CCS this season. Martin began actively racing this season back on May 28 and has won six of his nine outings.

Jamison English placed second and Donald Southerland was third in as many weeks.

Thurman Blanton took fourth and Bosco Hunter made his 2017 debut in fifth.

Street Stock

Mulberry’s Duane Rose and Clinton Drummond haven’t missed a race this season at CCS.

Drummond had won the last two feature events, but Rose took his sixth victory on Aug. 4 and his first since July 3.

Eli Dodd was third for the second straight week and Rick Rasberry placed fourth.

Wesley Mackey nabbed fifth, his highest finish of the season.

Mini Stock

Jackie Wrinkler won his first race of the season as Travis Boyster was second.

Stan Lewis was third. Edward Boyster and Dakota Stogsdill made their 2017 feature debut and placed fourth and fifth respectively.

Crawford County Speedway

Aug. 5 results


$1,000 to Win

30-lap feature

1, Dalton Mckenzie; 2, Brandon Hunter; 3, Myles Ray Newman; 4, Robert Powers; 5, Zane Hunter; 6, John Montgomery; 7, Logan Ellis; 8, Paul Kramer; 9, Steve Muilenburg; 10, John Romesburg; 11, Shannon Weese; 12, Kyle Schmidt; 13, Hank Long; 14, Jessie Leamons.

B Modified

$500 to Win

20-lap feature

1, Dustin Leatherman; 2, Steve Muilenburg; 3, Chuck Smith; 4, Lynn Combs; 5, Eric Waterbury; 6, Caden Ellis; 7, Robert Leamons; 8, Tim Edens; 9, Tony Ferrari; 10, Bobby Hawkins; 11, Jeff Vaughn; 12, Jonathan Parrish; 13, Clayton Pruitt; 14, John Keys; 15, Mike Allen; 16, Paul Harper; 17, James Romine.

Grand National — 1, Eddie Martin; 2, Jamison English; 3, Danny Southerland; 4, Thurman Blanton; 5, Bosco Hunter; 6, Ronnie Lingo; 7, Clint Woolbright; 8, Jake Willis; 9, David Bradley; 10, Jerry Harris; 11, James JJ Harvey; 12, Jesse Garner.

Street Stock — 1, H Duane Rose; 2, Clinton Drummond; 3, Eli Dodd; 4, Ryan Rasberry; 5, Wesley Mackey; 6, James Parker; 7, Jeremy Lascoe; 8, David Speer; 9, Jalen Brewton.

Mini Stock — 1, Jackie Winkler; 2, Travis Boyster; 3, Stan Lewis; 4, Edward Boyster; 5, Dakota Stogsdill; 6, Jeremie Boyster; 7, Michael Davis; 8, Johnny Gregory.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Harley Mcnatt; 2, Chris Perkins; 3, Chris Tuck; 4, H Corey Howell; 5, Lee Clark; 6, Shynia Drummond; 7, Bobby Joe Mulkey; 8, Wesley Mackey; DQ - Michael Hobson.