Drivers earn first wins of the season.

Alma’s Jesse Garner climb for a Crawford County Speedway win came on April 1, as he won the Street Stock feature.

The Street Stock had the highest car count with 14 drivers finishing during the feature race.

Garner began the season with a 14th-place finish and was ninth last week as Duane Rose, who finished eighth in Week 3, won the second race of the season.

Rudy’s Remington Watson took second while Cedarville’s Will Lamproe was third. Clinton Drummond and Rick Craig rounded out the Top 5.


Michael Denton became the first repeat winner at CCS with his second top finish of the season.

Denton opened the year with a win but was third last week.

Alma’s Johnny Gregory was the only other winner in the past three weeks in the Mini Stock class and was runner-up again.

Stan Lewis took third, JP Gregory grabbed fourth and Mike Davis picked up his second consecutive fifth-place finish.


After two Top 5 finishes, Van Buren’s Shannon Weese won his first outing of the 2017 season. Weese began the season finishing in fourth and was third last week.

Van Buren’s Dalton McKenzie was runner-up in his second start of the year. Mountainburg’s James Drummond took third while Chris Tuck and Robert Leamons were fourth and fifth respectively.


Cedarville’s Travis Jewell grabbed his first win of the season after he finished sixth last week.

Tony Ferrari of Van Buren grabbed second. Ferrari was 13th in his first outing of the season in the previous week.

Tim Edens placed third in the B Modified followed by Roberts Leamons and Stefan Palmer.


After a DNS back on March 18, Billy Wheeler took home his first win of the young season.

Wheeler edged out Mountainburg’s Clifton Drummond, who had his highest finish this season to take runner-up.

Jamison English was third and Van Buren Buren’s Ronnie Lingo was fourth after back-to-back second-place finishes. Thurman Blanton rounded out the Top 5.


Dakota Stogsdill took last in the previous week but won the feature event on April 1.

Chris Tuck was second in as many starts and after winning back on March 18.

Harley McNatt grabbed third and Aaron Dyer and Kim Wheeler were fourth and fifth respectively.



Street Stock — 1, Jesse Garner; 2, Remington Watson; 3, Will Lamproe; 4, Clinton Drummond; 5. Rick Craig; 6, Susan Stand; 7, J.P. Harris; 8, Duane Rose; 9, Dustin Willet; 10, Jessie McGraw; 11, Eli Dodd; 12, Frank Sudie; 13, Cody Collinsworth; 14, James House.

Grand National — 1, Billy Wheeler; 2, Clifton Drummond, 3, Jamison English; 4, Ronnie Lingo’ 5. 2, Thurman Blanton; 6, Tim Edens; 7, Wesley Taylor; 8, Jess Sims; 9, Robert Wiley; 10, Steve Riddle.

B Modified — 1, Travis Jewell; 2, Tony Ferrari; 3, Tim Edens; 4, Robert Leamons; 5, Stefan Palmer;; 6, Charles Parker; 7, John Garner; 8, Devin Foster; 9, Eric Waterbury; 10, Gaylord Ace.

A Modified — 1, Shannon Weese; 2, Dalton McKenzie; 3, James Drummond; 4, Chris Tuck; 5, Robert Leamons; 6, Dylan Coughran; 7, Sale Mikey Allen; 8, Chris Hopkins; 9, Paul Kramer.

Front Wheel Drive — 1, Dakota Stogsdill; 2, Chris Tuck; 3, Harley McNatt; 4; Aaron Dyer; 5, Kim Wheeler; 6, Shynia Drummond; 7, Wesley Mackey; 8, Corey Howell; 9, Chris Perkins.

Mini Stock — 1, Michael Denton; 2, Johnny Gregory; 3, Stan Lewis; 4, J.P. Gregory; 5, Michael Davis; 6, Travis Boyster; 7, James Boyster; 8, Daniel Wilis; 9, Jeremy Boyster; 10, Scott Boyster.