Checking my Facebook account Jan. 5 there was a note from my Minnesota daughter reporting clear skies with a wind chill factor of minus 32 degrees and a forecast of minus 60. I figure a local high of 39 on the first day of the year was pretty steep as she, her husband and California sister ended a week’s visit with the old folks and headed out on a long day’s drive home to Chanhassen, but to them heading into minus 4 degree temperature Alma may have been the banana belt.

The lucky one is my tag-along daughter from California who the following day departed the northern deep freeze via "big bird" and a few hours later arrived at Sacramento International to a balmy 63.

There qwew snow flurries with a high of 29 degrees forecast, 20 for tomorrow with lows of 10 and 12 respectively. Six inches of snow at Bella Vista where dwells my first born son who chooses this time to make a job related run up into the hellish cold that is Iowa tonight and tomorrow. In anticipation of hell below zero, survival gear includes six bags of sand in the bed of his pick-up truck for stabilization, long johns, food and a blanket. For something that could have easily been done via computer.

Whenever a weather aberration as this takes place there’s always a link to politics, wait for it: Meteorologists are saying that the radical freeze now enveloping the U.S. will be a record breaking brute, never afore seen by folks of the 40 years of age bracket. Hear it now. If history is an indication, from the global warming alarmists New York City, to Sacramento on up to the high and hallowed halls of the nation’s Capital, the crescendo rises that the record colds in the first week of the year are somehow a harbinger of the final apocalypse, a foreboding sign of heat induced Armageddon where oceans roll inland and people clinging to mountain tops will all be fried.

Yes I’m being a bit irreverent but what other face-saving choice do they have? The big gorilla in the room is warm heat producing ocean currents called El Nino’s, years of 1998, 2005 and 2010, proof positive that Al Gore had it right in his book "An Inconvenient Truth." Those years of record setting heat are heavily leveraged by alarmists in an attempt to convince unbelievers to convert to the politically driven, save the world through green economics movement. The project has been a hard sell to a citizenry more and more distrusting of government bureaucracy as recent events continue to reveal just how corrupt and unbelievable our national leadership has allowed itself to become. Gores book, Inconvenient Truth apparently sells for pennies and the President is reduced to establishing much of the green initiative by executive order, or farming the task out to the EPA.

Whatever legitimate concern there may be for climate borne human catastrophe, the young sheep herder may have cried "wolf" once too often. For the "human effect" Chicken Little politicians and scientists amongst us who gain politically, financially and ideologically from the debate, there is no weather variable at all that isn’t a "sign from heaven," that the end time is near, the wolf prowls amongst the sheep, God help us all why won’t the people listen.

Thus, if record heat in a given year is an indicator of a trend, the prognosticator cannot be allowed to reconfigure the climate change thing to say that record cold is a sign of global cooling or heaven forbid, an indication that the climate is relatively stable, doing what it has always done. The record setting cold at the end of 2013 and at the beginning of 2014 must be made to conform to the basic theory no matter what, no matter how bizarre the hypothesis, no matter how embarrassing. Wait for it.

The intense cold might simply be written off as an anomaly by those advocating radical changes in the way humankind conducts business if there were no political advantage to be gained; certainly there have been a history of these exaggerated occurrences throughout the planets existence and in the long annals of record keeping societies. Yet, never before have we seen the extremes of using it as a scare tactic in order to leverage a political outcome as has been practiced by hellfire and brimstone religionists pushing for social sobriety in order to stay the wrath of God.

It is difficult to believe that weather aberrations which happen today have never happened before, they have and they will in a variety of sequences but the extent of their impact is in direct relation to the size and location of populations. There are some areas of research which indicate that a prolonged period of record heat and drought in the years 1789-93, was a factor in sparking the French Revolution.

It is not that these extraordinary events get in our way rather, it is we that wander into theirs. The earth has its own unique design and pace, land masses will rise, fall shift and drift, sea levels will fluctuate over millennia, the oceans, the sun, the Polar Regions and volcanic activity has always sustained life on earth by assuring a stable temperature and will continue to dominate. Any sudden radical event such as a massive upheaval of the earth or an asteroid strike might destroy us all, but the gradual changes as we have experienced for the last 1 million years gives us time to adapt and prosper. Without the ability to adapt, little life would be found upon the earth today.

The frigid weather which sweeps across the U.S. has temporarily gotten in the way of the politics of network news, big supporters of the "human effect" global warming theory, which find themselves taken aback by the sudden reversal of atmospheric temperature, an embarrassment for those who talk of "settled science". There is noticeable silence as they experience lag-time between the occurrence itself and how the scientific community decides to spin it. The standard operating procedure is not likely to deviate from last year or the year before, as always theories will be advanced which align with the established doctrine whether they are evidence based. Any imaginative theory will be spun as "settled Science". Yes, cynicism pure and simple, until we consider how a related event has been treated by MSM.

Most of us are aware that a Russian research Ship called the Akademic Shokalaskiy is stranded and trapped in vast fields of ocean ice down at the Antarctic; cold and blizzard conditions have prevailed to the point its icy encasement may be thick as 13 ft. An Australian ice cutter sent in to rescue, has been unable to reach the vessel and Network News reports of the event has been on national news for days.

The trapped vessel may have been a newsworthy event, but apparently not its mission. Network News has been reluctant to report that the ship is a research vessel out to bolster the human-cause global warming theory, rather, referring to the research scientists aboard as "passengers" Trackers, and "tourists."

The difference between weather and climate is defined by measures of time, weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time climate is how the atmosphere behaves over long periods of time. Politicians, scientists and prejudiced news media who argue the current "chill" is just another "sign" that the earth is in the midst of a dramatic warming period fail to convince since weather anomalies of short duration as the present does not a trend make. However should breakup of the Solar Vortex, that frigid pile of air swirling around the North Pole begin to occur year after year or dramatically increase in frequency then Katy Bar the Door, the green house gas guys will have proven to be right and heat induced Armageddon is just over the horizon—If we don’t all freeze to death first.

Meanwhile, far to the north near my daughter’s house in Minnesota and far, far south of North America’s receding glaciers, Lake Minnewashata has frozen over as it has for aeons and aeons, fishing shanties populate ice fields and wind surfers scatter across the frozen waters. Got nothing against the true believers whether scientists or my neighbor down the street but keep out of the debate those politicians who have a "dog in the chase" and their hounds of the national media who bark up any tree you sic ‘em up. Could be people might be more inclined to listen, a little less cynical.

Jan. 8 2014, again a coat of ice covers everything in sight. Be it whichever sign, my old bones opt for warmer climes.