Murphy’s law and the immaculate exception. Murphy’s law is an adage which theorizes that anything that can go wrong will go wrong sooner or later, or that which can possibly go wrong will go wrong. I like the way the late, great Waylon Jennings put it to song and verse:

T’was a picture perfect wedding,

We had the whole world at our feet

Everyone said we were headin’

Down a lovers easy street

We’d have a house out in the country

A picket fence the whole nine yards

They said our love would last forever

It was written in the stars

Wrong! I should have known it all along

When the future looks too bright

Can’t be anything but right – Wrong¡

Vividly remembered is Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America. There were major congressional victories for the Republican party culminating in taking of the presidency in the year 2000, eventually with a national rate of unemployment around 4 percent, the whole kit and kabootle pulling bolls in high cotton. With the world by the tail and a downhill pull, things were motoring along great for the Republicans, exuding a haughty smirking arrogance, firmly in control of government, dreaming of becoming the majority party and confident of holding onto power for the foreseeable future.

Wrong! What happened? With the future looking bright and everything going right, from out of the blue – literally – up jumped the devil. Ben Laden’s Al Qaeda flew three airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, changed the whole political dynamic both domestically and internationally, setting in motion a series of events which would conspire to lead the party to where it is today. Pretty well impotent one might imagine.

The moral to this story is don’t become so high and mighty you lose sight of the ground, no matter how solidly entrenched, no matter how "righteous" the message, the devil lies hidden somewhere in the deck awaiting his chance.

For Bush the devil in the deck was 9/11, for the good times of a "damn the torpedoes full steam ahead" high-riding U.S. economy, collapse of the mismanaged housing, mortgage, lending industry, and for Obama his own illusion that a disenchanted America was ready for a radical shift in ideological direction, rather than that his election was more the result of a nation war weary and torn.

The president’s "innovative" and idealistic social implementations have neither lived up to the glorious promise here at home, or no matter where or by whom the experiment was conducted. In theory the new fair and compassionate government would depart (as it seems, postures every new administration, left or right) from the "corruption" of that which preceded it, promote political and social reconciliation, and offer society the most open and transparent government ever. Yet not only has this administration failed the promise to conscientiously lift itself above that which preceded it, it has exacerbated social divides, ran up an already horrendous national debt, and become perhaps the most scandal ridden administration in the memory of most Americans; human nature remains static whether the feet are placed to the left or to the right.

With everything so "right" what could possibly go wrong? Begin with a government which as a political strategy passed the buck for its own failures back to the previous administration, disdainful of outside council as Bush sought out Clinton, blaming his administration for every social ill it seems all way back to Noah and the flood. Only national security practices were let off the hook, and that on the QT for embarrassment of association.

As a result, fostered upon the U.S. is the burden of an inept foreign policy which helped bring to power the radical Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, set the stage for Benghazi in which an American ambassador was murdered and at the present Syria, the worst embarrassment a sitting U.S. president has ever suffered. Of the latter Obama has been outclassed and out maneuvered by Russia’s Putin the two-bit president of a failed state, yet the cunning of a KGB agent against the domestic profile of a community organizer. One might imagine.

When the future looks too bright, can’t be anything but right – Wrong! Is it any wonder that with Syria, the proverbial ship hit the sand over at the national news media? Imagine if you will the nations press going to bat day after day month after month year after year for their man, fending off his attackers, taking the heat for defending his causes right or wrong, carrying the ball on Obamacare, overlooking the shortfalls of that hastily passed and ill thought-out mission, giving a pass on every scandal that comes down the pike, only to be undercut by the president’s "red line" misadventure wherein his bluff was called by Syria on a posturing threat were President Assad to use chemical weaponry against his own people.

One cannot be an effective spokesman without being personally creditable neither can the nation operate from a position of strength if others cannot depend upon the word of its leadership. But its worse, our adversaries seeing our weakness of captaincy encircle us mocking our power and prestige with grotesque caricaturizations stressing a perceived American impotency.

Whatever "Bush", vacillating or hem hawing back and forth a bunch of hollow rhetoric against the adversary was not a part of his character. Debits yes, as President, George W. led us into a war that need not have been waged, yet both those at home and abroad understood his faithfulness to stand by his word when given. Retribution for the WTC attack of 9/11 2001 was quick and determined, a year now and justice still lingers for the murdered of Benghazi.

The ACA, Murphy’s law and the immaculate exception: It’s true that "millions of people" need affordable health insurance" but to date ACA appears to be loaded up with negatives "only a mother could love" with its biggest advantages thus far being to the go-fers who use it to distract attention as another administration scandal comes down the pike. (Ignore scandal, go directly to ACA).

Actually, after the Affordable Healthcare Act has been fully implemented the many businesses and unions which now – or later will be exempted will be the most advantaged in the form of tax-payer subsidies. That’s good work if one can get it and if you’re an administration favorite you probably can, at least more likely to. There were 733 of these by 2010 perhaps hundreds or thousands more now, plus congress, and with two major labor unions, the AFL-CIO, and Teamsters agitating. You know where that’s going, and the more waivers the more shrinks the tax base, the higher becomes the taxation.

A picture perfect wedding: The irony is that these two major unions strived hard to see Obama twice elected president, became major proponents of ACA and now find them-selves protesting the unfairness of it all? To date the major hooks it took to get the ACA initiative passed have all failed. Perhaps the unions should not have been so trusting as Rep. Pelosi, and perused the bill before they supported its passage. As it is with all else so with the AFL-CIO-Teamsters; when everything’s right, the future looks bright – Wrong! Although in case of the powerful unions, don’t bet against them eventually getting the whole nine yards. There’s a presidential election coming up in three years.