Nov. 11, 2014:

As an unseasonably cold draft sweeps southward from the Arctic cooling the hot ash-fall from recent political eruptions, global warming again heats up the debate moving in to fill the vacuum and to reenergize the withered politics of the Democratic brethren. Republicans may have won the battle but darn it, we lib’s yet have a card or two up the old sleeve. It may be colder than tin britches here in Arkansas but there’s a spot or two up in Washington, D.C., which has het up more than enough to compensate for the local cooling.

It’s not that I so much believe in global warming, it’s just that I ain’t against it. Matter of fact every time Arctic breezes come spilling down the south slope sending cold shivers up the old spine, as blackbirds fly through grey wintry skies and hoar frost sprout like crops in the field, I’m reminded again where my prejudices lie. How fortunate can a fellow be?

If the earth had not warmed enough to drive the planets last great glaciation ever northward opening up huge swaths of land friendly to human habitation, most likely we’d be stuck somewhere in the Orient jostling for elbow room, may never have been born, and certainly would not be living here at Alma Town sitting ‘neath the ol’ magnolia basking in a balmy 25 above zero temperature, smokin’ Havana’s and a sippin’ mint juleps.

I do not like cold. I have "had it" with cold, despite theories which suggest otherwise, the older I get the colder the planet gets. Cold seeps into old bones and just sits there and gnaws like a rat in a wall. It is not with pleasure that I recall laboring in sub-zero weather, struggling through waist deep snow under full pack, shoveling four feet of the miserable stuff from the base of large Sierra pines, enduring howling banshees with surly names as Arctic Freight and Alaskan Express hurtling down from the north-lands and being soaked through and through by cold chilling rains.

As the process of time carries us into the latter stages of life, cold becomes ever more a threat, shutting us up indoors, denying us the freedom to move about on the highways and byways we were accustomed to traveling when we were younger, when our energies and daring might set us to fighting bears bare handed. Now for reasons of safety and a rebellious attitude against personal discomfort I am, and forever shall remain prejudiced in favor of heat. Heat is neat. Heat is nature’s giver of life cold is its taker, its misery maker. More people perish of cold each year than from heat.

Feeling as I do about hellish cold and heavenly heat, is there any reason why one should not sympathize with my complete loss of faith in my favorite climate change guru Al Gore who promised 10 years ago that 10 years from then, Arctic temperature would be replaced by balmy banana belt weather all way from the North Pole south to the equator? It’s enough to disillusion a man that wishes only to be warm in his time. Instead of heaven’s bright shore, the Arctic got more snow and last winters Polar Vortex. That’s what we get when we set our computer modals to prove a prejudice. Then there’s Britain’s David Viner, a research scientist with credentials so impeccable the Climate Research Center unit, University of East Anglia, U.K., hired the notable scholar to research the phenomenon of global warming.

Viner quickly sounded the alarm that Britain was going to hell in a hurry, that snowfall would soon be a thing of the past, that indeed snow would soon become a rare and exciting event in the British Isles. A year later Britain received 50 percent above average snowfall. Do you ever get the feeling that global warming depends to which political party the prognosticator belongs, if and how much he’s being paid and by whom? So many promising heroes, so many disappointments.

What we should do, is forget vacationing in places like the U.K. which are supposed to be warming up but ain’t and amble on down to Brownsville, Texas, which get little attention from the Chicken Little guys, where climes are more suited to an old man,s body and taste. Perhaps I should have paid more attention to my bible lessons as a kid, especially the part which says where there are prophecies they shall fail.

Throughout recorded history civilizations have been controlled, manipulated or affected by prophecy, some to the good some to the bad, in an effort to guide, teach or manage groups of people in a desired direction. Christianity, a vital part of our community has remained strong through the ages because it is inherently prophetic but has, in its various forms and branches misused prophecy in order to further its own political interests. These range from harmless to the extreme and though many of them form an ancient thread, both charlatans and true believers have been a part of the American experience.

Almost every mainline church in the U.S. has an early history of what may rightly be called false prophets, who conned both themselves and their followers by setting specific dates for the fulfillment of prophecy, especially prophecies of apocalyptic nature. We as finite beings are inherently obsessed with end times and even how scientists publish scholarly essays suggesting dozens of ways the world may end.

Is it any wonder then that global warming alarmists find such fertile ground amongst the minions who have long lived with stories and threats that Armageddon in some form or fashion will, or could occur perhaps within their own generation? And is it any wonder that a con game (end of civilization theory) would develop here in America in order to further a political end? The stakes are high, political spoils of the U.S. are unequaled in the annals of human history.

But Global Warming is of much more urgency to politicians than to the ordinary citizens who place it at about 15th on the list of things to worry about; and there’s a reason for that. For politicians to effectively leverage a threat the threat must be of immediate concern, not something that may or may not happen somewhere in the future. Political leverage is a child of the moment, political leverage is the reason global warming guru Al Gore and the ideological left preach the gospel of "Armageddon now." The people, not quite the idiots they’ve been called of late, know there are more immediate and pressing concerns not the least as catastrophic occurrences go, giant rocks hurtling from space, and hot plasma (coronal mass ejections) streaming from the sun, disrupting our power grid and ending civilization as we know it.

Having been stymied by the failure of computer models to support the theory of Armageddon Now, thus diminishing any immediate political advantage, the fall-back position is something called the Event Horizon i.e, that instant an event in progress reaches a critical point where its forward motion cannot be reversed.

What it means is that even if the oceans do not show a perceptive rise in our life time, if our coastal planes aren’t flooding, and our cities remain inundated, the damage is done, or about to be done. We have already reached the point of no return, or will reach it by some specific date if we don’t change our way of living, a date usually set, not by the community of scientific research, but by politicians with a political agenda.

Meanwhile a high of 33 degree here in Alma town on Nov. 17 and predictions are for a long bitterly cold winter. I’m disappointed of course in the failure of all the erroneous predictions but hoping that the industrialization of China and India will work to make my remaining years less frigidly infringed.