There’s bad news and there’s good news. Bad news is that my storm refuge had a foot of water when I checked it after a week of gully washers. Good news is that I pumped it down to four inches yesterday. Bad news is that next day when I undertook to finish the job the sump pump refused to pump. Good news is that after I flushed the hose and primed the pump a dozen times it’s back sucking up the muck and doing its job. The good news is that the waste water can be used to flood mole holes in my yard; the bad news is that you could dump the whole blue Pacific down the burrow and never fill it up or flood ‘em out. Bad news is we’re heading into another stretch of stormy weather; the good news is the thunder we heard this morning reverberating out across the River Valley was the guns of Chaffee.

Bad news is that my bride of 62 years fell and fractured a hip, good news is the healing process is progressing just fine, bad news is complete recovery is beyond expectation. Good news is that I’m still alive, bad news is that it’s uncertain for how long; Good news is that I came home tonight took to the recliner, pulled a blanket over and slept for an hour, bad news is that however much it’s never enough.

Surprising news is that a new mattress for the "guest" bed arrived at my front door yesterday morning, amusing thing is that my frequent guests apparently disliked the homey accommodations pop offered; bad news (for them) is they’ll have to install the thing ere they sleep on it.

Bad news is that my daughter, down from Minnesota to be with her mom and assist pop in time of crisis, has taken over the extra bedroom and closet space, so I junk up the butt-high master bed with shirts, pants socks, shorts and various other paraphernalia of which I sort through each day for my best clean dirties: good news is I gathered all of them up washed them, hung them up, laid them out in proper fashion, stripped the bed washed the sheets and last night lay down in a nice clean bed with plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

Bad news is, it’s uncertain how the old relic will get through the rough patch ahead, the good news is he has a new McIntosh lap-top computer with which to tell ya all about it. Or is that the bad news?

In other news, news that has nothing to do with this news: Bad news is people who conjure up stale news in order to curse history and tell us how degraded were our forebears and how we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. Good news is that most of us treat our neighbor right and strive for equity and conciliation. Bad news is that stirring the divisive pot will continue on because it is advantageous to groups of self interest politicians. Not news is that society has become so blasé and politically polarized no one any longer expects anyone to require accountability from their political own.

Good news is that the earth’s climate is in a constant state of flux, without which we would not exist as we exist now. Sad news is that, like the priesthood of old who manipulated superstitious constituencies by using exclusive knowledge of natural phenomenon, politicians for lust of power, work to convince their subjects that if they do not behave in a state approved manner, they’s all a gonna be fried or drowned by rising ocean tides.

In related news, the bad news is that California is suffering the worst drought in the states history, the true news is that overall, California is an arid state and there’s not enough water in the west to slack the thirst of that great a population and its vast industry - especially if they must compete with a small school of fresh water minnows that need great courses of water to survive.

The bad news is that two studies published last spring suggest that climate change has "carried the West Antarctic Ice Sheet across a threshold of no return. That warming seawater intruding underneath the glaciers grip on the oceanic bedrock energizes glacial flow toward the sea causing increasing amounts of ice to break off into the ocean."

The study says that what this all means, is that the ice sheet is in irreversible retreat and that steps to slow global warming won’t stop the melt from raising the sea level ten feet, flooding shorelines and swamping cities. Exactly the doomsday scenario the more frenzied of global warming politicians warn us about. The good news is, sez the study, full collapse may take centuries giving us time to adjust just as we have always adjusted to the changing of tides, which is bad news for Al Gore and the Apocalypse Now society who feed their computerized climate modals prejudiced information (by both commission and omission) only to see them fail their dire prophecies of heat and high water.

The good news for Gore is that he continues to be enriched by his alarmist gimmickry, the bad news for the atmosphere is that Al has one of the biggest carbon footprints on the planet. The true news is that if it was all "settled science" with the earth and all therein truly on the verge of apocalyptic disaster, no argument would exist, every man-jack of us would be pulling together and politics would have no part in it.

Bad news is if a warming climate is largely the result of human activity the die is cast and our fate predetermined: Pollution is a disproportionate by-product of human activity and already the population is at seven billion souls and growing. Like Democratic spending, only so much you can cut.

Related news

Climate change is not a local phenomenon. Not only our own little rock, but across the heavenly bodies of the solar system, Earth’s sister planets Mars and Venus grow warmer as the earth grows warmer, not puzzling news since all are influenced by the same furnace, and deeper into space the giant storm of Jupiter called "the great red spot" has rapidly diminished in size over the last two years. Carbon footprint or no.

The good news, if it makes a difference, is that if Apocalypse Now does happen, we can lay it all to Fox News. The bad news is that that boat may not float for lack of Fox’s social/political influence. A recent Quinnipiac poll found that Fox News carries only 29 percent of the public’s trust. The good news (for Fox) is that stat may be deceiving; according to the poll, only seven percent of Americans trust MSNBC, the poll put NBC and CBS at ten percent trustworthy and ABC News the tail-ender at 8 percent.

Bad news for ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos caught up in a bias scandal after vehemently questioning the political motivations of "Clinton Cash" author Peter Schweizer. Good news for ABC chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, the ethic lapse will soon be forgotten and forgiven, bad news for the reputation of the big three and mainstream news already embarrassed by the Brian Williams scandal.

Political news: Mike Hukabee, honest, moral, scandal free - and plays bass - will not be the next U.S. president. The amazing news is that a person who must mount a nationwide campaign to counter a history of questionable dealings is more likely to win the top spot. Bad news is that more than half the people in the U.S. believe that would be good news. Factual news: This is a commentary of who we are and where we are, not an endorsement of Mr. Huckabee. Perhaps the best news is that this line is the last line of a 1,344 word column and what news could be better than that?