Conspiracy theories are not usually a part of my digs, but have to admit some are a bit more "interesting" then others. Yes most of us grew up with them as part of our Christian heritage which from the beginning pictures good against evil or more precisely describes an ongoing conflict wherein creation’s ramparts of righteousness are constantly under attack by the subversive forces of an evil being. This negative presence seems to have sprung forth as an aberration from the heavenly order, arising when archangel Lucifer holding high office in Gods supernatural domain, grew envious and rebelled against the Kingdom but wound up on the short end of the stick; herein is the very first conspiracy, one by which all other conspiracies exist.

Somehow Lucifer and his unfortunate bunch of vagabonds found themselves unceremoniously cast down upon the surface of earth, a small insignificant planet as planets go, twirling about an isolated little spot within the Orion arm of a gigantic spiral galaxy called the Milky Way where God had just undertaken an ambitious program labeled the "human Project." It is here that we find the seed of all subtle machinations, where, whilst roaming around exploring his place of confinement, Lucifer, sometime called Satan and the Devil, chanced upon the Garden of Eden and its two human inhabitants.

The find was nothing short of a "bird nest on the ground" for the enraged Lucifer and it is here he began his grand conspiracy, an attempt to subvert the assignment of humankind, the moment that the "war in heaven" falls to an earthly plane and becomes a battle fought with proxies; here we find the story of Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, the tale of satan the great deceiver and the first conspiratorial act in the history of civilization.

The devil does not wield axes or clubs but, rather through spiritual corruption, endeavors to influence humankind to such things as butchery, debauchery, irresponsible behavior and general mayhem, anything at variance with Gods attempt to maintain an orderly creation. An old science fiction story I once read as a kid, had space travelers exploring a Jurassic-like planet where rodent-type creatures attacked, clung to the back of an astronaut’s neck inserting a small proboscis into the victim’s brain thereby creating a zombie under total control of his rat-like master; nothing quite as drastic upon this earthly plane where the "rat" is a supernatural force agitating mans carnal nature, but is resisted by an angel advocating for the spiritual.

A facsimile of sorts exists in American Politics where a sneaky snake-like creature representing the lustful cravings of an "inferior party" bent on social mischief, sows tares upon that piece of real estate commonly called the Garden of Eden, thereby subverting the works of a "superior party" the earthly advocate of utopian perfection. The serpent, ever devious, decides to assert itself into a power sharing deal and if not grabbing the whole apple, at least have a voice in how the garden is cultivated and how the harvest is distributed. All hell breaks loose.

Mind you, there is no axe to grind. These assessments do not spring forth from fertile imagination, from some exclusive supernatural revelation to which only the purveyor is privy, from some great personal insight, or by scholarly studies undertaken in the interest of humanity. They come by way of our religious heritage, from reading and observing the wisdom contained in my partisan neighbor’s personal opinion, (as garnered from other people’s opinion and talking points) which appear in persistent fashion by way of the nations various news media, from listening to the great wisdoms of intellectual stalwarts as Pelosi, Reid and Biden whilst occasionally flipping over to the Matthews Channel for balance. Make no mistake: This writer is not the late great Will Rogers, privy only to what he reads in the papers. This is real journalistic investigation with the real "skinny" laid bare.

In keeping with the spirit of Eden and the same fig leaf for all, Christmas 2013 comes upon us with a great many people finding themselves beneficiaries of a significant redistribution of wealth via the Governments newly implemented health care plan. Call it the Robin Hood initiative, where mostly the young (which have little) and the middle class (which already desperately tread the financial waters) are asked to finance the medical care of—indigent folks to the tune of multiple times that of the poverty level.

I certainly sympathize with the disadvantaged and uninsured of which I have been a card carrying member most of my life, been there done that; medical insurance premiums for my family of six once ran a manageable but hard two hundred dollars per month ‘till the carrier canceled and offered a (much better) replacement plan which cost thrice as much; for the next 30 years my family’s medical costs which at times overwhelmed wages earned, were out of pocket. These are types of horror stories we hear as ObamaCare kicks in, and its naïve to believe they all originate from politically motivated "guests" appearing on the Sean Hannity Show.

Matter of fact my considerable talents as an investigative reporter has found my own insurance agent with a family of four priced out of the ACA market with a monthly premium of $900 dollars. I advised the man to take it up with Mr. Hannity but instead opted he, to incorporate and pay himself a reduced wage of $40,000 which will keep premiums within an affordable range. This conjures up the thought that the whole bloody mess that Obamacare has become could be remedied if everyone seeking health insurance became an insurance agent.

An oddity of sorts is that even at a time the Administration spends billions saturating the air waves, the highways and byways with ACA advertisements designed to inform the public, as recently reported by a letter to this paper, there is virtually free health insurance to be had here in Arkansas for the most indigent citizens but they cannot find it because the "majority of state and federal politicians in Arkansas do not want you to sign up for it." They do not want you to sign up for the sole reason that they are racists with an abiding hatred for a black man as president, ideology not withstanding or want of something less disruptive and more affordable than the Affordable HealthCare Act.

This amounts to a conspiracy wherein the motivation is not political, not even based upon a difference of philosophy or political opinion but upon bigotry, moreover a conspiracy which hints the ensnarement and corruption of the states Democratic governor. Perhaps too, the conspiracy involves a large insurance company operating within the state since their offices will not reveal to the enquirer, a policy-plan that is totally "free of cost."

Can "Obamacare work? Sure. But in what fashion and at what cost? Ah yes the collateral damage, the first casualty being the credibility of the president himself whose trust factor has plummeted like a stone, after year’s long claims that "if you like your insurance you can keep it" earned "lie of the year award" for 2013. In fairness, three Republicans were runners up. Still, that’s not good, America expects higher grades from its top elected representative.

Most would say the president has only himself to blame for the pickle he finds himself in. Certainly there is scandal upon scandal, so much so it is easy to imagine his political handlers sitting at council with each embarrassment that comes down the line deciding what is convenient for him to have known or not to have known beforehand. But, if we are to delve into conspiracies I shall pick one from a collection of my own fancies:

The ACA is such an unbelievable mess ordinary human industry could not imagine it if it tried; so here’s the deal: Unbeknownst to the keepers of the gate there must really have been a serpent in Eden, a Republican saboteur who came in unawares, sowing tares amongst the garden’s tender crops, preventing the yield, turning fields of grain into patches of bitter-weed. I’m thinking a segment of our political community might find that credible, after all the blame game is quite popular amongst old partisans nowadays. However it is and however it all works out the "utopian project" seems have hit a temporary snag and we all know who to blame. ‘Course, just like in prophecy, only a matter of time ‘till "he gets his".