I have been wondering about something for awhile and would like to ask the powers that be in our city and county for clarification. We needed a new police station badly and, through new taxes that will never go away, will have one now shortly. We need new jail space badly and will be asked for another new tax shortly that I can only guess will never go away.

First, I have been told by people on the jail committee who built the current jail, that the foundation was built for a multi-level facility, possibly up to four stories. Why are we not looking at adding space upward instead of having to build a whole new facility?

Second and more importantly, why did the city and county not work together and build a joint facility using joint funds which would house the police department and county as well? One jail with two separate administrative entities within the same facility. Seems it would be cheaper than two completely separate parcels of land, two separate buildings (architects, construction firms, etc.).

Do the city and county not get along? Is there a legal issue? Just wondering.

Harold Hutton

Van Buren