I always find it amusing, all of these clowns in Washington who are trying to manage the lives of the American people, when in reality, they're not capable of managing their own lives.

Following the two senseless massacres in Texas and Ohio, one of these "clowns" in Washington is proposing a crackdown on mentally ill people by not allowing them to buy guns. This is no different than putting a Band-Aid on cancer and hoping it will go away.

Today, there are approximately 43.8 million Americans who suffer from mental illness. I don't think there are enough quick fixes available to go around.

What we need in Washington is not wishbone but backbone. The Titanic is sinking and there aren't enough lifeboats to go around. The lobbyists are giving millions upon millions of dollars to these sick and greedy politicians, telling them to look the other way while the American people are being massacred. This problem is not going away. Have you ever heard of "blood money"?

The message is always the same after innocent people get killed by some psychopath donning body armor and wielding an automatic assault rifle. The message is: Everyone in America Pray!

I have an idea. Why don't we, the American people, pray and ask God to place this incredibly bloody mess directly into the laps of the lobbyists and these money-hungry politicians who are partly responsible for allowing body armor and automatic weapons that are designed for only one thing — killing.

I have heard it said, "God is just God." Why don't the American people start praying and asking God to change the tide and place this mess back where it rightly belongs?