“The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.”

It’s a line from a song by the one-hit wonder group Timbuk 3 from 1986.

It was actually supposed to carry a depressing tone in the song, which was about a scientist in the setting of a nucleur holocaust … the future being so bright because of an end-of-civilization-as-we-know-it nuclear explosion.

The thought has been hijacked, thankfully, to a much more pleasant ideal, one that espouses the notion that because of the things we’re learning now, the hurdle-clearing successes we’re having now, our future will be filled with the bright lights of prosperity. Our future will be so wildly positive we’ll spend all day every day basking in the radiant glow of success.

Sunglasses will be a fitting accessory, used to not only help us bask comfortably in the glow of our successes, but also to show the coolness, or hipness, we’re enjoying because we worked hard early in life to be able to enjoy comfortable success later.

On pages A4 and A5 of today’s Press Argus-Courier you’ll see many pictures of students in the Mulberry/Pleasant View School District who should be stocking up on sunglasses.

Because of things happening today in their educational lives, their futures have the potential to be very bright. They believe it so much you can even see those words as a motto on the bulletin board behind them in some of the photographs.

Their future successes will be attributed to the work of not only their current teachers and administration, but also because of some special individuals who are working hard to make sure the teachers have the tools they need to help ensure a brighter future for their students.

The MPV Education Foundation was formed with just such a mission, to raise funds to help pave the way to brighter futures for the students in the Mulberry/Pleasant View School District.

Individuals in other districts are doing the same for their students, and their work shouldn’t be overlooked, either. It’s wonderful that we have these individuals banding together for the common cause of supporting our youth in a manner in which they are able to learn more, are more comfortable in a learning environment which, in turn, cultivates more gathering of knowledge, and are able to get their hands on projects that will teach lessons that are useful in this day and age.

These foundations work hard. It’s not easy raising grant money to support programs that fuel the education experience. Thankfully we have people in our area who have hearts dedicated to improving the lives of the students in our area, individuals who think nothing of using their time to go out and ask for funds to help the students of their respective districts.

These foundations are important sources of support for our school districts. They listen to the teachers, the true heroes who are actually fighting on the front lines, to learn the best tools they need to help their students build that brighter future.

If these special projects, learning tools and items that enhance the current curriculum are to be used, too many times they will have to be purchased by the teachers out of their own pockets. That is an unfortunate reality of today’s educational process.

Thankfully we now have foundations working hard to reverse that trend. Whatever district you live in, I hope you will go to that district and find out if it has a foundation. If it does, and you are able, I hope you will help that foundation work to ensure a future so bright for our students they will have to wear shades.