As holidays go, Mother’s Day has to be at the top of the list. It doesn’t carry the glitter – or shopping madness, for that matter – of Christmas or the patriotism of the Fourth of July, but that’s fine. That’s why we have Christmas and the Fourth of July.

Mother’s Day carries its own importance, its own beauty and tenderness.

Whether your mother is still with you or not, Mother’s Day is a touchingly special day.

It’s certainly a day that should be celebrated every day of the year, but that’s a topic for another column.

Why do I like Mother’s Day? Well, when my own mom was alive it was a day for the five kids in my family to celebrate her. It wasn’t about what kind of a gift we might be getting, or if we were going to be able to shoot off firecrackers or even if we’d be getting pumpkin or pecan pie after dinner.

It was all about mom.

My mom was special. And her day was special, too.

My mom was a public school teacher. She loved taking care of not only her own kids, but also the kids in her classroom. She was artistic and beautiful. She was an excellent cook and on occasion liked to speak in Spanish, a reflection of her heritage and roots back to the border town of Brownsville, Texas.

My mom had a special way of doting on each of her five kids, making each feel special and singled out, feelings that could easily get lost and trampled at the foot of the small stampede that was the Horne family.

My mom was very smart and liked to laugh. She liked to hear a good joke, and to tell one in return.

My mom had exquisite penmanship, perfected through years spent teaching the young students in her classes how to write correctly. And it just so happened my mom wrote exactly like Santa Claus did in the note he left me on a box of Hot Wheels he once brought me at Christmas: “ … and your brother can play with these, too.” The moms of my friends may have been cool, but none were “writes just like Santa Claus” cool.

That was my mom.

I lost my mom in 1994 to breast cancer. But before she died she lived a motherhood the characteristics of which were graciously passed down to her three daughters.

Even though one of my sisters left us a few short years after losing our mom (again, breast cancer), my other two sisters continue to live lives that reflect the ideals of a loving motherhood that were set before them.

They each have cultivated the inherited characteristics my mom herself wore so beautifully as a mom and now honor her by mothering in the same manner.

When I moved to Van Buren in September I did so with an extra bit of excitement. Sure, moving to a new place can always be exciting, but for me the move carried an extra dose because of the fact my mom had once lived here, attending Van Buren High School for a couple of years.

I’ve been to the high school’s old auditorium that’s now located inside Butterfield Trail Middle School. I imagined my mom sitting there enjoying a concert, play or assembly.

As I wander through other parts of town I often wonder if perhaps she also visited those spots.

I bet she did. And I guarantee you her beautiful smile and easy laugh went with her.

Mother’s Day is a beautifully special day. If your mom is still with you I hope you will enjoy the day with her. If not, then I pray you’ll enjoy her memories.

Thank you for allowing me this walk down memory lane with my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day.