Last week I wrote FALL IS IN THE AIR, but where is it? It seems more like early winter than early fall. October is half over and the trees are still green. I don’t see even a hint of color on the trees in my neighborhood but of course that could change almost over night. Thankfully we have had lots of rain with temperatures in the forties. I finally gave in and turned my heat on as the temperature in the house was sixty. This time next week it could be eighty-five outside. Climate change? I know the climate has changed since I was a little girl when it turned cold in November and stayed cold all winter. November was hog killing time.

I want to take the train ride from Van Buren to Winslow when the leaves have turned. I plan to take two of the “Greats”. I took their older brother when he was a little boy. He didn’t miss a thing. He rode the whole trip with his little nose pressed against the window. When we crossed the high railroad trestle he got so excited because we were higher than the tree tops. That little boy is now a senior in high school.

I’m always talking about the sweetgum balls. This year something strange has happened. My patio is covered with bits and pieces of the green balls. I don’t know if the squirrels are eating them or just chewing on them. It seems strange after all these years I would find a mess like this. I have seen three small squirrels thus far. With all the green leaves on the trees I have not seen any new squirrel nests. Last winter there were several.

A few weeks ago I took down all my bird feeders, ( I have five) because the blackbirds were so thick they emptied them almost as fast as I could fill them. I washed the feeders good then hung them up in another place until time to start feeding the birds again. I usually keep them up year around. A few days ago I filled them and hung them out again. I haven’t seen a single bird, not even a blackbird. I hope the birds will find their way back. I had so many red birds (cardinals) and doves when I lived in Greenwood. I had doves which ate the feed spilled on the ground. The CITY doves eat from the feeders which drives the smaller birds away.

The days are getting shorter. It seems like it is almost dark at five o’clock. I think the weatherman says we are supposed to get warm days later this week. Maybe we will have a fall after all and all my grumbling about the cold weather will be for naught. I know the leaves will change in their time then I will get to take the train ride. I just hope my third grader will enjoy it as much as her big brother did. Hopefully we will see an eagle in the tip top of a tree when we cross the high trestle like Braden and I did. “Happy Memories”.