Isn’t it great how the Democrats are finally showing their true colors? The complete intolerance of the "tolerant" left is on full display. The supposedly tolerant Democrats will threaten you, your wife, your children, your grandchildren with death, rape, beatings and torture. We’re not talking of a few fringe loonies; we are talking about high-ranking politicians, donors, spokespeople and representatives. We have Democrats beating up teenagers for wearing a MAGA hat, threatening families in restaurants, movie theaters, malls and stores. Calls for violence against Republicans are going on almost daily led by Democrat congressmen, women and senators.

Hate is truly spewing from every pore of their bodies and why? Because they lost. You, the voters, didn’t crown their queen and give them power over you and now they are mad and you will pay for it. Since I began this letter you have attempted to kill a Republican candidate, have beaten up more children wearing Trump hats, molested more families trying to enjoy a diner in a restaurant, and now you have sunk to a new low — you have accused a man of the most horrible crime a man can be charged with against a woman, no witnesses, no evidence, no proof, not a single thing in his past or present that would lead you to believe it.

In fact, the supposed victim's own witnesses say it did not happen. But that wasn’t enough, you had to get a second victim to shout more made-up stories that witnesses say didn’t happen. And finally you sunk to being slime bags with the story he helped gang rape women every weekend during high school and not a single fact anywhere. This must make you proud, if so may you and your house be drug through the same muck.