Just as the Star Spangled Banner is the U.S. anthem, and here in the Southland “The Old Rugged Cross” might well be the Christian anthem, so might the old spiritual “This Train” be a good fit for today’s National Democratic Party as it pursues socialism lite in quest of the ultimate utopia. This train is bound for glory, don’t carry “nothing but the righteous and holy, this train is bound for glory, this train.”

Like the fiery hellfire and brimstone preachers of old taking their texts upon short skirts and bobbed hair, where every doctrinal dispute was argued on the basis of evil intent with hell as the final reward, so does the current Democratic philosophy operate on the theory that every idea, policy, enterprise or proposal emanating from the conservative side of the aisle is the child of evil design.

Hitler, Nazism, the Third Reich, etc. Such extreme rhetoric is not some new thing that has arrived with Trump, though with his election it has reached near revolutionary fervor; Bush the Second was hammered with it and today those who voted for, or support Trump are accused by Party acolytes of being Nazi’s or some such. Demonizing the political opposition is a socially destructive disease from the depths of the abyss; it exists as a strain that has its beginning in the hundred year old idea that humanity, managed as a collective unit by a centralized government could reclaim the glories of Biblical Eden.

Heretofore various experiments of the concept by various adherents have resulted in an hundred million corpses strewn across the surface of the earth. Yet, even here in America where we like to think of ourselves as civilized, socialism’s American strain has its admirers that continue to dream of that “special formula” that can - and will - produce the perfect Garden of Eden with acres of mouth watering shiny red apples there on the rich fertile banks of the ol’ Euphrates. Always some hotshot little pilot assuring us he can fly a 747 powered by a Lear jet engine; one such pilot, a former member of th ‘Socialist Workers Party, (Google it) was considered a viable candidate for President by Democrats in the last Presidential primary. But then it appears socialist thought no longer carries the connation of evil it did when children were doing nuclear attack drills in schools across the country.

How did we get to this point? How did we ever fall so very short of the idealistic councils and protocols that once assured fair and equal equal treatment under the law that justice would have but one scale whereby every voice could be heard every complaint adjudicated and disagreements worked out betwixt we and our neighbor without resorting to pistols at 40 paces. Why, in the 20th century gone by did socialisms “train bound for glory” deliver us instead to the portals of hell? Try enslaving free men? Or in the present tense, accuse them of being the incarnation of evil itself.

Why would one Political Party accuse another of seeking to reduce America’s “old men, women and little children” to a level of starvation and desolation? The answer might be that if you can’t win the battles of ideology on merit alone, try fear, suspicion and vilification. Once someone has been demonized it becomes open season for anyone with a rifle, and encourages every vile slander on the books. Never mind that advancing a disruptive bill aimed at ending vital U.S. social contracts would also mean an end to the political viability of the proposer now and forevermore, the lie generally persists on the chance enough gullible people will believe it to make a difference at the polls.

Democrats with their socialistic/collective tendencies have a hard time competing on ideology alone: Those pesky Republicans with their penchant for individuality and personal freedoms win ‘way far too many of the political battles on a field where men are wont to be free of governmental intrusion; best to assume an air of moral superiority, stand alongside the thoroughfare, wrap our politics in robes of self-righteousness and congratulate ourselves that ‘we are not as they.’

“They,” of course are “us” racist, white supremacist, Neo Nazi, fascists to a man, whichever fits the occasion. How does America survive when the most powerful political party in the nation discards the formula of merit-based arguments, and foundations its political legitimacy upon a theory of the “evil” and unworthiness of the opposition, its leadership and its membership?

Already the indoctrination has fostered unbelievably vile episodes of incivility from disciples of disharmony including vicious and vulgar attacks on the wife and the children of Donald Trump. Never has there been a president that someone didn’t approve but as a kind of “gentlemen’s agreement” and to strive for a peaceful and workable society wherein lies civil discourse, the children of politicians and especially those of the president was ordinarily excluded from the brutality of political slurs common to troglodyte cultures. Yet do they persist.

One might imagine that any political party that actively fosters social divides in order to gain or hold onto power is guilty of the very evil it attributes to the soul of others,

But evil feeds upon evil, and no better example than Hollywood’s vacuous attacks against Trump, his wife and his children; all the way from a collection of late evening talk show hosts to the acidic vulgarity of comedians Kathy Griffin and Samantha Bee, bottoming out last week with actor Peter Fonda throwing 12-year-old Barron Trump into a cage filled with pouncing pedophiles. And we invite one to tune in to CNN and MSNBC where the attacks are preordered fare for the evening table: picture if you will, somber choreographed conversations between a council of limp and listless zombies.

In Biblical times the Israelites, whether by the coaching of their own history or by the word of God, created a set of behavioral guidelines for the community to follow that would enhance its chance to survive and to prosper. We know those rules and regulations as the Ten Commandments and they were designed, not at the whims of an arbitrary god but toward one primary goal, to promote a peaceful, safe and prosperous community. And just as the authority of an all-powerful God provided the incentive that assured that the good of the community was served, so do our nation’s laws and civil protocols answer to the overriding authority of its constitution.

Atheist activism paired with leftist politics and ideologies have managed to purge this historic monument honoring the philosophies vital to our long struggle up from the shadows of pagan caves into the sunshine and light of civilized order. We do not seemed to have gained much from their promises and enterprise, yet they prosper mightily; a couple of nights watching streaming news, casts serious doubts as to the national benefit of displacing one of the great symbols and philosophies of the ages for momentary experiments in human management.

The United States was organized, a secular institution and well it should have been, for as such has it grown and prospered, no complaints. But once the template is formed it is delivered to the artisan, the architect, builder, and financier, all working toward a common goal. In America those elements were found in a Christian culture and society, all working together, each adding his labor and talent, forming a massive “corporation” in which participants of every race, religion and creed from across the globe were invited to come, lend a hand, contribute their talent and to invest. But like the Ten Commandments pulled from the public square and now discarded into the dark basements of history, the U.S. constitution, our primary discipline, the glue that holds the nation together, is under assault by people and politicians that serve exclusive causes rather than the causes of the nation.

Every indication today is that the current attempt to overthrow a duly elected government has failed (one of several consecutive attempts) the Trump/Russia investigation has fizzled, no collusion, no obstruction of justice, only the petulant complaints of sore losers; but be as it may, whether guilty or whether innocent the call for impeachment goes on regardless of the investigative outcome and regardless the coaching of the U.S. Constitution. (Rep. Al Green D Texas, articles of impeachment to the U.S. Congress garnered 58 votes for.)

But personal hatred or loathing for a President is no ground for impeachment no matter how “loathsome” the “loatheree” may be to the “loatherer” and though Democrats should gain enough clout in the midterms to “throw the bum out” via any conjured pretext, the act would transgress the protocols of constitutionally sanctioned elections setting a precedent that would undermine America’s core legal structure that, no office or institution could depend on the continuity needed to establish a stable government.

The nation would sink into a state of flux where the fortunes of elected leaderships are mob controlled, determined not by laws and statutes that govern due process, rather to the momentary whims of emotionally charged critics; into a state of political morass where covenants are made one day and broken the next. The ancient monument established in honor of philosophies vital to the development of western civilization has disappeared from the public view, and now its progeny, our nation’s own “commandments”, created in order to form a more perfect union, suffers full frontal assault by a leftist cadre dissing basic U.S. protocols and seeking to impose their own.

Get your ticket:

This train is bound for glory,

this train

This train is bound for glory.

This train

This train is bound for glory

Don’t carry ‘nothing

but the righteous

Holy, this train is bound

for glory, this train