I want to thank all of you that took time from your busy schedules to participate in the Kickstart Alma 2017 initiative. Your efforts led to the production of the Kickstart Alma Action plan. This plan was unveiled to the public Monday, May 7, and introduced by the governor of Arkansas, the Honorable Asa Hutchinson. It was a successful event made possible by all of you and the citizens of Alma.

The plan is a five-year agenda for Alma to grow and encourage economic development. The continued participation and presence at our meetings, and the sharing of ideas from all of you was greatly appreciated. As we move forward to put the action plan in motion the implementation will rest with the citizens of the Alma community who prepared the plan. You have identified the strategic goals and a flexible time table to accomplish them.

I am happy to announce that Becky Newton has accepted the challenge to continue this Kickstart initiative for the City of Alma. She will be assisted by Marilyn Sneed and Tina Griffin. Mrs. Newton can be contacted at: bnewton@arvest.com or you can leave a request or message at City Hall: brooklyne@cityofalma.org or (479) 632-4110.

Consider this letter to be an invitation to all of you and the members of the Alma Visionary Committee to be a part of the effort to move Alma forward. Again I want to thank all of you for your involvement and ask you to remember that great citizens make great cities.

Alma Mayor Keith Greene