After seeing Rep. Paul Ryan described as a human failure for his support of President Donald Trump in the lead paragraph of “Another Perspective” (Saturday, May 5 edition of the Press Argus-Courier) we’re a bit reluctant to show sympathy for anything Republican at all. Been there done that suffered the slings and the arrows.

Yet despite the embarrassment of being aligned with such unsavory charlatans we’re buoyed by the fact that to many of our fellow citizens the substance of a man’s labor is more important than his style. Today, despite being of fustian character Trump’s approval rating is steadily upward.

Any misgivings of personal support for the Trump presidency is at least partially allayed by mitigating circumstances. First, Democrats offered me the worst of possible candidates in 2016 and in losing, lost to the worst possible candidate Republicans could have advanced. That amounts to a devastating witness against both the character of the Democratic candidate and the poor judgment/mismanagement of the party itself. No, we shall not disparage that candidate or those that support, or supported her the candidate’s bizarre behavior post election does an adequate job of doing that. Yet, for all of it, one suspects Clinton less leftist, less ideological and more pragmatic would have been a better fit for the U.S. in 2008 than Obama has proven to be.

The rage against Trump borders on paranoid with the major angst coming not only from the hard left, but also from the Democratic core who imagined themselves heirs to a new political dispensation only to be have been thieved of it by an inferior philosophy; a dispensation that arrived with the Obama administration and which perpetuation thereof according to all their soothsayers, seers and guru’s amounted only to performing the crowning ceremony. The degree of expectation has driven the intensity of disappointment

Thus far the U.S. constitution along with Trumps fortitude and obstinacy have prevailed over the slings and arrows but levels of political angst have risen perhaps higher than at any other time of presidential histories and who can say where it’s to peak?

It’s beyond the pale but it may only be a matter of time. To date there have been 15 known plots and schemes against the lives of American presidents, four of them successful. There is it seems, always a ‘final solution’ a primitive solution, the Russian solution if you will, for those whose lust of power exceeds their humanity. Yes it sends chills, but the long-lived amongst us never thought we would witness such a prideful people drifting into a kinship with chaotic Third World politics.

Hard to imagine but not long ago Obama’s community organizing friend Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground were running around blowing up buildings. No, no one is suggesting that any U.S. political party at all, having failed by constitutional means to remove a sitting President has, or would advance a scheme of attack beyond the extreme and classless political rhetoric we witness today but fact is they don’t always have to. As history has shown there’s always some poor clueless soul willing to act on the rage of others and do it for them.

A report that 71 percent of Democrats favor impeachment this while no evidence at all exists of an impeachable offense outside Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff’s fanciful machinations of having seen it. Schiff must have holes worn in the soles of his shoes for the miles laid down walking back his unsubstantiated claims. But this isn’t meant as a take down of Rep. Schiff a pawn in the hand of the player; a loyal soldier of the Party and the 71 percent who regardless of guilt or innocence, damn the constitution full speed ahead.

Yet, the Democratic resistance are like chameleon’s that change color with the convenience of the moment. Lately, Democratic lawmakers (including Schiff) with an ear to the political winds, have cautioned their brethren against talk of impeachment for fear of a mid-term elections back-lash. Toning down talk of impeachment would be a fancy little feign, an act of political convenience fearing the tumult of chaotic voices might hinder Democratic chances of winning back the House and Senate come November; should they be successful once again the ‘scald’ will be on.

Meanwhile, even as dorsal fins are seen circling for the kill in crimson stained water, national prosperity has gone “Jack And The Beanstalk,” the American worker is warming to the Trump tax cut, unemployment is at 3,9 percent, consumer confidence continues high, there’s talk of a Nobel Peace Award for an American president (this one unquestionably deserved) should promising developments between the U.S. and North Korea lead to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Meanwhile despite the slings and arrows Trump’s approval ratings are on the uptick with economic polling at 53 percent.

Of course, whether Trump is guilty of something or whether he isn’t means nothing at all. If there is a way he can be removed as president the resistance will either find it or manufacture it. At this moment his survival remains questionable:

Opposed is an impressive array of powerful “resistance” groups, from the queen bee itself, the Democratic core that manages the angry hive, to leftist hedge fund billionaires Tom Steyer and George Soros to 90 percent of the American news media with 90 percent negative coverage to the politically weaponized Hollywood entertainment industry and lastly to the leftist feminist movement which recently (as reported) attempted to quell sexual abuse complaints against fellow resister New York Atty. Gen. Democrat Eric Schneiderman the purpose to save both the party and the resistance public embarrassment. Folks, this is bigger than Paul Ryan! Even the leftist media, forced by public disclosure to report on it, has feigned shock at the raw hypocrisy.

The embarrassment of that hypocrisy is proportional to the rhetoric as seen with Schneiderman who lasted about two hours after he was outed. But for those who witness the daily scald against conservative causes such extreme bigotry comes as no shock or surprise: for the resistance its common to the core, no aberration here every question interpreted negatively, the positives along with the commonplace given negative spin, not the honesty, not the “good measure pressed down and shaken together” rather, an ‘anything to an end attitude until both pride and class has been offered upon the sacrificial altar of human mediocrity. It should come as no surprise. Preoccupied with the odious stench emanating from the yard of our neighbor, blithely do we ignore the family of polecats denning under our own front porch.

Class defined: of “high quality, integrity, status or style.” As First Lady Michelle Obama endured her share of insults from the fringe right but it came generally from lesser level malcontents nothing like the political insults and assaults waged by sisters of the resistance against First Lady Melania Trump. The angles of attack have been many imaginative and vicious. Better had they spent their energy on Weinstein, Wiener, Spitzer and Schneiderman, than the footwear of a graceful sophisticated talented and intelligent woman far classier than they, someone whose only fault is being wife to the President of the U.S.A. But then I digress.

Could be that Hillary Clinton chief resister sister set the standard for classless acts by calling 65 million Trump supporters a basket of deplorables, something she appears to have doubled down on post election. Perhaps it’s catching: Recently at a national women’s forum former first lady Michelle Obama exhibited a bit of that same “Class” by shaming all those “white women” that voted for Trump. Clinton herself has shown so much class post election, that the Democratic brethren clamor for her to just hush up and ride silently off into the sunset of politics.

Like a group of mediocre musicians mellowing out on hemp and beer, late night resistance dudes feed one off the other: Comedian Kathy Griffith struts her stuff holding a picture depicting the severed head of Trump as fellow comics applaud; cute little playmates/victims of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein spew obscenities at the Prez’ rather than blame Hollywood culture for their victimization while more mature and sophisticated sisters with a retroactive conscience stand on the national stage at festive gatherings showering themselves with accolades smoke-screening their lack of effort to have shut it down.

Emboldened, comedian Michelle Wolf takes the podium at a White House Correspondent’s Dinner and before a stunned and embarrassed audience does a savage personal takedown of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Afterward, when Wolf comes under public criticism, members of the clique, late evening television personalities circle wagons and rush to her defense; the incident now serves as exhibit “A” showcasing the ‘resistance’ total lack of class. Where oh where is the class, once exhibited by Carson, Leno and Seinfeld?

Where there are prophecies they shall fail:

Was it only a moment ago? Hillary Clinton was putting on the scald warning America and the world at large Trump was a loon engaged in nuclear brinkmanship with communist North Korea; Clinton acolytes and resisters over at MSNBC, CNN appalled at the utter stupidity of it soon joined in.

Despite the hysterics, mockery and dire predictions, currently, cautious but promising negotiations between the U.S. and Korea are ongoing and on May 9, 2018 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, after meeting in North Korea with dictator Kim Jong Un, winged his way home with three freed American hostages in tow. (The New York Times, concerned of his mysterious absence may now rest assured the Secretary isn’t off somewhere in the bulrushes with some little cutie on government time.)

Which brings us to this: while one may wont to argue Trump’s “class” or lack thereof, I waive my opinion in deference to three Americans just back from their little prolonged vacation in North Korea: Tony Kim, Kim-Hak-song and Kim Dong-chul.