Are Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts merging? Will boys be allowed to join Girl Scouts?

Since recent announcements by Boy Scouts of America about allowing girls to join, we keep hearing these and other questions. People are confused about what Boy Scouts are doing, and frankly, so are we.

Girl Scouts is not merging with Boy Scouts. Will boys be joining Girl Scouts? In one emphatic word, no. We proudly own the “Girl” in Girl Scouts.

Girl Scouts is the best leadership experience for girls because only we bring more than 100 years of history, expertise and research-backed programming designed specifically to meet the unique needs and interests of girls and the way they learn best.

Since our inception, Girl Scouts has been about putting girls front and center, equipping them to be fearless leaders and change-makers who can face any challenge, from the wilderness to the boardroom, with courage, confidence and character. Our mission has always been and always will be girls.

What about those who say, “If girls are going to grow up to be able to compete with boys, wouldn’t a co-ed program be best?” Girls and boys are in co-ed environments in most of their lives. There is ample, respected research that shows girls in single gender environments feel more comfortable expressing their ideas, moving out of their comfort zone, trying new things and stepping up to lead.

What Girl Scouts offers can’t be replicated, especially by an organization that touts girls’ participation as a convenience for the family. Research shows that girls want and thrive in all-girl, girl-led and girl-friendly environments where their specific needs are addressed, not where they are merely a tagalong.

Don’t be confused. Girl Scouts is not going away. There has never been a better time to be a Girl Scout. I urge you to find out more about Girl Scouts and if you have a girl in your life, sign her up. Visit to learn more.