Oh Lord! Just learned Russia funneled money to the Trump campaign through the NRA. That comes on the heels of a “verifiable” report that Trump sold off the onliest bull of the herd on his upstate New York ranch, purchased a tent and has taken to camping out in the pasturelands nights. (Nebuchadnezzar with a twist.)

You can’t make this stuff up. Dig in folks, the news stream of todays paranoid politics make Alice’s Restaurant look the piker, the country like a page torn from Alice In Wonderland. Anything goes over in the bizarre pasturelands of Trump Derangement Syndrome Territory, no end to the bull being be cooked up to serve up by the one to outdo the other, no boundaries that imagination can’t cross and won’t cross to conjure up the devil. And amongst the folks who proudly call themselves “the resistance” there is no end of folks dense enough to believe, or will pretend to believe and pass on down the line, the inane, the insane and the bizarre in order to wrest power from those they opine hold it by illegitimate process.

One may have noticed we live in an increasingly volatile society. and you may also know, if you have thought about it at all, that of all the animals with which we have co-existed through the millennia, that in relation to himself, his safety and well-being, man is the most dangerous animal of all. If it isn’t illegal gun use amongst the lawless, the result of domestic quarrels, by the bullied and the ignored or just the mental aberration’s seeking notoriety or revenge, then it’s crazed religionists with foreign allegiances setting off bombs in order to satiate the appetite of their primitive bloodthirsty gods. But let us count the ways. Sans access to traditional devices of bloodletting there’s also the ready availability of automobile or truck, perhaps deadly as any weapon in the arsenal. There are no end to the ways men can kill, no end to those willing to kill, and no end to their reasons.

The cacophony of it impacts us each and every day as the American public is constantly bombarded by the strident voices of the mad, the sad the angry and the insane.

Like a boat torn from its mooring by wind’s of the roiling tempest, society seems ripped of its vital components, shorn of its mast, its rudder, its keel and found itself in danger of foundering in shark infested waters. No one has a clue what do suggestions are argued and uncertain.

Anyone born in the first half of the 20th century knows the extent to which fortune has smiled upon America, but now, could the country’s prosperity become its Achilles Heel? Some one once wrote that the “love of money is the root of all evil. We are so bloated with wealth that greed and the lust for power has become a source of national rot. Strident political battles between the right and left, between Democrats and Republicans are being waged, not in the interest of the “hive” but to determine which party controls the bank, which philosophy will hold sway, and which ideology will have the say in how that wealth is distributed.

Never mind that leftist ideology miserably failed the 20th century, the lesson not learned, “socialism lite,” is back with us in the 21st century in the form of presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. And while we are preoccupied with who gets what in the way of power and wealth, the collateral damage from the dust-up in the hallowed halls is out the door and into the streets where the ‘debate’ turns ugly.

We are all familiar with the old saying “Nero fiddled while Rome burned” well now we are witnessing that old saw brought to reality in the marbled halls of power as Democrats, and to a lesser extent establishment Republicans try desperately to overturn a constitutionally elected president and one suspects there will not be a clear and satisfactory end to it anyway soon, that jealousy greed and party interests will continue to prevail over the interests of the people, that the sounds of the proverbial fiddle will continue to be heard wafting from the citadel while the city ‘round about burns to the ground. And today there are fires aplenty sweeping across the “Seven Hills.”

Criminality left the Nixon Presidency in ashes, The Vietnam War proved the Waterloo of Johnson and his dreams of a great society, now Democrats are hoping against hope a Russian connection will be found to afford Trump the same ignoble fate, and if not a “sin” that rises to the gravity of impeachment then a secondary level charge of obstruction, and if not that, and not that and not that, criminal business dealings presumably all way back to the day Trump took shovel and broke ground on his first high rise. Skirt chaser? Republicans tried that with Clinton; rather, impeach the people who weighed the debits against the credits and voted him into office regardless.

Why the cynicism? Vote recounts in three States were punitive at best, attempts to corrupt the integrity of electoral delegates failed to work, nor did arguing the rules after the fact because we were astonished and disappointed with the final tally. And finally, accusations of insanity were worn old tools used against Reagan, George W. and every other Republican that ever held- - or dared run for national office.

No question Russia sowed tons of tares amongst the wheat fields of our Republic the current political mess stands as witness to the deal. But if we’re to blame Putin for any part or partial of it, we cannot fault him for knowing our culture, who we are, how ugly greedy we are and nailing our hides to the wall with it. Place two cats side-by-side ‘pinch the critters tails, and never mind the tormentor, watch as the critters “have at it” tooth and nail.

But the ground itself had already been depleted of essential “nutrients,” sucked up by the winds of corruption that is called, or in future generations will be called the Clinton era. During this period which extends through the Obama administrations all our vital federal institutions were either corrupted or at best came under public suspicion. We are politically impotent, we are divided, we are mad and some downright mean. And thanks to Putin and our own lust for power, we are the classic image of the damfool.

What many Americans have realized and accepted after the fact, concerned other of us beforehand. Honesty, forthrightness, conscience and integrity had been pre-emptied by the unethical and the obscene. So ethically destitute in fact that its mirrored image was rejected in favor of a non-politician with a checkered history and no matter his success in the private sector, was the most unsympathetic candidate to ever engage in the presidential sweepstakes; his only redeeming credit? An successful businessman with no history in American politics.

Now the question: Should the man, proven not to have conspired with Russia, having been duly elected in accordance with the laws and protocols of the Constitution be given the respect due the office and allowed to serve out his term? Or has enough Americans turned their back on constitutional values and decided removing a president should be an arbitrary decision made outside constitutional protocols with them selves the sole arbiter? Who at all believes that if the special council investigation ends short of impeachable offense that will end it and everyone lives happily ever after?

The only winner in this scarring brouhaha is Russia’s Putin. Veni vidi vici: I came, I saw, I conquered.