Keeping it in the middle of the road according to my cyber dictionary means “Pursuing a course of action midway between extremes, especially in politics, that is neither liberal nor conservative.” Keeping it in the middle of the road also links to sanity. Keeping it in the middle of the road means being proportional enough in our assessments that it gives one’s social character and conscience a modicum of credibility. If that matters.

We try to do that here in this column, despite that it shows decidedly conservative. Why should I impute evil into my neighbor’s politics or religion as long as he/she is a law abiding productive member of the community? Chances are his moral values are basically the same as my own, we have the same right to preach whatever we choose to preach, and while we (as in I) may object to one’s political philosophy, motivations and manners, we refrain from accusing an individual or his association of being foundationally corrupt (while) understanding that even the most venerable institutions are subject to the follies of man.

Keeping it in the middle of the road: Thrice I’ve voted in Arkansas gubernatorial elections since moving “home” in 2006, first for Mike Beebe, second term, skipping the first as a matter of principle. In 1998, after President Clinton’s capitulation to special interest groups gutted my industry stressing me and thousands more of my occupational brethren, we switched our political affiliation from Democrat to Republican, later registering as Independent. And while some will surely see me as a political activist for my objections to Democratic demonization strategies that are designed to sow social division via racial politics, my biggest exasperations are with the failings of those that align with my own political philosophies. That’s hair-pulling stuff. No matter the corruption of others,

Nothing should be as capable of embarrassing us quite like the failure and folly within our own associations. We should stand ready and willing always, to protest or even to discipline our own for failure to meet ethical standards or when they fail to properly address covenants made with the constituency.

Sure. Fancy that, after reading a dissertation that appeared here recently, excusing the lies of one’s own by invoking the lies of another. Such is tantamount to a magistrate presented with evidence that his son and his son’s cohort are complicit in the same civil infraction, sets his son free but tosses his son’s friend in jail for the duration. Not about service to one’s community, rather to protect one’s own self-serving interests.

Why is it ya suppose, the “Repubs” who promised wise and resolute solutions to America’s healthcare problem, who have been delivered the tools to construct it, the House, Senate, Exec and the courts, are so fractured as to not produce diddly squat? Are these birds capable of governing? If folks charitable enough to elect them to office find that they’ve reneged on promises emphatically expressed, Republicans will most certainly experience a political blood bath in next year’s mid-term elections. And well they should.

The only possible salvation would be public outrage against Democratic leadership’s sad record on transparency, breach of every ethical concept and possible criminality over the period of Clinton/Obama including subterfuge surrounding a series of scandals including Government gunrunning along the U.S. Mexico border, the terrorist assassination of a U.S. Ambassador in Libya, misleading the nation about the positives and the negatives of ACA, (many of the insured cannot afford to use their insurance) corruption of vital American institutions. Recently the IRS, while not admitting to a “smidgen” of illegal actions, apologized to Tea Party/ conservative action groups for shutting them out of the political process during the 2012 Presidential election.

The Justice Department, the FBI and the whole U.S. intelligence community, tainted by politics, is under scrutiny of public trust and while most political institutions of government are in Republican hands, the Clinton brand has left the Democratic Party in shambles at 37 percent polling, its lowest popularity in 25 years. At least they seem capable of enough Party loyalty to hold themselves together and govern as in the Obama Administration, whereas Republicans, holding the Executive, the House, Senate and a Supreme Court majority, taken to bickering amongst themselves, can’t accomplish anything at all, their polling now having fallen to 30 percent.

One problem for that, is that Democrats have run a decade’s long campaign of Republican vilification. Signs are that it has worked quite well, not as a positive to the nation, rather as a positive to the fortunes of the party. That unrelenting strategy of demonization grows especially virulent during hotly contested State and national elections.

The strategy of blackguarding Republicans was especially energized throughout the Presidency of Obama when any Republican proposed or opposed legislation, was claimed by Democrats to be racially motivated. Blackguard: Someone or something that is morally reprehensible. And, while there have been plenty of recriminating voices raging from both sides of the isle there has never been a concerted effort by the institutional Republican to paint the institutional Democrat as an inherently evil organism. Yet, abandoning any notions of nobility, Democrats have, for the sole purpose of political leverage, abandoned ideological and merit based arguments and reduced political debate to a biblical-like concept of good vs. evil.

Is it coincidence that in the past two decades of the party’s vicious demonization of its binary partner,

There is a rise in extreme leftist organizations and individuals eager to protest, early to violence, dictatorial in both policy and political theory? That mass murder has become the societal expectation, so commonplace the shock of an “incident” wears off in a manner of days? We cannot unrelentingly propagate animosity and hate toward our neighbor and expect hateful things not to happen.

When George Tiller a late term abortion doctor of Wichita, Kan., was murdered by a mentally afflicted assassin, Democrats and a load of leftist media including a recently retired editor of the Times Record accused TV personality Bill O’Reilly having engaged in a crusade against Tiller’s late term abortion mill, of fomenting the atmosphere which led to the doctors death. Words it was said have “consequences”. Sure. Words do have consequences but you won’t find that attitude expressed from those selfsame associations that commonly foment hate against others for the purpose of political advantage.

The tools of class warfare:

First we were called “racist.”

Homophobic xenophobic, misogynic, accused of warring on women old people and little children; freedom to express our political philosophies are attacked and because the U.S. population is largely white (about 78 percent, 2013 census) its very whiteness is a target of recrimination and contempt. In an assault that steadily accelerates a barrage of extreme rhetoric, this “social injustice” of white progeny has graduated to propagating that the U.S. government, the Whitehouse the Statehouse - and one supposes the outhouse—have all been commandeered by a flood of white supremacist. It remains a puzzle how Barak Obama was elected president despite 77.7 percent of U.S. citizens being of white European stock. Yet, according to a map drawn up by the far left political group calling themselves the “Southern Poverty Law Center” these (we) “white racists agitators” are supposedly spreading like army ants across the width and breadth of U.S. surface land. Is it any wonder then that these infectious tares sow seeds of resentment that grow into hate and violence on both sides of the fence?

But not only does the left demonize the right for its political philosophy, for years it has painted conservatism as an unstable association dominated by dangerous gun-toting, bible thumping individuals militias and groups:

This spreading of Fear, suspicion and distrust has been Democratic stock in trade since they warned of world wide Armageddon should America’s nuclear arsenal become the toy of “mentally unstable”presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

Yet despite spreading fear of right wing militias, crazed American combat soldier’s returning from war and Southern flag-waving bible-thumping “confederates” in black pick-up trucks chasing minority children down darkened streets, violent politically motivated militancy in today’s America is coming mainly from the left.

Even while a scattering of Neo-Nazi’s gathered them selves together and brought their despicable hides to Charlottesville, Va., last August in violent protest, the FBI counter terrorism Division was warning about the rise of violent, racially motivated movements called Black identity extremists. These groups rooted in ‘Black Lives Matter’ target law enforcement. Of the 64 U.S. law officers shot dead in 2016, several were the result of targeted assassinations. The August Charlottesville incident itself may not have taken place had there not been a culture of ongoing demonization of conservative values and traditions: When the floodgates have been opened, any fancy will do, and in the end the right or the wrong of it will not matter. Every villain real or imagined will be excised from the pages of our history, the revered along with the vain, George Washington as well as Robert E. Lee; the attacked do not go quietly and U.S. culture becomes more and more a culture where grievances are settled by violent means.

It all came to a head with the election of Donald Trump: People shedding tears of disbelief and frustration screamed at the heavens; a group of Republican Congressmen ambushed by an enraged Bernie supporter, a virulent anti-Christian with connections to militant atheism kills dozens of Sunday worshipers at a church in Texas, a man with connection to the left-wing group Occupy Democrats.Com, in an apparent unprovoked assault, attacks a Republican senator causing serious injury.

Today political moderation in partisan politics no longer exists, the “middle of the road” as a political concept no longer exists, only the extreme sulfuric opposites of a volcanic spectrum shoveling coal into hell’s bottomless pits. Yes just like the leftist brand said of O’Reilly after the assassination of Dr. Tiller. Words do have consequences.