So many title options out there fitting the character of our day and time perhaps the one for this little treatise should be something other than “Politics, Prophets and Predictions.” Yet, the value of “PPP” is that it fancies a multitude of possibilities, perspectives and threads; considering the sweeping political hysteria following the election of Donald Trump as next President of the USA, surely there’s no end to descriptive color.

Alternative titles might include “America’s Event Horizon,” “Prelude to Armageddon,” “Fire in the Hole” or simply “American Nitpickers,” a title which, in respect to currant disgorgings of political bile is all at once definitive and descriptive. “The Sky is Falling,” from the hysterical squawkings of Chicken Little is good, “Madman’s Folly” or “The End Is Near,” but no, strike that last, been there done that only a few short weeks ago. ‘Don’t Trump my Queen’ might be in the running, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me,” oh but again way too dramatic, mayhaps we just wait until the last line of the column has been writ to decide which bests fits the logic of the discomfited.

As I take pen to hand, “Hell Below Zero” might be appropriate since mild and unseasonably warm weather has suddenly turned brutal, plunging us into temperatures reminiscent of a well diggers rump.

Considering the lag time betwixt here sits I to write, and there sits thou to read, “Out of Date and Out of Time” might be an appropriate title regardless of content, but then, can’t imagine the train hauling the political angst of Hollywood, Michael Moore, the Pelosi clan (mother and daughter), Harry Reid, Jill Stein and Ms. Hillary will run out of steam anyways soon.

Reflecting on the latter’s loss in the recent election and her reaction to it, “jilted” might pass the acid test, and the futile attempt by caviling segments of society to overturn due process solely on the basis of their own prejudices, “clueless Of The Concept” might be high on the list of appropriate titles, and in the context of perverse and petulant actions taken to undo the outcome of a constitutional act, “The Classless Society” wouldn’t be bad either.

Ah yes class: “Class” is the one element that has been woefully lacking in this past national electioin, where the DNC and the Hillary campaign joined in conspiracy to subvert the integrity of the Democratic primary. Much the same in the camp of the “Pubs” who tried mightily to discredit and dismiss the dominating figure within its own campaign. The man eventually won but much to the consternation of a Republican establishment that showed little loyalty, protocol or class by attempting to sabotage the candidacy of a man chosen by its own political constituency.

While both presidential candidates showed little class during the national campaign, class was rolled up and discarded like an animal-soiled carpet when Hillary Clinton transgressed the basics of social etiquette and protocol by calling Trump supporters deplorable and irredeemable. But why should we have been surprised? The self-righteous attempt to demonize the “irredeemable” in order to gain or hold onto political power has been the Democrats stock in trade for generations. (Recalled is the election of 2012 when Senator ‘Pompous Oldfellow’ accused Republican candidate Mitt Romney of tax evading) And that, a cowardly act from the Senate floor so’s not to be sued for slander.

And that brings us to this: Why then should anyone at all be surprised when Ivanka Trump, her children and husband are accosted on a Jetblue flight out of New York JFK and berated for the imagined evil of her father? After all aren’t these, the most base of social offenses perfectly acceptable within the culture and tradition of the “accosters” political heroes and heroines?

“We must be Vigilant,” the battle cry of pacifists and anti-war protesters during the Iraq war, might be a definitive title in the context of today’s hysterical reaction to a Trump Presidency:

Adopted as a rallying cry of the leftist fringe during the Iraq war, it advocated the impeachment of President George W. Bush on the grounds of waging an illegal war, for ‘war crimes committed, and also as a warning that Bush planned to declare martial law cancel the 2008 election, seize control of the government and change America into a Fascist dictatorship. At the same time a strong fringe element pushed the claim Bush was either complicit in, or had prior knowledge of 9/11; polls were said to show that 40 percent of Democrats were gullible enough to believe it. (Yes, yes, I do grudgingly concede that means 60 percent of the brethren are probably on the “rational” side.)

Sure these purveyors of nonsense knew their claims were BS, but invoking the name of evil in context of those whose social philosophies we do not approve is quite popular with political malcontents who often find emotional release and personal satisfaction by invoking the names of Nazi Germany’s Hitler, Jim Jones of kool Aid fame or some other historical madman as emblematic of an association or personage they dis-admire. Its a phenomenon we may title, “Emotional News.” like its brother in kind “Fake News” it is not exclusive to the political right as some for political convenience would convince one to believe, but was a ploy used to a fare-thee-well against Bush during his administration.

In the aftermath of the loss of an “assured” political victory, “Blame Game” might be a fitting title for discombobulated movers and shakers of John Podesta’s Progressive Democratic Party.

Oh, some still, and always will blame the Russians for the election loss but political realities seem slowly setting in: Ah yes, t’was Russia that “lifted the lady’s skirt” to expose the “dirty underwear,” but, after all the lady’s “undies” were a bit dirty. Can’t fault Putin for that. Bubba Clinton faults the campaign strategy, Joe Biden wonders if the lady knew why she was running but to his credit put the blame where it really belonged, Democratic disconnect with Core America, the U.S. meat and potatoes laboring class. Some fault HRC’s exclusive inner circle, Clinton herself blames FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the email investigation and Russian President V. Putin, for interfering because of a personal “beef.” By the same token President Obama places fault with Russia’s Putin, for Ms. Hillary’s bad campaign strategy and added insult to injury by allowing that he would have won had he been allowed to seek a third term. “Disconnect” might be a title worth considering?

Disconnect, would surely fit the bill over at New York City where Mayor Bill De Blasio has offered counseling in the form of the city’s mental health services to members of the municipal workforce who may be “dealing with election year stress brought on by the election of Donald Trump.”

View From The Bottom Rung puzzles over such broad hysteria and figures that any worker actually debilitated enough by the outcome of a constitutional process they require emotional counseling, should be given a psychiatric exam ere being offered access to city mental health services. Or, a crash course in American civics. Can you imagine people out here in the heartland being so “clueless of the concept” they require special counseling upon learning where babies come from?

Jan. 2, officially the first day of New Year: In the news and on social media the political fringe warns “only three more weeks to prevent the inauguration of Donald Trump.” Hmm? Lets see; civil protests (riots in the streets) failed to start a revolution, the Stein/Hillary, vote ‘recount’ was a joke and political activist Daniel Brizenoff’s grandiose attempt to subvert the integrity and will of the electoral college is greeted with with amusement and mockery; no collusion betwixt Trump and Putin to “fix” the election has been found, the integrity of the polls were not breached and no way to prove Putin’s shenanigans in any way swayed the election; so here sits I on Jan. 2 with only three weeks left before the inauguration wondering just what these birds might fancy as the ultimate solution? So much to do, so short a time.

To their credit, Democrats recognized Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate that would be beaten by most anyone running in the Republican Primary. Alas, Obama desperately needed someone to protect and carry on his progressive legacy, the Clintons had long been considered Democratic royalty and the influential feminist movement was more inclined to breaking glass ceilings than empowering ethics and integrity in government, and so it came that the Democrat slate offered the very worst of possible candidates. And she got beat. She got beat by one of the most publicly vilified candidates that ever vied for the office of president.

Yet, that will never serve to inform the fringe element which seek to overturn constitutional process about the negative character of their own cherished choice; it ought to inform core political associations who continue to vilify and resist the Trump presidency about their own lack of judgment in picking someone to represent the party in a national election. After all, she was beat by someone they themselves call the most ignominious candidate ever.

“Up jumped the devil” is an old expression from the game of poker: It’s when you hold the winning hand until some fool challenges the odds by drawing to, and making an inside straight. “Up Jumped the Devil” just might be a fitting title to this little treatise.