Thirty members of the Van Buren High School band have been selected to represent VBHS in the all region band.

Band members competed with several high schools from the River Valley Jan. 11 at the Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Association - Region VIII All Region Band Competition.

Ten of the VBHS band members placed high enough in the all region band to qualify to audition for the Arkansas All State Band at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro in February.

"Our students and staff have been working diligently before, during and after school for the past several months preparing for this tryout," said bank director Ron Smith. "It’s a very stressful situation to be placed in because it’s an individual competition in which the musician performs a series of extremely difficult and demanding musical excerpts in front of a panel of judges."

Smith said it is exponentially more nerve wracking to compete as an individual soloist when band members do not have the team to rely on.

"You’ve really got to be overly prepared to compete at a high level at this competition and our students performed magnificently," Smith said. "To be selected to the all region band is the band equivalent of being named all conference in athletics. To have 30 ‘all conference’ team members and 10 all state qualifiers is huge."

Qualifying from all region were Sarah Fouts, Suzette Lopez, Ingrid Rodriguez, Claudia Hernandez, Kailey Sibrian, MaKayla Trentham, Sarah Coles, Jessica Maruri, Vicky Claveria, Beth Duquette, Viktor Villegas, Kennon Doss, Justin Baggett, Aaron Caviness, Devon Cox, Tina Christiansen, Aspen Knight, Tyler McMellon, Eli Mills, Manuel Valente, Ethan Johnston, Garrett Tatum, Donald McBride, Hunter Nauman, Joseph Newton, Connor Skelly, Sean McGinnis, Michael Barker, Nathan Garrett and Josie Burnett.