The Van Buren School District Education Foundation will hold its annual Academic Recognition Banquet at 6:30 p.m. Monday in the Commons Area of VBHS.

The banquet, held in cooperation with the Van Buren School District, will honor the top 40 graduating seniors of the Class of 2013.

Each distinguished scholar will recognize a VBSD teacher, coach, principal or counselor who has had a significant positive influence on his or her education and life.

In recognition of this honor, students and teachers will be formally recognized at the banquet and students will receive a personal recognition gift from the foundation.

Scholars and honored teachers are:

Libby Hilliard - Rick Endel; Rachel Mayo - Michael Tilley; Kinsey Williams - Don Mendenhall; Alexa Burnside - Mary Beth Duncan; Savannah Cavender - Ron Smith; Drake Stafford - Heather Dean; Michael Dasso - Teddy McMurray; Jennifer Parker - Kathy Hoover; Helena Fox - Greg George; Will Henson - Ron Lewis; Bryce Brown - Courtney Cochran; Lori Adams - Melissa Downs; Anna Grace Mills - Elizabeth Williams; Taylor Harmon - Deena Dunn; Miranda Croslin - Mari Newby; Colton Tucker - Shasta Reichard; Mariah Brown - Debbie Faubus-Kendrick; Jordan Moore - Jeff Belcher; Alleyah Tramel - Lance Thompson; Roger Clayton Graham - Sue Simmons.

Also, Hayley Howard - Stephanie Dunn; Luis Solis - Cindy Nelson; Miranda Newton - Steve Marion; Shaun Cormack - Norma Hopwood; William Walton - Drew Cone; Lauren Criswell - Dusti Hurst; Ashley James - Pam Posey; Sean Bricker - Renee Henson; Alex Ano - Paige Hammond; Tia McCutchen - Gayle Selby; Chris Baldwin - Susan Lewis; Johnny Cruz - Kara Holland; Hannah Patterson - Jerry Brausell; Quinton Ray - Roderick Ray; Cassie Spencer - Carrie Ball; Erin Lampinen - Kim Powers; Shelby Cormack - Sheri Cormack; Morgan Walters -Dustin Chambers; Jessica Lemus - Michelle Hefner; and Shayne Wood - Shawna Miller.