Ed Thicksten has been endorsed by Alderman Gary Perry in Tuesday’s runoff election for Alma mayor.

Keith Greene and Thicksten seek to replace a retiring John Ballentine.

"It is my honor to support Ed for the office of mayor for the City of Alma," Perry said. "I think Ed will be an excellent mayor as he has a vision for the city. Vision is very important for a city and its progress as well as the surrounding area."

In the Nov. 8 general election, Greene led with 663 votes (46.8 percent), Thicksten had 605 (42.7 percent) and Perry 147 (10 percent).

Perry said he believes Thicksten can provide strong leadership.

"This is very important for the city," Perry said. "It is going to be up to the entire community to come together to support Ed, who has an excellent vision and platform."

Perry said Alma’s best is yet to come.

Thicksten said he was humbled to be endorsed by Perry, who has been an Alma alderman for 30 years.

"Gary and I share a sense of where Alma can be," Thicksten said. "We have a great foundation in Alma. I am ready to make Alma the best in the state."