Three suspects are being sought on suspicion of interference with child custody in connection with the disappearance of a Van Buren teenager who later turned up unharmed.

Van Buren police are looking for Jason Parr, 38, Lisa Parr, 37, and Zachary Bokker, 25.

All are wanted for interference with child custody, according to Detective Jonathan Wear of the Van Buren Police Department.

The suspects are wanted in connection with the disappearance of Patience Householder, 17, who was missing missing Sept. 23, 2013, and remained missing for almost four months. She eventually contacted the Van Buren Police Department Jan. 4 and turned herself in to officers at an elementary school in Van Buren. The school was in close proximity to the suspect’s residence.

Wear said Householder was unharmed when she turned herself in and was eventually released back to the custodial parent.

All three suspects lied to law enforcement and one of the suspects took the juvenile out of state to Mississippi," Wear said. "This investigation used the resources of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Morgan Nick Foundation, and various law enforcement agencies costing these agencies time, money and resources while the three obstructed the efforts to locate the juvenile."

Interference with child custody is a class C felony.

Anyone with information about the location of Lisa Parr and Parr and Zachary Bokker are asked to call the Van Buren Police Department at (479) 474-1234.